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  1. This is just a hoax perpetuated by the clean freaks, I will continue my once a year cleaning schedule as usual.
  2. That is exactly what I do, have ETS mags on my 50+ rounds mags and do not plan to drop any of them during the match. They work 100% for me when clean.
  3. I am saying this mainly for Roy's benefit (I am pretty sure he has never cleaned a Glock mag, much less seen the inside of one), the Glock factory mags have small ribs that the bullets ride on. A small amount of dust or dirt will not affect the performance since the bullets do not touch the flat inside of the mag body. The ETS have no such ribs, so the bullets literally ride on the flat inside wall of the mag body. Any dirt or sand will impede the smooth function of the ETS mags.
  4. ETS magazines require that you keep them clean, they don't tolerate dirt like the Glock factory mags do. Other than that, my Taccom and TF base plates work fine with ETS.
  5. L9X25

    Best stock for JP GMR-15

    I purchased one of the minimalist stocks, based on the weight, and hated how the cheek weld felt. I went (back) to the SOPMOD style stock (with the battery compartments) because it offers a comfortable and consistent cheek weld and I don't notice the weight that is behind the grip. The weight beyond the grip is what you feel most when swinging the gun.
  6. L9X25

    Why not load hotter?

    One thing to remember is that a comp, any comp, only takes a percentage of the recoil out. Adding more power will increase the recoil, even if the comp/brake becomes more effective at the higher power factor. IMO the best way to achieve both goals is to load the lightest projectile you can find, with a slower powder, and aim for the usual 130pf with that. It will produce more gas to operate the comp more efficiently without creating additional recoil for the comp to have to offset.
  7. I cannot recommend a reamer because both of may barrels were already "throated" to accept long ammo from the factory.
  8. L9X25

    Triggers- Good God!

    The "safe bets" are JP and Hiperfire. I prefer the yellow springs in my JP and have no problems setting off rifle or pistol primers with that combination.
  9. L9X25

    JP GMR15

    Just wait until the JP comes in and she decided that she likes it better than the PSA!
  10. My wrench did not fit super tight on the Taccom nut, so I wrapped a layer of aluminum A/C tape over the nut first and it tightened the fit and reduced the damage to the nut.
  11. ^ What he said and make small changes. I would go up 2/10 gr and chrono again. I think that I am at ~27 fps per 1/10 gr with WSF and my 95's.
  12. I approached it from the other side, my loads were initially hotter than I wanted with WSF. However, when developing my Tite Group loads I duplicated Eric's load and it was WAY too slow in my barrel. I was at ~800 fps and the cases were black soot covered as if they had been in a fire. I increased the powder charge and they became much cleaner. Not that TG was ever clean.
  13. You need to bring up the speed/pressure and the cases will seal better and clean up some. You are at ~ 120PF as you are.
  14. Initially, I did not think that I was going to like the small diameter of the Taccom HG. After shooting with it, I actually prefer it to the larger diameter models. The large HG's obviously have a purpose, but if you do no intend to mount accessories to it, the small is very comfortable.
  15. I cannot tell you what is causing your problem, but I duplicate the majority of your variables and do not share your problem. My barrel is also throated to feed 1.170 OAL and they will spin in the chamber, I am loading with WSF, loading to 1.100", loading 95gr FMJ projectiles. This load works in my JP barrel and also in my Taccom (which is also throated to spin 1.170" projectiles). Since my projectiles do not set-back when feeding, I do not worry about the crimp. If set-back were the problem, I would expect you to have random fast projectiles, not slow ones.