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  1. What is the state of the union? (Not political)

    That just about sums it up nicely. AD
  2. Scoring confusion

    Yep, you got it. AD
  3. I tossed that 8 shot in there in case the ICORE guys need something fast and to show that the stage was "neutral" to everyone. AD
  4. Hey, I recently designed (and shot) a stage like that. Yes, it was for an IDPA match but having the 3 targets take one each to the body then re-engage with a Mozambique to each from 3 to 5 yards and you had a speed stage that was neutral for all the divisions. 6 and 8 shot revolvers as well as all the semi-autos ALL needed to reload. And to make it a bit challenging, only the "Alphas" (or in our case, the "zero") counted with a few non-threats tossed in at "interesting" spots. Pretty much everyone said it was a good stage to shoot, especially the really fast guys as they duked it out to the tenth of a second. AD
  5. Bull barrels

    At a Level 1 match (local) you wouldn't have any problem shooting in the SPD division. The Glock 40 doesn't fit "The Box". At a Level 2 and higher, I doubt it as you would be taking away from the legal gun slots. AD
  6. Scoring Procedure

    Absolutely 100%. The timer is held for the estimated last shots so I can see it picking up the shot. The guy with the Nook can see it when I point it back and him and he repeats the time when I call it. The shooter, the scorer and myself all come up with the same time for the stage. AD
  7. Online membership renewal

    Interesting to know. Thanks for the "update" of what's going on at ICORE. AD
  8. Tunnels, low obstacles etc, stage design

    Ah yes. Now there was a running stage if ever there was one. AD
  9. Drones or no drones?

    The "secret" to getting decent drone footage of any shooting sport is to also have a GoPro camera on the ground near the shooter so that you can sync the shooting audio to the video otherwise all you'll have is a nice silent video of a guy running the stage, which is a bit boring. Syncing the audio from a GoPro to a drone video is relatively easy and once it's done, the difference in the video is literally like black and white. When I have done drone footage of shooters I ALWAYS ask them if it would be OK to have the drone in front of them at times. Most say it's OK but there are a few who want nothing to do with it. Not a problem, I just wait until the next shooter. It is kind of a pain for the drone operator as there are several "regulations" that need to be "worked around" to be able to legally fly around with a sufficient amount of freedom to maneuver over and around the shooters and other participants. Just a few technicalities, but it might come into play if something "odd" happens. AD (former 747 Captain but currently a licensed drone pilot with too much time on his hands.)
  10. Someone listened!!

    You know, I think you've got a point. I do believe I'll bring the 30 round magazine for the Glock 34 and have a go in SPD. Thanks for the idea. AD
  11. Someone listened!!

    30 round division capacity makes little sense in the "defensive" IDPA game. PCC/30 would work so much better in USPSA or even in (gasp!) a new shooting sport. IDPCCA! I do realize all of this is because the major sports are trying to attract this whole new money stream from PCC but I'm just not thinking PCC/30 is a good fit for IDPA. AD (like anybody ever asks my opinion on anything)
  12. No access to chrono, what to do?

    Every fifth guy at your local range has a chrono. The range may even have one stashed away in the back. Just ask around at your next match and somebody will have one you can borrow for the time it takes to check your stuff. Then skip one match and buy a chrono. AD
  13. RIP Don Foster

    Oh man. That's truly sad to hear. Rest easy, Don. AD
  14. The wife and I have been pretty serious backgammon players for quite some time. AD
  15. Not sure what the problem is but I've been seeing this all week: Display of classifications has been disabled temporarily Hopefully the system will be back up soon. AD