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  1. Just make a new division again.
  2. Joe dirt199 email them if you are still having problems. They are really knowledgeable and will do just about anything to help you out. they also have a lifetime guarantee. A buddy of mine messed up the ejector on one of his(not sure how) and they replaced it.
  3. I have been using these for 9months now. I have had a few feeding problems. After great customer service I changed barrels and fixed the issue. The MEANArms guys really sound like they know what they are talking about. I haven’t broken any part on the insert. I am using a Palmetto state complete upper. I put over 1k through it with out cleaning and it still ran flawlessly. they said to pay attention to a Shot Show 2020 for some really cool new products.
  4. Can't seem to attach more pics now. Will have to do it when I get on wifi
  5. I know there are already several of these out there, but this book IMO is better. Check out the pics below. Book has some general terms pages and shooter info pages that would be great for a new shooter or an experienced shooter. then we get into the meat of the book. Has most,if not all, of the current classifiers and a scoring sheet for each one. This way you can track your progress, and evaluate what you need to work on. Best part is the book is about 7 inches by 4 inches and has a hard cover on front and back. It will fit into any small pouch and not take up a lot of room in your range back, and should be more durable than a paper or card stock cover. The only problem with the book that I see is it doesn't have any info on Carry Optic or Pistol Caliber Carbine, but has some general info about the other divisions.
  6. Has registration for open l10 opened for the wait list yet
  7. this was a great match. if you are within the area I highly recommend coming and taking a look at the range. they are in the process of finishing a ton of work to the bays. the stages were a good mix of fast stages and accuracy stages.
  8. ss+P

    Safe Table

    Thanks for responding, didn't mean to make this thread about what happened at BITB. was just meant to be a reference to the story. Thanks for the info. from reading the post's it doesn't have to be a 3x3 box it can be a larger area that has to clearly be defined. I know years ago at a match there was a safe table and then competitors were lined up using no table and potentially outside the safe area bagging and un-bagging. I was probably one of them at the time. It is a good rule and just trying to reign in the safety aspect. I do applaud the local range for educating the competitors about rule changes. thanks for the info guys.
  9. ss+P

    Safe Table

    So I shot my first local match of the year this past Saturday. They had a standard sized USPSA box at the safe table. The MD made mention that at all major matches you had to be inside the box at the safe table or you could be DQ'd. Not the exact verbiage, but that was the premise behind the message. He also mentioned that someone at Battle in the Bluegrass someone got DQ'd after the match for not being in the box. My question after hearing this is: Is this an actual rule per the USPSA rule book or is this club specific. Not sure if I agree with the rule, Just wondering if it is a legit rule.
  10. anyone know when lim 10/open nationals will open or did it already.
  11. Best idea ever. I have heard that the AMU is getting an AP range. If that happens another form of the cup could be born. Mr. Potterfield hire Tom please
  12. I personally will not be back to the cup. From the inaccurate scores for production division plates, to the lack of prizes and money this year. I would be surprised if MidwayUSA came back as TITLE sponsor unless they are under contract to do so. This match is extremely expensive every year (entry(300$), travel, 1 week hotel(600$), food) and requires at lot of time away from family and work. DWFAN said something like this earlier. I can go shoot 2-3 three gun matches in about the same time off and away and with those I am at least going to win some cool gear that I don't have to fill out a dam w9 for. If I sold the gear I would easily get my entry fee and hotel for a night or two back. it is a cool match, with Tom there it had some sex appeal and flare. it was super FLAT this year. I just didn't feel the same level of excitement this year as I had in the past. As far as the change to the format. the proposed new idea blows IMHO. run a two day match. 2 stages Friday, 2 stages Saturday, awards to follow. if you need more time run a group Wednesday and Thursday and a separate group fri and sat. There has to be a quicker way to score and record the scores. in the computer world we live in I should click "enter" at the stat shack and scores should be updated immediately. Not sign here and wait to see if a human re-records the scores correctly 2 or 3 days later. Mail people there money or w9 in this case. don't make them stick around to get their 100 bucks for doing something good. it sucks having to sit around all day Saturday with no social events or matches going on just to go watch the same people walk up on stage 9 times to get plaques and awards. I agree that you must be present to win a gun or other random draw items. before someone says they have to colt speed cup, yes they do and it takes up about 2 hours of the day for me to watch someone else shoot the same plate configuration every year I have been there (3). I already know Dave, the Robs, Doug, Bruce and the rest of the crew are fast. I watch youtube I don't need to see it every year, once was cool. Let people pay 5 bucks to go up and race their favorite or something like that. that could be cool. Bottom line is without Mr. Hughes the Bianchi Cup was very flat, he at least brought some excitement to the event. The younger guy that took his place was dry and I personally witnessed him blow several people b/c he had "other fires to put out."
  13. W9 seriously. How and why the hell do I have to fill this out to get my prize money. I read somewhere that if the amount is under 600 bucks a w9 isn't needed. I also believe it is for contractors to collect from businesses. I am not a contractor for the NRA I am just a competitor. I am not a CPA or up on my tax law. I did stay at a holiday in express last week though.
  14. i heard it is going to be quite different this year. we will shall see in about a weeks time
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