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  1. I am curious (hoping) that Beretta will have a demo booth/bay at the Lo-Cap Nationals.
  2. So a number of my shooting buddies and myself signed up for this match weeks ago in PractiScore, but squadding has still not opened. I sent an e-mail, but have not heard back. Has anyone who has signed up received squadding authorization?
  3. I'm bummed that the L isn't USPSA Production Division legal yet, since they are only making top-ends, but I really wanted to shoot it at Area 6, so I said F it--and changed my division to Limited-10. As you all know, a striker-fired 9mm pistol is at a bit of a disadvantage in L-10, where most competitors are using a 2011 down-loaded to 10 rounds, but I did it anyway. I am more impressed every time I shoot it--love it! I may just change my division for the Georgia State match, and go all out shooting Limited Division. [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pllSE01YtqI]2019 Area 6 Championship[/url]
  4. I wouldn't be too concerned about the lack of Dawson sights--the ones that come on the L are really pretty good.
  5. So I got impatient waiting for CompTac to make us a long slide holster, so I broke out the heat gun. About 30 seconds later (which was about 10 seconds too long), and presto...The long slide fits perfectly. While the front sight hangs out of the holster juuuust barely, there is enough distance between it and the sight channel, that I don't think there is any way to snag it on the draw. I'll get a new L model CompTac when they come out, but for now this is fine.
  6. Hey everyone. I was able to get a good practice session in with the new long slide VP9, and wanted to offer my opinion. In one word: Awesome. http:// In a bunch more words: I put about 500 rounds of mixed ammo through the gun, while dodging rainstorms, in basically an average practice session. I was surprised that I had no, zero, malfunctions right out of the box, as the first 100 rounds or so was some of my light, sub-125 power factor 3-gun ammunition. This ammo barely runs in a G34 with a factory spring, so I assumed it wouldn't run at all in the VP9L, as it is pretty well known that the VP9 doesn't tolerate light ammo very well, especially when new. Well, I was wrong. It shot it just fine, without a hiccup. No issues with any of the other ammo--it shot everything just fine. As I expected, the L isn't noticeably more accurate than the standard VP9 up close, but as the distances get further, and the shots get more difficult, the sight radius of the L really shines. With most of my close-in drills (out to about 12 yards), there wasn't any difference between the 9 and the 9L speed and accuracy-wise, but drills where the targets were smaller or further--say where the drill incorporates a small piece of steel at 20 yards--I could tell a difference. The barrel-to-slide lock up is very tight. Very reminiscent of a USP Expert. Here's some off-hand shooting at 12 yards with two magazines of 10 rounds each--the top group is 147 grn Atlanta Arms, and the bottom is 115 grn Speer FMJ. The gun is more accurate than I am, for sure. http:// The front sight is a nice fiber optic, and the rear is a quality LPA adjustable. I really like the sights, however, I may swap the front out with a slightly thinner Dawson Precision sight, as the factory sight fills out the rear notch a little more than I would like, and I like a little more light visible on either side of the front sight. We'll see--I may just stick with it. http:// As far as holsters go, I found out long ago that a VP9 fits remarkably well in a GLOCK21 holster (Safariland, at least). With the L, I had to modify it a little bit, but it fits very well, and until some holsters become available for the L, I will just use the modified Safariland. Heck, it works so well, I may even use the Safariland after some others come out. http:// I was also able to modify a light-bearing G21 holster for use with a TLR-1 for matches where I need a gun-mounted light. http:// So all in all--it's a winner. Two thumbs up. Will buy again.
  7. LOL...I know. When I was looking at prices, in the back of mind I was already adding $250 for the cool internals. I did get the opportunity to shoot a couple of magazines through one at a match. But without shooting it side-by-side with mine, I really couldn't tell much of a difference.
  8. So I have a Shadow Lite (Shadow, but the lighter, non-railed 75 frame), with all the Cajun stuff in it. It shoots really well, and has a nice trigger, due to the cool stuff from Cajun. I have resisted the urge, so far, but the impulsive side of me really wants a Shadow 2, and is convinced it will make a YUGE difference in my shooting. The realistic side of me says 'you're dumb. It won't make any noticeable difference.' So far the impulsive side of me is winning. Convince me I don't need a Shadow 2, and that the Shadow I already have is perfectly fine.
  9. RAZZ

    VP9 B!!!

    Yup. Same mags.
  10. Does anyone want to split a room for the Production Nationals? I have a room with two queen beds at the LaQuinta in Sebring, and my buddy who was planning on attending, had to bail. I only snore a little.
  11. I have shot a couple of 3GN matches, as recently as this year, and I was shocked at how...bad they were. Like worse than a club-level 3-gun match. Unless there is some drastic improvement, I'll probably never shoot another 3GN match. And as a local club president who has run a number of matches, I feel bad for them, knowing how much work and effort goes into running a big match.
  12. I am definitely in! I missed the last two years, but have hit the two or three before that, and they have been, by far, the best 3-gun matches I have ever shot. I'll miss the long range stuff, as I think they only have one range where they can get out to 400, but I'm sure it will still be a great match.
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