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  1. So I see that there is a PCC division as well as a carbine division. Is it all the same match regardless of division, or are there distant rifle targets for those shooting carbine division? Disregard--If I'd actually read the info on Practiscore, I would have answered my questions.
  2. Hello everyone. Just wanted to pass along a little good news. After conversing back and forth with Troy NROI, I have officially gotten the word that the VP9L (long slide) is now Production and Carry Optics approved! It will be added to the list immediately. Apparently it was already approved due the rule change regarding 'modular guns,' back in May, but I'm dumb and didn't realize that. Now there is an actual 'Yup--that's approved.'
  3. I've never been able to use my trigger finger or social finger to hit the paddle. I gave up after a while and just stopped thinking about it, and my thumb just hits the paddle as though it were a button.
  4. They are ridiculously fun. They really can't compete against the AR-based PCCs with regards to the trigger, but I just don't care--it's that much fun!
  5. HK is not offering factory SBRs. All of us (on the team) SBR'd ours.
  6. It was a fun match, and I had a great time. Absolutely love the RMR set-up. There were three of us there shooting SP5s from the HK team (all three set up differently).
  7. Thanks, Jonathon! You shooting FL State or A6?
  8. I don't care if it's obsolete, or not as competitive as the AR-based platforms--I can't wait till my Form 1 comes back, and I can start shooting this in PCC!
  9. Well well. Look what came in. First impressions: The trigger is amazing, but there is a lot of take-up in the SA. I'll read the instructions and see if that's one of the things you can mess with. The front sight is a little thick for my liking, but it's fine. I wish they had used a Dawson style front sight so the fiber wasn't so big, but I can work around it. All of the machining is very well done, and it feels like an incredibly well built handgun. The 'droop' in the beavertail doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would--mostly because the front strap (area b
  10. So who makes a decent kydex/plastic holster for this? The Brig slide with a rail is an odd combination, and most of the normal places I'd look for a kydex holster don't seem to have the model needed. I see Wilson Combat has a BladeTech for their 92G Brig Tac... I don't think the frame is identical, but it would probably work. ETA Disregard. Beretta has a nice one right on the website.
  11. Completely stock, except for some rock tumbling media applied to the grips, and a set of Dawson sights. I've been using the long slide for 3-gun, and I shot L-10 with it at area 6 last year.
  12. Fun match, but dear Lord it was hot.
  13. I am curious (hoping) that Beretta will have a demo booth/bay at the Lo-Cap Nationals.
  14. So a number of my shooting buddies and myself signed up for this match weeks ago in PractiScore, but squadding has still not opened. I sent an e-mail, but have not heard back. Has anyone who has signed up received squadding authorization?
  15. I'm bummed that the L isn't USPSA Production Division legal yet, since they are only making top-ends, but I really wanted to shoot it at Area 6, so I said F it--and changed my division to Limited-10. As you all know, a striker-fired 9mm pistol is at a bit of a disadvantage in L-10, where most competitors are using a 2011 down-loaded to 10 rounds, but I did it anyway. I am more impressed every time I shoot it--love it! I may just change my division for the Georgia State match, and go all out shooting Limited Division. [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pllSE01YtqI]2019 Area 6 C
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