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  1. We run our matches on the third Saturday of every month - near Harrisburg, PA. West Shore Practical Shooters
  2. If you don't mind driving a little farther west we run our matches on the third Saturday of every month. Located near Harrisburg, PA. West Shore Practical Shooters
  3. We shot CM 18-09 I Miss That Kind of Clarity this past weekend and I had a shooter tell me that the outside targets were presented differently than they had seen at other clubs. I had another shooter in the same conversation tell me that they were the same as they had seen them before... Stuff like that makes me want to set up El Pres every month and forget about trying to set up the more complicated classifiers.
  4. I always send them a separate email when I move them off of the waitlist. (outside of practiscore - from my specific USPSA gmail account).
  5. Our club is just a little further north up Interstate 83. West Shore Practical Shooters https://www.facebook.com/WestShorePracticalShooters/
  6. I would agree that Ontelaunee puts on some great matches and they have a great facility. There is a good club near Philadelphia called Lower Providence Rod and Gun club that puts on very good matches as well. A friend of mine put together a calendar of shooting events for our area. You might want to check it out. www.mass2245.com
  7. davidb72

    adj comb or not

    I will second that. He did the stock on my Citori and it came out incredibly nice.
  8. I think it's silly, but no more silly than putting rifles in a pistol match.
  9. I voted No, just write it off.
  10. Dawson is the best ones by far.
  11. Been real happy with mine. I got the MOS version to have the front cocking serrations and no cutout in the front of the magwell.
  12. Like to learn more about these. May steal this idea!
  13. At our club I design most of the stages (match director) but have some folks who help me out and send me designs. I've also started stealing stages off of facebook that I see as well. I always encourage folks to send me stage designs, I think having several different people designing them leads to a much more interesting match.
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