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  1. I believe the benefits of using sketchup make climbing the steeper learning curve worth it.
  2. I was thinking that as I was taking the test this year.
  3. Had my left hand done in January of 2018 and my right hand done in December of 2018. Didn't have to take much time off from shooting at all - but I did switch back to production with a plastic gun as major with a heavy steel gun seemed like a bad idea. I'm back to shooting major this year. The greatest benefit is that I can ride motorcycles again without my hands falling asleep. Wish I had done it sooner.
  4. Thanks for the videos that's definitely different.
  5. Any video of that one in action? We have the MGM style one but I'd get one of those if it was appreciably different.
  6. I may try that - I'm thinking that on a 12 person squad no one should have to RO more than 3 or 4 shooters.
  7. I always sort by last name, descending order. That's gives the people who never get a chance to shoot first a chance to do so.
  8. It's completely worth learning to use sketchup. We release our stages before every local match - I know that we don't have to do that, but it's one of the little things that sets us apart.
  9. Second for powerpoint - I just take a screen cap of the sketchup diagram and paste it into the powerpoint.
  10. Our club has two of the Range Master steel bobbing targets and they are real nice. I should probably try and use them in stages more than I do. We have their Max Traps as well - also very nice.
  11. I know this has probably been beat to death, but what do you do with lazy shooters? Shot a match this past Sunday - a big local match (10 big stages) and it was hot. There were two of us running the timer for 90% of the day. At one point I had just given up the timer after running the first 6 shooters and someone immediately tried to hand me the nook. I told them they were going to have to find someone else. This gentleman next to me says that he's been doing this for 20 years and that he wasn't going to do it. Not only wouldn't he run the nook, he wouldn't run the timer and he bar
  12. So going back to the OP - we saw the guy with the S2 that was most likely too heavy. So you tell the shooter and they send it somewhere to get it lightened and milled (at significant cost). Then, two months later USPSA changes the rules and the original gun would have been legal. Should you reimburse the shooter? Should USPSA? Tough question right?
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