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  1. Lastcat

    How's my presentation?

    Question. I am sure there will be a correct answer. But are guns holstered to stay vertical. To me, it looks as the second the gun comes out, it already breaks the 180 and pointed to the rear. Not entirely sure about this rule, curious. Just asking for a friend.
  2. Lastcat

    Which 8LB Recoil Spring for Czechmate?

    Part # 53808 (CZ75B/85/97B) fits Czechmate.
  3. Lastcat

    CZ shooter dipping toes into 2011 waters

    This. If you are handy and can build it. Or, get a CM.
  4. Lastcat

    Transitioning from open polyner to open steel

    I've shot a G32 (357 sig) for years and as a carry. Got a G22 and KKM 357sig barrel, Carver mount and FF3. Was loud, RO's hated it. But I was used to the round. Did well with it for 2 years. The FF3 dot was very stable and hardly ever moved. Just switched to a Czechmate and it has taken a bit to get used to. Grip angle, less recoil and the dam Cmore keeps moving, finding the right powder and bullet. For now it's Xtreme 135. Fed 200, misc brass and 6.2 Silhouette. Glock open guns are fun and takes a bit to get used to. When you get a steel gun, 2011, STI, Atlas, etc....it's just a matter of practice. Stick with a good Red dot and the same ammo, when you find what works best. Then practice, not much to expect if you already have a few Matches under your belt.
  5. Lastcat

    Analyze this

    Dude, how do you carry on? I guess like I did, just grin and bear it. I hope you are scoring better than I was. ?
  6. Lastcat

    Analyze this

    I wish. Right now I am in 2 1/2 years of L&I denial. Not a fun time. I have asked my Lawyer if I could just get the surgery under my current insurance, he says no. I might have to drop out completely, bummer too.
  7. Lastcat

    Analyze this

    Thanks jk, I guess I have just ignored it and kept on with USPSA, hoping it would not be a hinder, may have to change my game, argh!!
  8. Lastcat

    Analyze this

    That's the hand with Carpal Tunnel.
  9. Lastcat

    AlphaCharis' PewPew Life

    Thank you AC ?, appreciate the great info. Look forward to making it finally, after seeing all the vids from Puyallup, the last 2 years. Should be fun, Cheers.
  10. Lastcat

    Analyze this

    Yep, one at a time. Thanks.
  11. Lastcat

    Analyze this

    You are right about that, I actually was doing the double tap thing when I was shooting the Glock 357 Open gun in USPSA and did find it to work. I'll work on using the dot to aim in the next practice. I found a clip from June 2018 and uploaded a slow mo below. I'm using the same load and PF. 8# spring at 8 yards. Results at the end. Gun still seems to flip. Better grip? I'm not totally using a Hulk Grip, it's tight, but still trying to stay relaxed.
  12. Lastcat

    AlphaCharis' PewPew Life

    NW01...ah, that's the magic word. I'll check that. Puyallup has been on my mind for a few years, look forward joining you guys. Thanks.
  13. Lastcat

    Analyze this

    The slow mo version. Dot is just all over the place, not really a consistent pattern. Seems I am controlling the dot to get back on target, as a reflex. Don't think I recall making an asserted effort to get back to position one. That first shot was a poor grip. I have this Flip Up Camera I am using on a Tri-Pod and I'm straddling this and watching through the camera at a really faded dot, even on max power. Now on to getting the 2nd shot at the right place and the right timing. When I shot USPSA Open C a few years ago, I used my Glock 22 converted to 357 Sig. Took a while to get used to, but after many rounds I found the sweet spot for the 2nd shot. It was all about timing, it took many matches but got it to work good towards the end. Now it's this CZechmates time, and I've only shot it 4 matches, still trying to get used to the double tap and be accurate. I have had 2 good matches and 2 really bad ones. Still new to me, the sport and the gun.
  14. Lastcat

    Analyze this

    Thanks Sarge, what I was thinking, but the other direction ? I have an 8 in the bag, see how that runs. In the slow mo, you can really see the dive when the slide slams shut. Does the movement up and down look normal. Looks like gun us move straight up and not really doing a muzzle flip. I can tell to, that I am pulling the gun back on target. Don't know if by habit or just a normal recoil back to first position.
  15. Lastcat

    Analyze this

    What do you see? This is normal speed and I'll upload the Slow Mo version soon. CZ Czechmate Wolff 9# Recoil Spring Everything else is stock about this CZ Montana Gold 115 CMJ 9.2 VitaVhouri Federal 200 Primer Misc. Brass Length = 1.140 1464 fps 168 PF Tell me what you see. It looks good this speed. But slowed down, it looks like the nose is diving upon shot and dot is leaving the window. Too much powder? Also looks like I am pulling the dot back down, by instinct? or just returning to normal grip position. Oh, the dot was really faded and could hardly see it through the Flip Camera I was using. So I did the best I could, looks like the camera or the gun is tilted just a bit.