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  1. Good draw on the 2nd Stage. You are doing well, Welcome to USPSA.
  2. I'll check, still have my plate off. But my Elev. Adj. is fine. I think that brass plate is what could hold the Elev. Adj. screw down. My 2 small phillips head screw were good. Other than that, it's hard to tell.
  3. vgdvc, just did mine. Yep it worked. You'll need a .0325 allen wrench. I turned mine in a 1/2 turn, worked great. No more slop. See how it holds up. Resetting windage Fri. And.. to get that plate off, I pushed from the top of the mounting holes with a very small screw driver and was able to push the plate off. Didn't want to try prying the plate off from the bottom, hth.
  4. I'm in the same boat. Windage clicks are faint as well and I have to adjust it to the right about 6 clicks at 10 yards before a Match. Getting old. Would be nice to get it tightened. I did mark the screw to body with a paint pen. Just shot a 125 round Match last night and nothing moved. But, will get out Friday and test it again to see if it is still on point. Following this topic, see who else has the same issue. Just found this on the tube. Hope this help.
  5. Here in Ore, people have been jumping on squads, as soon as it opens and filling within minutes. I think many have reloaded for Matches for the remaining year, during the shut down.
  6. Science at it's best, thanks. I can live with dat.
  7. When the barrel is soaked, pick a bronze brush that is correctly fitted, and penetrate it with solvent for making multiple passes. Make sure the brush is appropriately marinated. After every couple of passes, reapply the solvent in the brush. During this time, you shouldn’t tarnish the rest of the solvent by dipping the brush in it.
  8. Open Gun I'll usually have a 28rd 170 in the gun. 170 and 140 on my belt. Most Stages, I grab the 140 for reloads.
  9. It takes practice and time to do at first, but it's a steady trigger pull without movement. Get a sheet of paper, draw a 3" circle. At 10 yards practice. You'll see if your hits are off and how your trigger pull is (or isn't) working or your gun is not as accurate as needed. Once you start hitting inside that circle, speed up.
  10. I had a Czechmate for a while. It's how the dot reacts. When you get your grip solid and consistent, you will find different power factors (170-180 pf) will affect the dot differently. How well it tracks straight up and comes back to where it started, that should be your load recipe and power factor. Different powders and a combination of power factor loads will make a difference on how that dot is moving, or coming back to where it all started. When practicing, I concentrate on what the dot is doing, waiting for it to come back down after the first shot. I did this video in 2018. It's not the best video. I was straddling a Tri-Pod, looking through a FlipUp camera, while eating a chocolate chip cookie. Some shots I pulled too, lol. The load recipe was using VV 3N38, I changed that to Silhouette a few months later. Still found a good load for that Czechmate. Once you get that dot to come back and you are seeing it, that's your second shot. After a while, it should be second nature. In Open you want that gun to fire on the second shot where the dot should be. Sounds easy, but it's not, takes practice, and it can be frustrating too. Some days I'm on point and others I'm all over the place. To be competitive, these guns are made to run fast splits. Find your magic, get everything finely tuned. Peace.
  11. I have the Romeo3 XL, not sure how long the battery last. 2032's are not expensive, about a buck a piece. I turn my dot on at the MR. After the stage while I am reloading my mags, I can look down and check the dot. I'll turn it off then. If I leave it on after a stage, it's no big deal. I jump back and forth, sometimes I get the dot to turn off, sometimes I forget. I'll change it once a year. and carry spares. Whatever works, as long as you have a dot when you need it, and not a dying battery.
  12. Got mine, nice too. Wear a size 9.5 and fit like a glove. A bit tight, but after a few Matches I am sure this will loosen a bit. I wouldn't go any size larger. Great price @ 39.00. Ordered Monday got them Friday. Good removal padding inside for the foot. See how they work next week. I still have Sacouny TR13, which kill my feet after 5 hrs, even with extra padding installed.
  13. I'd lose the weight and go lighter on the recoil spring. I ran a Glock 31 and Glock 17, both Open for a few years. I ran a 12 lb recoil spring in both, (your mileage my vary). They are not quite the same as a 2011, but many have been successful. Bunch of practice and many rounds can get you there. I was able to get a 78% Classifier with my Glock 17 Open last year. Work on the gun and find your sweet spot.
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