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  1. Argh! I guess I missed what forum this was, my bad. But, does apply in USPSA, for what it's worth .
  2. In this case you state it was, "no where close to the first plate". Was he aiming at the plate in your opinion? Possible inline from his shot hitting the ground to the plate? If not and in your observation if he was not aiming at a target, at the time of said discharge, then DQ: 10.4.6 A shot which occurs during movement, except while actually shooting at targets.
  3. Oh ya? Actually sent it off to JPL in Redmond, Wa to fit the barrel and cut a dovetail for the Zig Racker. He's busy with other work to be finished and will take a while before I see the gun again, I'm patient. As for the slide not going back, I just took a little off the Main Spring Housing and it fit, all good. I'll post a pic once it's finished, prolly in Jan or Feb.
  4. You mean pointing from his hip to his twig and berries? Maybe I chose the wrong words, "almost horizontal"? You had to have been there to see it. RO's jumped all over it. He was in compliance and not pointed more than 3' from his feet while standing relaxed. But dang, dude was for sure "riding the edge".
  5. I've seen this recently. Open Shooter actually had his holster almost horizontal on his right hip and pointed at his "twig and berries" . As long as he didn't point his gun Uprange beyond a 3' radius behind himself. Unfortunately, people have a ND holstering and pulling their gun. 10.5.6 While facing downrange, allowing the muzzle of a loaded firearm to point uprange beyond a radius of 3 feet from a competitor’s feet while drawing or re-holstering.
  6. Yep, that's what is was. Worked on this Frame/Slide last night and took the Grip Safety (what I was calling the beavertail , I forgot the real name at the time) and made sure it fit the Frame first. Once I did that, I gained a bit of room and the Slide did move farther back. Solution: The Grip Safety was putting excessive pressure on the frame, which was causing the rear rails to flex. Once I had the GS properly fit, it released tension on the rear rails. I removed all of the Ignition Kit parts (sear spring, hammer/strut, etc...) and only installed the GS and I checked to make sure the Main Spring Housing was not hitting the GS, when installed with the Magwell Pin (no tension from the Strut). I was able to Dykem the MSH and test the fit until I had clearance between this part and the GS. Once I filed some clearance, there was no longer any tension from the Magwell Pin to the MSH to the GS and to the Frame. Which was causing this "Stacked" tension on the Rear Frame Rails. Fixed, all good. Thanks to everyone that replied.
  7. I swapped the old CK Arms plastic grip to this new Frame/Slide, it worked. Then used the BT from the CK Arms on all the new parts and it worked. So, going to take a close looks at the Cheely Beavertail and see what's up. I'll post what the issue was and also the fix, soon, I hope.
  8. Thanks, did that backward test, all good. That surface area under the ejector is just me with 400 grit. Ejector is all good, no interference.
  9. I swapped the Trigger group (disco, Trigger, sear spring, strut) from my CK Arms, since that was the gun I used with this Cheely SS Grip first. No go, . No going back. Pulled the Magwell off and it slid back. Not getting stuck on any parts, disconnector, safety, hammer, etc... just refuses to slide into the rear set of frame rails. The reason (or let's say opinion) I am thinking that Mainspring pressure going up to the Hammer Pin is causing the frame to flex. I could be wrong. Need to figure this sucker out.
  10. Thanks zzt, that could be it. I'll try a different strut (I have 3). See if that works, cheers.
  11. Thanks Jw. Disco looks good as is the sear spring. The slide is still about 1" away from the disco and 5/8" from the rear rails. Mystery for sure. Cheers.
  12. Picked up a well known Gun Builders Fitted XWF Slide/Frame Full Length Dust Cover (9mm) last Dec. No, not an Atlas, Brownells or Warwick. Name withheld, this isn't a "shovel poop on Company A thread". It's a really nice fit too, love it. Building my 9 Major Open Gun. I have a CK Arms that I put together with a new slide, KKM Barrel, Cheely Grip and Magwell. Ran like a top. So now I've been getting this new gun together. Cheely Standard SS Grip, EGW Parts, etc.... The KKM 5.4" Bull Barrel has not been installed yet. Will also do some milling to the slide. Flat Top, lightened rear area, Zig Racker cut and slide cuts. Very similar to the CK Arms Limited Gun. But not the Tri-Top, just the 20 Degree Slide cuts with a .187 R.020" Endmill. The Cheely Grip just slipped right on, nice fit. Did have to file maybe .004" off the lug for the bushing to fit (forward of the trigger guard). Nice slip fit. EGW Grip bushings fit great. Installed the EGW Lightened Trigger Kit, EGW sear spring, PT Safety. All looks good, nice fit. Added a EGW Ti strut rod and the Cheely beavertail. Did a little sanding at the bottom of the BT, just to get it to fit, looks good so far. Tested the Trigger pull at 3#, argh. That needs to be adjusted. But..soon as I install the magwell and pin, the slide no longer will move back all the way, about 1 1/4" to go. Stuck at the front rails. Will not force anything at this point. So, does that pressure from the 17# mainspring actually cause the frame to flex? Hate to try and lap this Slide/Frame, while the magwell is installed. It's a beautiful fit as is. I can remove the magwell with all the parts still installed and the slide works fine. Have you seen this before and found a way to remedy this situation? Suggestions? Thanks, LC
  13. You will get all kinds of responses here. I started 5 years ago in Open and the first Match I had to shoot Strong Hand, I couldn't hit a Barn at 10 yards. Like anyone that shoots competition, it's something I had to add to live fire practice. Then the Weak Hand Stages showed up, couldn't hit a Barn. So, added that to my practice. Some guys will cant their gun during weak hand. Cant the gun to the 2 O'clock position (lefthanded). Takes time and practice, much better at SHO than 5 yrs ago, slightly better at WHO, but still need fine tuning.
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