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  1. Lastcat

    Glock 22 Budget Limited Build

    I converted a G22 to Open in 357 Sig. I did start with the Lone Wolf Barrel and it was in my case, just too loose and accuracy was poor. Switched to a KKM at $165 and it was dead on at 20 yards. Good luck, with Glocks, you get many options for different Divisions and lots of parts available.
  2. Lastcat

    Hello from Washington state

    Middle of the woods, would that be Ariel, Kalama or Woodland? What does the business consist of?
  3. Lastcat

    Which 8LB Recoil Spring for Czechmate?

    Jury is still out on that one, I read 13# or 14#, not sure. But, it's what I am using now. The slide (loaded) weighs in at around 10.5 oz. It's one of those things you have to work out. What bullet weight, powder, recoil spring, etc.... I am actually running a stock recoil spring and using 135gr FP with Silhouette. But each gun and shooter has small differences, sometimes greater. Find what works the best for you, get the dot to come back where it started is always good.
  4. Lastcat

    Range Bag

    It's all good, lots of guys use those, you're spot on. I think my buddy just got tired of packing and unpacking his, so he went to the DAA Bag. Bummer too, we had a personal caddie .
  5. Lastcat

    Range Bag

    That's a nice bag. I think one of my buddies uses those. He also had this converted Jogging Stroller and we all would pile our stuff on it, and he had to push it...hahahaa.... But, he has since ditched that, because of space (or maybe it was us, lol) and collapsing/folding it to fit into the car. Pushcarts work great though. I saw a guy a month ago dragging the lid to those luggage compartments, that you attach to the top of your car. He had the lid off and upside, filled with gear and pulling it with a rope. Dragging it over the gravel/ground. To each his own.
  6. Lastcat

    Range Bag

    Yep, same here. I used to bring the BIG bag and also a small cooler also (food, drinks, etc..) Said screw that. Went smaller and kept the big bag in the truck too. Whenever I finish a stage, I always unload my belt of mags and now I can just slip all 4 mags on the outside pockets.
  7. Lastcat

    Range Bag

  8. Lastcat

    Plated bullets for open major pf?

    Nah, not for me. Pulling left and down much?
  9. Lastcat

    Plated bullets for open major pf?

    Use whatever works Does anyone bench rest their guns to check for accuracy? I do. Just like when reloading for my AR15 at 100 yards. Best powder, bullet and OAL. I get the best load worked for MY RIFLE/GUN, that's what I use. That's with bench resting. Even my Czechmate I bench rest at 10 yards, just to check bullet, powder and powder amount. Whatever works best, that's what I am using. My gun is different than my Glock 357 Sig open gun I used to shoot. Both have favorite loads. Use whatever works, plated, FMJ, JHP, lead, slugs, CMJ, whatever works, that's what my gun is going to shoot in Competition. Now if you are backyard shooting and don't care about accuracy, then make a choice. Not all Barrels are made the same. Get 100 rounds and test. Get the powder that works. Buy the primers that work. Get the brass that works. Get the bullet that works. Do the work and figure it out, good grief,
  10. Lastcat

    sight in distance?

    https://www.hawkeoptics.com/chairgun-and-x-act-end-of-life.html Hawke Chairgun Win/Apple App/Android. 20 yards. 135gr 1275 fps 1" Scope Height 1/2" Drop at 10 yards 1/2" Drop at 50 yards. Zero at 20 yards. Tested and proven at the Range. You guys really need to start using the Chair Gun App, take the guessing out of the equation.
  11. Lastcat

    Best gun bag for Single Stack?

    Home Depot $12.97, low, low budget.
  12. Lastcat

    Magazine alternatives for the TS

    Stock 140/170 Czechmate Mags. CZC mag bases and Stock Springs and Stock Followers also. 23 rounds in the 140's 28 rounds in the 170 No issues, ever @ 5,000 rounds.
  13. Lastcat

    Made my own Offset C More Mount

    Thanks, good illustration. Works for me.
  14. Lastcat

    X-Treme Bullets - anyone buying lately?

    I wonder if they are backlogged because of the 115 and/or the 124's popularity? I use the 135 RNFP, maybe those are always in stock? I think if they ever go under, I'll have to lengthen the Leade (Czechmate) and try Everglades 124 JHP.