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  1. A competitor can actually enter a Safety Area with loaded mags that are in their retention devices, pockets or range bag. As long as they DO NOT remove their loaded mags at the Safety Area. For example, you see your buddy has a new gun at the Safety Area. You can enter the Safety Area and look over his/her new gear, while your mags are loaded and in their pouches. As long as you do not pull out your mags. If you do, its a DQ 10.5.12.
  2. I use a JR II single stage for resizing and priming. I use the RCBS Lube Pad and drop a glob on the pad. I would just get a small bit on my left index finger and thumb. Pick up a case, using a Carbide Die. I would probably dip my finger/thumb into the Lube every 10th case. Then wet media the cases and oven dry. Now I use the Lanolin/Alcohol mix, I don't even let it dry, just go for it. Resize then wet media. I primer on the single stage. If I catch a loose case, most of the time it's probably split or just too loose. Then onto the Lee Load Master. Keeps the LM clean of Lube, spent primers and crude.
  3. Great. Time for results. Show us 10 shots at 10 yards.
  4. As long as the sights come back to where they started. Even using a red dot, it can go all over the place, as long as it comes back to where it started. Ideal is straight up and down, if one can get that to work. What I have found is to take a single shot, stop and hold grip and see where everything stops. Is it the same as where it started? Grip is a big factor along with recoil spring, load and practice, practice, practice. Then after all that, it's double tap time.
  5. But..but...tapping bulbs could get you 1 switch, how about the other 2?
  6. Ha, truthfully, I did too when I saw it a month ago. #4 is irrelevant, so #2 has to wait on #1. If #1 can't answer, then #1 see's a white and black hat, So #2 calls out white. But if #1 saw 2 black hats, he could call out White, since he see's both hats, but the colors he see's are different, so he is not sure.
  7. A farmer has 12 chickens, all but 8 died, how many survived? Answer highlighted below. 8
  8. 4 criminals are caught and are to be punished. The Judge allows them to be freed if they can solve a puzzle. If they do not, they will be hung. They agreed. The 4 criminals are lined up on some steps (shown in picture attached). They are all facing in the same direction. A wall separates the fourth man from the other three. So to summarize:- Man 1 can see men 2 and 3. Man 2 can see man 3. Man 3 can see none of the others. Man 4 can see none of the others. The criminals are wearing hats. They are told that there are two white hats and two black hats. The men initially don't know what color hat they are wearing. They are told to shout out the color of the hat that they are wearing as soon as they know for certain what color it is. They are not allowed to turn round or move. They are not allowed to talk to each other. They are not allowed to take their hats off. Who is the first person to shout out and why? Answer in white, highlight for results: Man 3 and man 4 can’t see anyone.Man 1 can see a white and a black hat so he knows that he has two possibilities: he either has a white or a black hat.Man 2 can see that man 3 has a black hat. And he knows that it would be obvious to man 1 that he is wearing a white hat if he had a black hat. In that case, man 1 would have already shouted. Man 2 concluded that he is wearing a white hat because there were no other options.
  9. I didn't look at the answer. Here's a guess. Which I also hid. I would turn on 2 switches. Turn off 1 after 3-5 mins. Then enter room with 1 switch still on and the remaining 2 off. Feel the other 2 bulbs that are off for heat. Done.
  10. Mag Tuning can by done very easily. Posted this at CZ Forum. https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=98021.msg758958#msg758958
  11. Yep, good to go. G17 and G31 fit onto a G22 frame.
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