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  1. Much better. That first Match Vid wasn't too bad for starting out. One thing be mindful of, whenever you put your gun in the holster, never take your eye off the gun, until it is fully in place. I watched a guy get DQ'd last weekend. Lost sight of his gun, just dropped it "at" his holster, gun hit the ground. Get down. I mean, squat and wider stance. Then explode from transitions. Try shooting on the move too, forwards and backwards when needed. It's a time saver. Glad you are still at it, it's a good sport, stay at it. Peace.
  2. Can't reach mine..lol So, just cut and shaped a piece of Aluminum and attached it. Got the length just right with my grip, no hitting with my weak hand. It is a strong spring in there for sure. I left that stock, no problems dropping a Mag.
  3. Winchester. Very consistent. I single stage all my brass to bell mouth and primer at the same time. Really helps to catch the bad brass. Then over to the Progressive Press. I can tell when bell mouthing each piece of brass which is hard or soft. The ones that bulge to one side are usually very hard and get tossed, possibly just over worked (fired and reloaded more than a few times). I've tested both hard and soft brass and very similar in fps on the chrono. Winchester for me just seems to be right in the middle. Verse's softer brass, FC, Speer, Blazer, etc... and the ha
  4. In the Wa Ore forums? Where you seeing that? I've been seeing 35-45 bucks. Also trading straight across rifle for pistol primers.
  5. Good to hear. Thanks for the update regor.
  6. $35 - $50 per 1k for primers. Some are looking to trade for a pound of powder. If they are gouging, people are passing, best response.
  7. Check your local State Gun Forums, the reloading ad section. In Ore and Wa, primers are being sold and traded everyday.
  8. Welcome JTran, good to see you here. We did Paul Bunyan last Sunday (Lani K here). Lot's of good info here. Hoping you get that slide lock worked out for you. Cheers.
  9. Looking at the Elev. Screw. It looks like the end of the set screw has a post that applies pressure to lower or raise the Diode. Bending, adding shims or a spring might not change anything. Might be best to add Blue Loctite. Get it mounted quickly and dial it back in. With the Blue, you still have a chance to make changes without much effort after it has dried, verse's using the Red or 602. Just a thought.
  10. Oh ya, I'm sure Japan can make these for $20 each. Haven't had my windage screw change in 4 Matches (yet), but if so, I could add a drop of blue loctite if needed.
  11. True that, life is too short. I used to be a CNC Machinist, but have nothing in the shop, not even a Lathe. Got all the Mic's, Gauges, Inside Mics, the works. Good luck on your next build.
  12. I have been lucky to find supplies, all but primers. Try your state firearms/gun forums, at the Reloading Classified's, they are selling stuff and fast. I missed about 5,000 small pistol primers by 2 mins, argh! But check often on 2 forums here in Wa and Ore. I usually can shoot 5 Matches a month, but getting very low on primers. So down to 2 or 3 a month. Once Dec comes along, it gets too wet and cold here, good time to stop. Hopefully next year by March things get better. For brass, check your local Ranges. They have brass of all sorts. I just picked up 11 lbs of 9mm yesterday.
  13. Interesting. Thanks for the post. So far my Elevation has been solid and the windage as well, since the adjustment. Hope you get it to work for ya.
  14. Can't say I built my own. Someday I might get the shortblock, slide, barrel, etc.... But I did upgrade things a bit. Having a Bead Blaster helps. Took this CK Arms Hardcore added a Binary Comp, Everglades Mount, Romeo3 XL, Cheely E2 grip, PT Safety. Took the Thumb Rest and cut the front off (that part that had the 5 holes), then rotated it CCW. I drilled and tapped the GP and attached this to the Everglades mount from the back. Made an extended mag release. Then used KG GunKote. Satin Black and Black Chrome. The Black Chrome actually looks grey, as in the pic. Gunkote i
  15. Where's the info? How many rounds a month? What's your $$$ limit? How many calibers? Do you own any equipment now?
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