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  1. I have a FF3 on a Glock 17 Open gun. I zero at 20 yards. If the hit on the paper is low, you want the the hit to move UP, adjust the elevation knob in the UP Direction. If the hit on the paper is to the right. you want the hit to move LEFT, adjust the windage knob in the LEFT Direction.
  2. You are welcome rowdyB. Been there and seen it. Most RO's are just trying to get everyone through the Match and come home safe. Especially when the Squad all works together, makes for a better time.
  3. 1) Shooter is engaging a steel plate held to the post by the spring and clamp like used on many Texas stars. All Good. As long as 2.1.3 applies (23’ or 26’ distance’s). 2) Steel does not fall with a first or second shot, directly on the plate. (a) Unlike Poppers (which are subject to calibration), metal plates are NOT subject to calibration or calibration challenges. If a scoring metal plate has been hit but fails to fall or overturn, the Range Officer shall declare range equipment failure and order the competitor to reshoot the course of fire, after the faulty plate has been rectified. (b) In this case, the RO should stop the Shooter, declare a REF and order a Reshoot. Remedy the squib first, and then address the REF last. 3) While the RO is in the process of saying "Stop" for a range equipment malfunction, the shooter fires a third shot. (a) Still applies …. the Range Officer shall declare range equipment failure and order the competitor to reshoot the course of fire, after the faulty plate has been rectified. (b) Firing a shot in the act of a RO trying to stop a competitor for a REF, is incidental. Not a procedure or DQ. The competitor may not have heard the first Stop command. The RO may repeat the Stop command, in order to declare the REF. As long as the competitor did not intentionally fire the shot after they were actively stopped. Or continue the COF intentionally, while the RO is trying to declare the REF. Then 10.6.2 applies. Failing to comply with the RO. 4) The third shot was fired while the RO said stop. That third shot was found to be a squib. What happens? (a) No penalty or DQ. (c) 5.7.7 In the event that a Range Officer terminates a course of fire due to a suspicion that a competitor has an unsafe firearm or unsafe ammunition (e.g. a “squib” load), the Range Officer will take whatever steps he deems necessary to return both the competitor and the range to a safe condition. (d) The RO was in the act of stopping the competitor for the REF. The squib is now a new action to remedy. Actions by the RO need to apply, to return the competitor and range to a safe condition first. Then address the REF last.
  4. If you plan to shoot a .40, then it would probably be cheaper just to pick up another used G22 for $325. This frame can also accept Glock 17 (9mm) and Glock 31 (357 Sig) Slides. That frame shows signs of wear, where the slide has been contacting. You could get it fixed by a builder. Depends how much you are willing to toss $$$ at this one. Good luck, keep us posted.
  5. Yep, that area that is "jacked up" is where the slide rides on the locking block. Could also be catching in that area. Do you have pics of the frame/locking block?
  6. Just looking from your last pic, what's going on here?
  7. Lastcat

    Czechmate Recipes

    USPSA Major Load Xtreme 135 FP (9mm) 6.4 Silhouette Fed 200 Primers 1.150 OAL Stock Recoil Spring New to USPSA, only 20 matches so far, currently at Open C. But shot the Condor Classifier at A Class, with the above setup.
  8. Live fire Practice. Those I know that are doing really well and going up in their Class, are the ones that practice weekly and attend as many Matches per month as they can. If you can get USPSA Paper Targets, get them out and practice. Slow fire, rapid fire, match mode and fast as you can mode. Then get to a Match at least once a week. Keep that up for a year and you should see improvement. Practice, practice and more practice.
  9. Lastcat

    9 major

    What gun? More info
  10. 50 random test questions, out of 300 are used. Final Exam finished and graded. Did good, passed at 96%. (missed that 100% ). The 2 question I thought were totally written as partial stories, the way it was worded, missing a few important details to make a clear answer, pfttt.... I have a feeling, many of you ran across them as well. Thanks for everyone's help. But, made it through. It's all good.
  11. Before you go asking me to check myself, you really need to go back to my original post and read this line: "Let me add a scenario...." Scenario: (def.) a sequence of events especially when imagined (per Merriam-Webster). These were scenarios to create a situation with multiple possible answers. Which were answered by other members. Check RJH's reply. And, if you read further down I wrote: " Before I would call out 4 mikes and 2 FTSA I would naturally call a Re-Shoot, because I watched the shooter engage said targets. " This is my basic answer. Please re-read the original post for further understanding.
  12. Thanks WaJim. I thought Carl was very thorough and gave some tips about the 50 of 300 random questions, for the Final Exam. We finished the last day at the Range, it' was all good. For sure, the thought of doing this test over, nah, no way, don't want to travel that road. Thanks. Got it printed and will take a few days to work out the correct answers. Fingers crossed.
  13. Just finished our first day of RO Class. Was a great class and Instructor, Carl Shimdt. He has 26 years exp. and RO/CRO for mostly in Area 1 and 2. But many of the other States. He brought up some great scenarios, why these rules were implemented in the first place. Someone was gaming the rules, so they created, 5.1.7, 5.4.5, etc.... How people got DQ'd. Some AD's. People getting shot in the leg at the draw. We (4 of us from the same city) 18 overall. Really had a good chance to pick his brain. We asked all kinds of questions and he did a really good job getting us the right answers. It was put together by MikeBurgess. Mike you picked the right guy too. Was informative, patient, humorous and knew the rules forward and backwards. The 4 of us from Longview, really found the day at Cabelas, worth every penny, really helps us in so many ways. The 4 of us are just C and D but really dedicated to the sport for the 2 1/2 years we have been involved. This class, and I would suggest anyone that shoots USPSA, taking a class for RO can really up your game. Tomorrow we get to build a stage and run the Timer and Scoring Pad, which we have been doing for the last year or so. Then the test later that evening. Final Exam needs a 85% to pass, 3 Attempts and 33 days to complete. Getting close.
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