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  1. Tore a calf muscle a few years ago. Seemed like not much healing the first couple weeks, then it became noticeably stronger every week. Physical therapy 3X a week seemed to help. Not much you can do to speed up the recovery, but be very careful with it, easy to reinjure the muscle before it is fully recovered. Good luck.
  2. Thanks for bring up another sight type, Heinie. Unfortunately, the only sights for the MOS seem to be the large suppressor style, as shown it the picture above.
  3. Thanks for the information, I had not looked at 10-8 before. The website shows one rear sight which might work, but I prefer a square rear notch over a U shaped notch.. I looked at the Sevigny website at: https://sevignyperformance.com/2020/01/defense-tritium-and-target-fiber-optic-sights/ but did not see any regular sights for the MOS, just suppressor height sights. Is there a better website for other Sevigny sights?
  4. Looking for sights for my gen5 Glock 34 MOS. The only ones I can find made for the MOS are Dawson's: https://dawsonprecision.com/dawson-precision-glock-gen5-g34-mos-fixed-non-co-witness-sight-set/ All of the sights I have looked at, Warren, Sevigny, Vogel, etc...seem to be for earlier model glock 34s. Are there any other similar sights made for the gen5 Glock 34 MOS? I am trying to find a black/fiber optic front sight, and a black rear sight, with a wide and deep notch.
  5. IMHO - best comment on this thread. I like shooting both with friends, and also shooting with different shooters. Occasionally I have been stuck on a squad with unfriendly jerks, but fortunately it doesn't happen very often. Doesn't seem to make a difference on how I shoot, but it is much more enjoyable to spend the time with good people, which is the majority of shooters.
  6. Looks like it is being relisted. https://www.gunbroker.com/Item/882783190
  7. Ideally, the score keeper would opposite of the RO, and have a different view of the shooter during the course of fire, but frequently the scorekeeper is scoring targets, and sees even less than the RO. I understand this is done to reduce the amount of time spent on the stage by each squad, and it is allowed by 9.6.2: "The Range Official responsible for a course of fire may stipulate that the scoring process will begin while a competitor is actually completing a course of fire....", however it usually eliminates the score keeper from assisting the RO, as they will be behind the RO.
  8. I appreciate all of the replies. As far as I know, the other shooter was not an RO, I have seen him shoot at other matches, but have never seen him with a timer or tablet.
  9. I was looking in the interference/coaching/DQ sections, but did not find anything which directly applied. 7.1.1 specifically says the RO assigns penalties, which a DQ definitely is. Thanks for the rule reference.
  10. I completely agree with anyone calling stop if they see an unsafe condition. Also agree with the RO having the shooter unload and holster, then seeing what happened.
  11. There was a DQ at a recent level 1 match which I don’t think was handled correctly. The shooter had just shot around the right side of a wall, was moving right to left, and a little forward, and reloading while moving. The RO had been on the shooter’s right rear while he was shooting, and was moving to cross behind the shooter, and be on his left side, as the next position was shooting around the left side of a wall. I was on deck, standing uprange and left of the shooter and RO. When the shooter reloaded, I saw muzzle get close to the 180. I am not sure if it went past
  12. Just joined today. Will probably be reading more than posting for awhile, quite a good bit of information here.
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