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  1. Thanks for the tip. I have been using a bandage, which does reduce the wear on the thumb, but was looking to eliminate the cause.
  2. Thanks for the info, I have never seen a lever like the Keres, looks like it would be a good solution. I have one on order. Can't find the leverless takedown lever, but I think the Keres will work.
  3. echotango: "Why not file/sand it down or fill the serrations? Have you tried the gg gp? It might hit your thumb differently and fix the issue." jaep1911: "Yup, I bet you won’t have that issue with the gg gp. I don’t. The thumb sits right above the pivot." Thanks for the suggestions, I tried the GG GP, and it is a little better.
  4. Thanks for the update. Picked up some N320 also . Graf's has N320, N340, 3N38, and a couple other Vihtavuori powders available this morning.
  5. Seems like along the frame, below the slide, is the only place to put it. Higher it rides on the slide, lower it gets near the trigger. Is there a better place?
  6. Filing down the serrations would not help, the bottom of the stock lever has a curve which is also part of the problem. The best solution would be having the lever on the right side, but I have never seen one. I will try anything. Will give the GP a try.
  7. With a normal grip, my left thumb is next to the takedown lever. The stock lever chews up the side of the thumb when shooting. I have tried a couple replacement levers, and they provide a better rest for the thumb. However, when shooting, the lever rotates down (clockwise) about 1/2 inch, because the end of the thumb is behind the pivot point. I have looked for a smooth replacement lever but have not found one. Changing the grip to place the thumb far enough forward to be in front of the pivot point is not possible, without making the left hand mostly useless gripping the rest of the firearm. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Precision Delta has 9mm 115gr, 124gr, and 147gr FMJ and JHP available this morning. https://www.precisiondelta.com/products/bullets/9mm/
  9. Placed the order for 2K 124gr JHP Wednesday, came in the mail today. My orders from PD have always been shipped promptly.
  10. WTS- Sig P320 X5 Legion Full Size Grip Module Tungsten



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      Thanks for the quick reply.



  11. Thanks for the notice. Ordered 2K, the 124 JHP have always worked well in my guns. 147 FMJ is also in stock at PD tonight.
  12. Tore a calf muscle a few years ago. Seemed like not much healing the first couple weeks, then it became noticeably stronger every week. Physical therapy 3X a week seemed to help. Not much you can do to speed up the recovery, but be very careful with it, easy to reinjure the muscle before it is fully recovered. Good luck.
  13. Thanks for bring up another sight type, Heinie. Unfortunately, the only sights for the MOS seem to be the large suppressor style, as shown it the picture above.
  14. Thanks for the information, I had not looked at 10-8 before. The website shows one rear sight which might work, but I prefer a square rear notch over a U shaped notch.. I looked at the Sevigny website at: https://sevignyperformance.com/2020/01/defense-tritium-and-target-fiber-optic-sights/ but did not see any regular sights for the MOS, just suppressor height sights. Is there a better website for other Sevigny sights?
  15. Looking for sights for my gen5 Glock 34 MOS. The only ones I can find made for the MOS are Dawson's: https://dawsonprecision.com/dawson-precision-glock-gen5-g34-mos-fixed-non-co-witness-sight-set/ All of the sights I have looked at, Warren, Sevigny, Vogel, etc...seem to be for earlier model glock 34s. Are there any other similar sights made for the gen5 Glock 34 MOS? I am trying to find a black/fiber optic front sight, and a black rear sight, with a wide and deep notch.
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