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  1. Ditto on the Mcarbo extractor for the Ruger. Look at a factory extractor vs the Mcarbo. The difference (for the good) will be obvious. AD
  2. I kind of like that. I see the guys sitting on the bench just watching the other 10 guys shoot and then waltz up when it's their turn. I may have to issue a slight nudge to get these guys moving, or like you said, let them reset their own stage when they're up.. AD
  3. We've done the "two timer" thing also. Works well and if you mark the "PCC timer" with tape, then everyone knows that's the one to use when the PCC guys show up. Hopefully you'll have enough timers on hand to do this and seeing as how most shooters have a timer in their bag, it gets borrowed for the match from time to time. Of course when you "borrow" one of the AMG timers, it works even better! AD
  4. As much as I hate to open an old thread like this, raceguns9's answer was just what I was looking for. Thanks. AD
  5. Same here. Worked quite well. AD
  6. I was debating whether or not to reply to the thread as the last time I did this I caught all kinds of grief, but not from this forum. I am in the Revolver minority with regards to equipment. Stone Stock S&W 686. Safariland J-GL8S III speed loaders. Factory ammo that's on sale in bulk. (Yes, it even makes PF in ICORE) Plain Fobus LK-4 holster. Yes, you can make Master in IDPA if you can reload. The reloads take a LOT of time to practice and several Band-Aids to fix your hands. If you're not bleeding, you're not practicing th
  7. Perhaps the confusion came in because the flag IS required, even in the bag, under Steel Challenge (USPSA) rules? AD
  8. From reading this thread so far can it be that I'm the only person who unbags at a table at the side berm and walks to the starting position with the PCC flagged and vertical when it's my turn to shoot? After the stage is completed, I flag and then carry the PCC back to the table (vertical, of course) and rebag and zip closed. I do not bring my entire bag/case to the line, just the PCC. AD
  9. And in a more serious note (I'm an iron sight, 6 shooter guy, how serious can I be?) anyway, the email to ICORE was answered promptly with a Paypal invoice. Paid it, got the receipt. Numbers updated. ICORE membership packet showed up via postal mail shortly thereafter. After all my whining and complaining about it, the entire renewal went very smoothly and quickly. AD
  10. That's odd. Steel Challenge is the perfect place to shoot both iron and optic PCC's. The guys slowing up the group are NOT the PCC guys, at least not at our 5 matches a month. AD
  11. And that's what I did. Solves the future renewal problem. AD
  12. My neighbor next door wanted to know what the heck was with the guy on the horse delivering something in the mail to me today. I told him it was the Pony Express dispatch rider with my updated membership from ICORE! AD
  13. Luckily I found a desktop computer with Windows 95 on it and paid my renewal using MS-DOS tonight. AD
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