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  1. It would appear that running/movement with the muzzle pointed down (or at the berm) would always be preferred compared to movement with the muzzle pointed OVER the berm. Light one off with the muzzle at the ground and it's no problem (the 10 foot rule applies, of course) but launch one over the berm and you're usually done for the day. AD
  2. Yep. Correct on both counts for sure. Hard to beat the FUN factor though. AD
  3. Looks like I'll have to go take another look and see if I can renew. AD
  4. I came into this particular thread a "few years" ago and wound up printing out a membership renewal and sending it in. I figured in the intervening YEARS we could get ICORE to work out the bugs/problems with renewing online. Evidently not. I went to renew today (in my grace period as there was no notice to renew) and discovered, once again, that I have to print out a form and mail it in. Really? Is there any estimate of when ICORE will eventually get to an online renewal program? I realize we're all just volunteers out here but this just seems odd. AD
  5. Now that the 50 yard target array is gone I've had several "requests" to run a PCC only classifier. Looks like I'll have 5 PCC guys for my usual 1st Monday of the month set up this time. AD
  6. Hmm, some good thoughts on the mags. I've been running with the big stick but will have to try running the normal mags loaded to 15 for an upcoming Classifier match. AD
  7. Thanks for bringing up the ICORE membership "problem". Interesting discussion for sure. I have found over the past several years that attempting to bring in shooters to IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, 3-Gun, etc that what works for me is to offer up the game as a challenge for a shooter AND HIS BUDDY. A single new shooter comes in scared, excited, bewildered and only probably knows the one guy who invited him to shoot. He sees the super fast guys and get dejected, especially after seeing his own performance for the first time on the clock. However, if you get that same guy to bring his best shooting buddy with him then you get a lot of personal and one on one shooting as they can compare against each other and plan on challenging the "other guy" to a rematch the next week. They are not nearly as intimidated by all the super fast guys with the ultra competitive outlook. I've seen this a lot. Shooting pairs brings back more repeat shooters than your basic single. Throw in some advertising at ALL of the local gun stores in the surrounding counties to encourage simple competition among friends and you've found the hook. Local gun stores are never a problem with having advertising flyers like these put out as it eventually will bring a shooter back for supplies or perhaps a newer firearm. I had seriously considered starting an ICORE chapter down here but our range's shooting schedule is pretty full now and we are very lucky to be able to draw on most of south and southwest Florida for 5 matches a week. As many of these guys shoot in multiple venues, adding another shoot, and with revolvers, would be only for the few hardy souls that run it in IDPA and USPSA from time to time. But then, if we could drag out some of those people with revolvers sitting in a sock drawer year after year, you might get a whole new group involved. I have had some luck with the occasional BUG shooter who brings a revolver to a match to explain what ICORE is. Most have never heard of it. I'd say we have a recognition problem among people who are not already active club shooters. Oh yeah. I believe newer, younger shooters want to run and gun. I've seen some nice run and gun ICORE stages. That part shouldn't be a problem. Lots of fun. The people I've seen in ICORE are pretty dedicated to the wheel gun and a great bunch. This is good, but then we know a good firearm when we see one and it comes with a cylinder! AD
  8. Stock revolver PF is 105. (Non moon clip guns) Enhanced revolver is 155PF. AD
  9. Most of the guys on my normal squad are running their EDC for our weekly match. Not a big deal and a few guys have discovered that what they "used" to carry was not that good! AD
  10. When I get a shooter who rushes the ULSC it's just like you mentioned. Have them show it again to YOU and then continue on. AD
  11. I enjoy shooting the revolver in IDPA or ICORE (Classic) and even Steel Challenge as it makes me focus a bit more than when running your normal bottom feeder. Steel Challenge is where your accuracy takes over instead of volume. The added fun in beating some of your buddies and telling them they got burned by the old guy with the revolver is icing on the cake! AD (strictly 6 shot for me, thank you)
  12. ADulay

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    Yep, you got it. AD
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