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  1. I called Briley and Gary said send it back for replacement. I called Beretta, they made me wait 10 minutes and then a recorded message said to leave my number. Slowmiss: I can see that happening but this was in the open on a swinger and then a rack. i was using prairie storm ammo (I've shot magnum turkey loads before with np.) but it happened about 4-5 shots later after a reload. I'm hoping to hear back from Beretta today.
  2. Yeah Tony, makes me wonder if the handle was loose in the bolt carrier. It’s a great shotgun so I’m hoping its something simple. I’m going to call Beretta CS tomorrow but wanted to get some feedback before I did. Thanks.
  3. Has anyone seen, heard or know of a problem with the charging handle on Beretta 1301 comp? I have broken two in less than two years. They sheared off right at the bolt. The first time it happened was with the original handle and the second was a Briley..
  4. Follow up: I shot in another match and gun malfunctioned again. This time with #7 birdshot. I called Mossberg CS and they want it back to inspect and replace bolt. Wishing I had the cash for Benelli.
  5. Logiztix: Yeah, I'm actually understanding what you mean. I'm hoping it is just a spring issue. The spring I'm using is stock from factory. I ordered some Fed and Fiocchi LR slugs. I'm hoping they will fix the problem. I kinda like Using this spring because it's shooting lite rounds with no problems. My thanks to all of ya. I will let you know how next match or trip to the range goes.
  6. *After searching numerous forums and web-sites and coming up empty I decided to join this forum. (Converted troller) My apologies if this issue is listed elsewhere or needs to be posted elsewhere.* I am having a problem with my new JM pro. During a three gun match I shot 73 rounds of shotgun shells. 60 of these shells were #7.5 birdshot, 10 were #9 bs and 3 were slugs (winchester, 2 3/4, 1oz 1600fps). All of the rounds fired and cycled correctly with the exception of the 3 slugs. When firing the slugs, the shotgun locked up with the bolt in the open position. Pushing the bolt release button cycled the bolt forward and then I had to manualy load the next round. After the third slug I manually chambered in the #9 birdshot and finished the stage with no problems. Before I shot the shotgun I thouroughly cleaned and prepped the gun as prescribed by JM's and other youtube videos. If anyone has a solution I surely would appreciate it. Thanks. -DPA
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