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  1. Nah. I don’t know much, that’s why I ask questions. I just meant your son is 18 years old. It was supposed to be humorous. = funny. He’s got natural talent and young in age. I wish I had both of those! Cheers
  2. You could have stopped at 18yo.
  3. Good, I’m glad you brought the PF issue up. My leadstar weighs in just a tad lower than that and I’m shooting 115 fmj at 850avg. FPS. (Steel challenge load) The dot does move a bit and I always wondered if it was the low PF not taking advantage of the comp or maybe the gun was too light or both. But the gun, with that hand-load and me made GM in a year and now I don’t want to muck with it at all Now, with the JP setup, I have a heavier gun, big comp and 1000avg. FPS 115 fmj hand-load. I’ve kind of plateaued right now and I’m hoping the new gun will help shave some seconds off my times. Thoughts welcome and thanks again for the tip on the CF trunion.
  4. I’m wanting to shoot a stock JP in matches because It’s a bit heavier than the ultra-lightweight build I already have. Im hoping to improve my times with the JP. Maybe I’ll get less dot movement with the extra weight.
  5. Thanks man. Came of with wrench and my weight. Looks like there was thread locker on it.
  6. Does it need heat? Would someone put threadlocker on it?
  7. I have a Jp GMR-15 with a smoke composite handguard. I am trying to put a new JP handguard on it but cannot remove the Smoke “trunion”. I am the second owner so I am uncertain as to how the trunion was put on. Does anyone have experience with these handguards? I’ve tried to contact the mfg, but no reply yet.
  8. Do you recall which spring you are using?
  9. Why did you choose the 5 steel weights over 5 tungsten or a combo of tungsten and steel? I am trying to tune a JP GMR-15 with a short stroke system. I have 5 tungsten and the uncolored spring installed now. I have tried numerous combos of springs and weights but I do not have an all steel option ( and now I’m wondering if I need to buy 3 more steel]. As it stands now the gun shoots flat enough and the recoil is light enough with my homegrown, but... like everyone else I’m always looking for just a little bit flatter and a little softer recoil. I have a factory stock leadstar pcc which came with a blitzkrieg kynshot buffer and an AR 10 spring. It is a soft shooter and has served me well in steel challenge matches. But the JP “fits” me better so I’m giving it a try. Thanks
  10. DPA

    Glock 48 Front Sight

    Thanks. I bought the Hackathorn set today. The model number is GL-436, verified by Don at ameriglo. I will lyk how it works out.
  11. DPA

    Glock 48 Front Sight

    Hi All, I am wanting to replace the front sight on a new glock 48. It currently has the factory white sights and I blacked out the rear sight with a sharpie. (Yes I know I'm cheap) This pistol will primarily be used for carry and self defense. (maybe visit an IDPA match or two) I am wondering if I should replace the front sight with a tritium or fiber optic one . Any thoughts, opinions or recommendations? Thanks in advance. D
  12. Hi Frank I am a right handed shooter and shoot mostly RFRO and PCC. My order is 1,2 move 4,3 stop. (Plates labeled left to right) The reason I do so, is simply because I get my fastest times and it is comfortable for me to shoot it that way. I shoot the 1 plate first and then the 2 plate because I will be moving my feet left to right and this order allows for smoother movement. As soon as I shoot the number 2 plate I move to the second box keeping my sight fixed on the number 4 plate the whole time. I shoot the 4 plate as soon as my right foot (third step) is touching the ground inside the second shooting box. I shoot the 4 plate first because that allows the 3 plate and stop plate to be shot in a continuous smooth right to left transition. Also, sometimes when my left foot catches up and touches the ground it will cause my sight picture to wobble a bit; I'd rather it wobble on the larger 3 plate than the 4. Cheers.
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