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  1. hey drysideshooter i have several scorpions and shoot them in steel challenge i have been lubing the bolts with eesox. After disassembly I clean the bolt first. After it is clean I rub some eesox on it and let it sit until the rest of the pistol is clean. The eesox does not stay real oily - it makes the bolt extremely slick. I have found this to work very well over the years. A guy that used to post on rimfirecentral always talked about eesox so i thought i would try it - have been using it ever since.
  2. Some have inquired about the thumbrest i have on my scorpions with the target style frame. I gave out the website incorrectly it is www.tecperformance.com (not tac) Great guy to deal with and a quality products. Makes the thumbrest for the target frame in two different styles.
  3. I love my scorpions for steel challenge. All of mine are the 4.5 barrels. I have had them in 6 inch - but find the 4.5 much better. Most of the guys I know that shoot the scorpions like the shorter barrel.
  4. I like to have my red dot as close to the bore as possible. Started off with c more railway. Then went to the railway mounted on a striplin 90 degree mount. Worked well. I am now going with the c more rts2 red dot. Close to the bore and much lighter than the railway/striplin combo. Closer to the bore works for me
  5. I shoot Volquartsen 22 rifles in steel challenge. I wanted to give PCC a try - did not want to spend alot of money -- so i got the ruger pcc rifle. The carry over from 22 to 9 went well. I shoot the 22 alot and I rarely shoot the pcc. But, when I shoot the pcc in a match it usually goes fairly well. Not as fast as the rimfire, but not bad.
  6. I am shooting a c more rts2 with an 8 moa on my ruger pcc more compact than the railway i shoot steel challenge with my ruger
  7. I am an older shooter and feel much more comfortable with an 8 moa red dot. I am currently in the process of changing over my c more railways on striplin 90 mounts to the c more rts2 in 8 moa. Makes the pistols lighter. Seems to be working out in practice
  8. The thumbrest i am using on my volq mark iii target frame is from tac performance www.tacperformance.com It comes in two different forms I am using the number 3 - it mounts closer to the muzzle. Good photos on his website. Well made and mounts up with no problems.
  9. I have been using volquartsen scorpions for quite a few years now. I have several of the mark iii type scorpions with the target frame and the 4.5 inch barrel I am currently using an 8 moa c more railway mounted on a striplin 90 degree mount. I use volquartsen forward blow compensators - not the ones that came on the pistols originally. I just added a tac performance thumbrest and really like it. the VT 3 style seems to work well with my volthane grips. I shoot sv ammo and have the adjustable recoil spring with the lighter spring installed. my pistols run very well in matches. Some of them ran great from the beginning -- others had to break in a bit -- usually accomplished by shooting some mini mags thru it. Great pistols and great company.
  10. Hey GOF - I was wondering where you shoot the 3rd Sat match and the Monday 6 stages matches (also the times if possible) thanks. I live in SW Florida and shoot the local and close Steel challenge matches in our area. Home range in Hansen in Punta Gorda. Thanks for any help
  11. I had the chance to shoot my ruger pcc with the new Midwest industries handguard in a match this week end. Big difference as the new handguard allowed me to grip closer to the muzzle. It really added to the control I have over the rifle. It resulted in a much improved time in the steel challenge match. I would have to say money well spent. Also got several comments on the "look" of the rifle
  12. That taccom is really cool looking I would assume it is lighter than the original handguard. I know the one I installed is a bit heavier.
  13. I just mounted the Midwest industries front handguard on my ruger pcc (the one that looks more like a rifle with a short handguard. Slides on over the front and rear ruger iron sights. Mounts with the screw hole that held the stock handguard in place - they provide a shorter screw that works on their product. A little heavier than the stock foregrip, but very nice -- and longer. That was my reason for the purchase. I wanted to be able to extend my grip and get it closer to the muzzle. I am going to try and get it out this afternoon and see how it feels. Hope to shoot it in a competition (steel challenge) tomorrow. It really changes the look of the rifle.
  14. Check out www.clearimage-solutions.com. They have a very interesting front sight for a rfri. I have one installed on a tac sol barrel - had to have a friend of mine mill a custom mount for it as they are made to mount on a rail. Sorry I can not provide photos as I am a bit computer challenged. Not cheap, but pretty cool.
  15. I soak my aluminum comps in the 50 50 mixture of white vinegar and hyd peroxide. It works great. I leave mine in the solution for at least 6 hours. Many people I talk to seem to be adverse to soaking their comps in this mixture. I have not had any problems and have been using it for several years.
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