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  1. New Atlas Open 2011

    In my Atlas I use 8.3 hs6 124 pd jhp at 1.165.
  2. Opinions on Trigger Parts

    The click comes from the connecter and the triggerbar. That's what makes the noise.
  3. Opinions on Trigger Parts

    How does the trigger return spring change the click of trigger reset?
  4. Atlas Gun Works Titan

    Red Hill Tactical make holsters for the Titan.
  5. Bent firing pin?

    Does the fp move freely through the hole? Does it hit the primer centered up?
  6. Holster recommendations

    If you have the race master and like it then stay with it. If you are looking for a new holster get the x. It is way easier to set up.
  7. I always go too fast on classifiers.............

    Its more about paying attention to whats going on then slowing down.
  8. Pocket Pro II on DAA premium belt

    I taped a washer to it and stick it to the magnet on my belt.
  9. Holster recommendations

    Daa alpha X
  10. I have messed around with timer sensitivity. At my range with the two types of timers, I have I would get all kinds of echo with my open gun. I don't think adjusting the timer sensitivity between shooters is the way to handle missing shots on the timer. I also believe the use of a phone to time is a bad idea. They are expensive and I find them less user-friendly than a timer. You know I think its a gun issue. You want to go at it from another angle have you tried contacting the companies that make the timers we use now? They might have an answer for you?
  11. You are wrong about me and PCC. I am the club president and one of the few clubs around here that offers pcc, they just don't get any special treatment. I talk with my pcc guys and try to make things run smoothly. If the answer isn't to make the guns loud enough to be heard then I guess the only other thing you could do is design a new timer.
  12. It might be expensive for you to outfit the entire country with new timers. Mbx has a comp for the carbine mpx. If you can swing the price of the mpx you can male sure the gun is loud enough to be heard by the timer. Like I said pcc will not require any changes to the way match is run. If or when it does my club will stop offering it.
  13. When PCC was introduced to USPSA we were told it would not change the way we were running matches. A pistol shooter would not even notice the PCCs at the match. I think it's crazy to expect ro's to stop and adjust the timer settings between shooters. I have messed with my own timer and get echo's when I start adjusting the sensitivity up. I wouldn't expect ro's to have to run a pcc shooter differently than any other competitor. An ro is supposed to be watching the shooter not looking at the timer to see if its catching all the shots. A PCC shooter comes to a match knowing it's a timed event. They should make sure their equipment is going to work. You need your gun to run well so you can get through a stage without problems. To me, if you down load your gun so it sounds suppressed and you get stuck reshooting it's on the shooter. The idea of having to stop and mic up the PCC shooter is ridiculous. You are now putting the official time keeping device into the hands of the competitor.
  14. Changes To The USPSA Classfication System

    Some folks shoot for the classification card. Without the benefit of classification, they have no reason to be a member of uspsa.