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  1. I have one on order. They've been pretty slow so far. Should ship soon hopefully.
  2. Did you ever do this comparison? I'm trying to decide which to order now.
  3. Already sold out again by the time I saw the email.
  4. I couldn't wait and bought the Redding dies and some FW dies for 9mm. I still need a few .223 dies though. I might try the Lyman Pro dies for the things I don't already have from FW Arms if they hurry up and come out.
  5. A Mark 7/Lyman employee told me about it in their online chat a while back.
  6. I could. Was just seeing if it was a normal thing or not before bothering to do that.
  7. For whatever it's worth, I (the guy who started this thread, the one with the "champagne"/DLC black color scheme) love mine so far. The fit & finish is really nice, and my trigger is right at 1 pound even. I'm happy with what I received.
  8. Just bought & received 2 full size 2011 mags from MBX. I'm not sure that this would really affect function, other than possibly letting more dirt into the mag, but is this kind of inconsistency normal? The bottom of the mag on the left is cut much higher up than the other. Am I just being OCD? This seems sloppy to me. For the cost of these things, I would expect more consistency.
  9. How's the eyebox/FOV vs the Kahles/Swaro? If you're beyond 300, it seems like running the Kahles/Swaro at the full 8x with SFP wouldn't be that big of a deal.
  10. Semi-related to the softness of the MPX, I'm very interested in what the recoil impulse will be like on the Angstadt Arms MDP-9 when it comes out. It's essentially an AR9 with the roller delayed blowback recoil system & barrel of an MP5. In stock form, it would require turning into an SBR to use in competition, but you could probably swap the short barrel to a 16" MP5 barrel or maybe a 12" or 10" MP5 barrel with a pinned & welded comp, like those Brekke custom comps. It could possibly make for a really interesting competition setup. The roller delayed mechanism is supposed to have a much smoother/softer recoil impulse. The only thing I wonder about is whether or not the delay of it would somehow be a negative vs a well tuned straight blowback AR9... like, perhaps the cycling is slower and the dot doesn't come back on target as fast. Not sure. Would have to try it. I guess it depends on how much the dot moves to begin with.
  11. I love the Elftmann ambi speed safety (push button style instead of swivel). A lot of AR fanboys will tell you that it's a gimmick, it's unnecessary, etc., but it's just because they're traditionalists. In my opinion, on a civilian semiauto gun, where there is no capability to switch between single shot, burst, & full auto, there is no need for a swivel style selector safety. The push-button safety makes more sense. It's either on safe or it's on fire. That's it. It's also more ergonomic/faster, IMO. However, be warned that the Elftmann safety doesn't work with the Hyperfire triggers. I use it with the TriggerTech Diamond trigger on 3 different guns and have no issues.
  12. Yeah, this is one of the dies from the new Pro Die sets they will be selling. They have some of the dies ready and In Stock now, but not all. I really like the FW Arms decapper and swager hold down dies. I liked them so much that I got them for both 9mm and .223. The auto-centering feature of them is more designed to work with rifle brass, but they still work very well with 9mm.
  13. Does this fit in the Lee Universal die?
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