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  1. Wonder why he didn't just use his old gun with the QC10 lower and Coda Evolution handguard. The Coda looks better, IMO. I'm guessing the short barrel + large comp of the Tron is something he liked, as this looks very similar. The Foxtrot lower is an interesting choice too.
  2. Have been perusing YouTube and Instagram trying to find something, but haven't seen anything yet.
  3. Just look at the videos online. - It still has muzzle flip. - There is no threaded or compensated barrel available for it yet. (This will probably change... but has it even been tested with major loads at all? who knows?) - It's lighter than most steel grip 2011s by a good 10-16oz. - They advertised the trigger as going down to 2.5 lb. at the lowest... Good, but not amazing. About the same as the best striker fired triggers. And how crisp/clean is the break? What design does it even use? How do we know it will be legal in USPSA Carry Optics? Doesn't it have a different trigger mechanism that's actually SAO? I've seen them advertised as a striker fired trigger, but have heard it's actually a quite different design. Do 2,000 of them exist yet? Also, in IDPA carry optics, they were forced to make a new mount that makes the red dot reciprocate with the slide, because people (rightfully) complained about the fixed optic being an advantage. So, that advantage sort of goes out the window even if it were allowed in USPSA Carry Optics (which I am skeptical of). Don't get me wrong. I think it's cool and innovative, but I don't expect it to instantly dominate everything. I don't even know where it will be legal to use in USPSA, outside of Limited, where you'd be stuck with minor scoring, and Open, where you're competing with really impressive compensated 2011s with frame mounted optics.
  4. I was told on Instagram by Lancer that there is also a picatinny top rail in the works. That would be cool for mounting things like the Holosun 510C (very popular on PCCs and open shotguns).
  5. Almost everyone uses steel for Limited and Open. The only people I see using aluminum are 3 gun people who are shooting minor and want a lighter gun for running around with it on their hip... but, even then, it's probably up to personal preference. It does seem like there are some aluminum frame 2011s that shoot really flat though (like the Atlas Hyperion). Probably just need proper engineering to get the balance just right so that the return to zero works well.
  6. A lot of people prefer 115s because it takes a stronger load to make PF, and that generates more gas, which works the comp better on comp'd guns. Also, slightly faster cycling (probably more noticeable on PCCs than handguns though). Chris, what's your load with the HS6 to make major?
  7. You should find a better optometrist. Bring your red dot optic in and test different lenses during your exam. You may not get perfect results, but you should be able to get really close. Anything else, other than much more expensive surgery, is just going to be a compromise and not the solution you really want.
  8. Probably still trying to recoup costs and gather up money for higher rates of production... Can use the excuse that it's "new to America still" to justify it. Considering it took a year after the initial 500 release in Europe, I bet it's going to be quite a while until you can buy one of these outside of that kit.
  9. Is anything else out there close to the KL12 now for an open shotgun? Performance-wise, I mean. Other than the Limcat, I guess, since that's the same platform.
  10. $5k is a lot for a pistol many people have said has not much less muzzle flip than a CZ Shadow 2 and has problems with getting hot. It's innovative, but... yeah, $5k is a lot. Will they even be legal in USPSA Production/Carry Optics? If not, what will be the use case for them? They won't outperform open 2011s (much heavier, better triggers, compensators, etc.)
  11. It's the exact same style of gun as the TSO. Full size steel frame SAO gun in 9mm and 40, no comp or optic. Designed for limited. So, it's going up against both the TSO and 2011s intended for Limited division. The TSO and Czechmate are a little old/underperforming now.
  12. Apparently it was a manufacturing defect with the trigger bar on certain models during a certain time period. These are the serial numbers they recalled: ZA00001-ZA01232 ZB00001-ZB00760 ZEV-OZ0060-ZEV-OZ1187
  13. Eric who? Where was this mentioned? Would love to see an open version of the DWX.
  14. SHOT Show is a week away. I'm sure they will give at least a vague estimate there.
  15. How difficult was it to do? I wish they offered something close to that stock. I prefer flatter triggers.
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