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  1. Ah, so this is where all the other DWX threads vanished to. I know this specific gun is for Limited, but I hope they release some alternate versions. I want to see threaded barrels/compensators and optics. It seems like they could make this into an interesting 3 gun open gun/USPSA open gun without too much effort.
  2. @2Alphamikenoshoot Which Atlas did you have? just out of curiosity. Would I be able to find it on your Instagram? I'm personally super interested in the new single port comp barrel for a 3-gun open gun. The price is appealing vs the Erebus/Hyperion/Athena, since you can spec it out to be pretty versatile (switching between sights, frame mounted optics, slide mounted optics, comp for open major, comp for open minor, sight block barrel, etc.). Also curious about what people think about the aluminum Evo grip vs the aluminum Cheely grip that Atlas has been using. I hear mixed impressions from people... some think the Evo grip is too aggressive, but some like it. It seemed like Atlas went with the Cheely when they started making the lighter 3-gun oriented models, because PT didn't have an aluminum Evo at the time. Despite the price, one thing Atlas definitely has is flat shooting guns. The videos you can find online of the Hyperion and Erebus show really, really flat shooting guns. Would be cool to see some videos of the Honcho with the new single port comp.
  3. A lot of them have switched to the Nightforce 7-35x actually. Most do probably keep it under 20x though.
  4. The Elftmann push-button style safety. The trigger is, indeed, very light, but it doesn't feel unsafe or anything to me. I haven't accidentally fired it once. The little bit of 1911-style pre-travel helps, I guess.
  5. I asked about the deposit recently and was told this: "To get the order going you can pay either the entire amount or a 50% deposit. This can be done via our website or by calling in. If you pay the deposit, the balance is due before serial number which is the last step before coating. Yes, we are still running 10 weeks out."
  6. I'm super close to ordering one of these, but one of the things making me hesitate is availability of replacement barrels in the future... It may very well be a superior design, but, since Phoenix Trinity is the only company who makes barrels like this, if something happens & they cease to exist down the road for some reason, you're kinda out of luck, yeah? Anybody have thoughts on this? It would be a different story if other manufacturers started adopting the same design...
  7. I ended up buying the Z8i and a Spuhr mount. I really like it so far! Ordered a throw lever for it, but don't have it yet. I was worried the dot might be too big for me, but I like it.
  8. Finally bought a Lyman digital trigger pull gauge and tested this out. I actually thought my gauge was miscalibrated at first, but I tested it with some known weights and it was pretty much dead on, reading within about a gram of the same object weighed on a digital scale... After using it many times just to get a feel for proper technique, etc., I decided to try the average feature on the gauge, which reports the average of the last 10 pulls. My average came out to 388 g, which is 0.85 lb.... pretty epic! This is with following the directions that came with it, which say to use 3 clicks away from the set screw coming loose (the lightest it will go) to make sure it stays retained.
  9. Very interested in how this thing would run major ammo. Hell, I guess it would be great as a 3-gun pistol with minor ammo with a decent comp even if it doesn't run major ammo well.
  10. I think one of the companies that mills slides (CZ Custom or Cajun Gun Works... I forget which... maybe both) will sell you just a slide.
  11. Just watched this. I definitely don't agree with this guy about some things (I hate the normal Glock grip angle and he complains about the grip angle on the OZ9 being more like a 1911 because he is used to glocks), but his safety concerns are definitely valid and anyone considering this gun should watch his videos to be aware of the issues.
  12. There was a thread about it not too long ago: I'm pretty interested in trying one, but haven't talked myself into buying one yet. Zev is now selling the frame individually, which is cool. You can now buy just the lower and not waste money on the slide/barrel if you specifically want something else for those. Hopefully one day they can offer heavy grips like the new tungsten infused grips for the P320 X5 Legion.
  13. How light of a trigger pull is this trigger capable of?
  14. I've got 2 of these now (one in my PCC, one in my 3-gun style AR) and a 3rd on order. Love this trigger. The ONLY minor nitpick I could come up with about it is that I'd like if the bottom of the trigger face had some lines milled into, it instead of being smooth, for extra grip (like the Elftmann triggers). However, I ordered some 3M stair grip tape and stuck a piece on there, and that makes it perfect... makes finding the perfect spot for finger tip purchase quickly just a little bit easier. I also really like that they just have only one trigger design that functions in AR15s, AR10s, and 9mm ARs. They've designed it in a way where it should work with nearly all AR bolts.
  15. Interesting. I guess the Swarovski Z6i/Z8i probably has the brightest dot of all options? Heard it's brighter than the Razor's dot.
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