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  1. Got mine put together now. Timing the barrel nut was annoying as hell. I have to say the attachment method Coda Evolution uses for their carbon fiber handguards is MUCH nicer. Anyway, haven't shot it yet. Might try it out this weekend.
  2. Not a forum, but Gavin @ Ultimate Reloader is a great resource https://www.youtube.com/user/gavintoobe I like SnipersHide for the most part... but I don't "hang out" there. I open it to read specific information about specific products, and that's pretty much it. There are some idiots and a_-holes there, but there are idiots and a_-holes on every forum.
  3. That's what I would hope, but USPSA seems to not lay things out as clearly as it could...
  4. A larger MOA dot will help reduce that shaky feeling you get with the small 1-2 MOA dots.
  5. They already exist, and there are tons of people out there who carry Glocks and CZ P10_s with comps every single day. A lot of the rules in USPSA make no sense. RE: The OP of this thread, I agree 100%. Frame weights should be allowed. What's the point of allowing the overall weight to go up to 59oz if you aren't allowed to add external weights to Glocks, M&Ps, CZ P10_s, etc.? It's unnecessarily punishing the light striker fired polymer guns and gives the advantage to guns that start out heavy, like the Shadow 2 or the P320 X5 Legion. All it really does is reward certain OEM manufacturers and pushes everyone into using the same guns.
  6. I'm about to buy a barrel for a Glock 34 length OZ9 build for Carry Optics. I noticed the 2020 rule changes, and it looks like threaded barrels may now be legal, as the previous portion of the rules that specified that the barrel had to be the same length, contour, etc. as the OEM barrel have been deleted and replaced with a simpler rule that says nothing about those things. Can anyone confirm that my interpretation of the rules here is correct? Can I use an aftermarket threaded barrel with thread protector installed (obviously, no compensator). I ask primarily because I just want to buy one barrel, and I like threaded barrels because of being able to use them with suppressors/comps in my free time, not because I'm looking for an advantage, though I suppose there would be a small advantage here with a tiny bit of extra added static weight from the longer barrel.
  7. The FW decapper is the best one on the market.
  8. https://www.armageddongear.com/Perfect-Pistol-Case
  9. How much will the muzzle support cost? I assume the price of the XL will be higher than the original price of the 015 early adopters paid?
  10. Can someone give some insight into the sizing for the ELS competition belt? How many inches should I add to the measured circumference of my waist for the belt? 2"? 4"? 6"? Also, does anyone know how much longer the belt actually is vs the inches given for its size? For example, the Shooters Connection belts are 8" longer than their listed sizes. What is the actual length for a size 40" Safariland ELS? Is it 40"? 44"? 46"? 48"?
  11. Noticeably more muzzle flip?
  12. +1 I always buy 3M stair grip tape and cut it up to apply to exactly where I want it. It's cheap and extremely grippy. I have it on trigger shoe faces, mag release surfaces, bolt catch surfaces, etc.
  13. While some people might not find it ideal, I don't think you can really say definitively that 2.5 MOA won't be good enough considering Max Leograndis has won PCC championships over and over again using the Holosun 510C. I have a bunch of 510Cs and like them. That said, my Swarovski Z8i's dot is about 7 or 8 MOA at 1x magnification, and I don't feel like it is too big. The 5-6 MOA of the SRO and Romeo 3 Max/XL is probably the perfect sweet spot.
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