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  1. Has anyone been following the new design coming out of the Infinity factory that eliminates the extractor? IMG_0923.MOV
  2. Only two of the three are open for slots?
  3. With these guys running it, I cannot wait for the match!!!!?????
  4. I wanted to send a big THANK YOU to Bill Duda and the entire hard working staff at the match! It was a fantastic match in every aspect!?I look forward to next year also.
  5. I wanted to send out a BIG THANK YOU to the staff and everyone involved with the match! The stages were challenging but fair with many different options! Cannot wait to see what next year will bring for the Area 5 match!
  6. We had a great time! Thank you to everyone involved with the match, from match director to all staff. The stages were very well done and the match ran smoothly!. Cannot wait to see what next year will bring
  7. Great I hate classifieds! Lol We always look forward to this match and the super staff
  8. Thanks to the INFAMOUS setup crew for getting together a great match Online squad setup was easy and fast!
  9. Cannot wait to see everybody in the state up NORTH! I am bringing my cane too since i am SO OLD and slow!
  10. The nice part is you can shoot both morning and afternoon! With the same gun or different one! I heard a rumor he has some new props for this match too. It seems every match he is adding something new. I wonder what it will be next? Lol
  11. One opening on the weekend and TONS on Friday! Has anyone seen stages yet?
  12. I heard he was designing the stage; Prone Weak Hand Only with steel at 20 yards
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