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  1. When I looked at it with a locked back slide, I figured rounds would go straight forward into the chamber based on alignment alone. But when I slowly hand cycle the rounds don't really nosedive, but they do hit the feedramp first then climb into the chamber.
  2. Oh one thing I forgot to mention. If you are going to buy and want a stock version without any customizations, different finishes, or any other options, wait for a free shipping and 10% off coupon code on Brownells. I believe you can backorder it with the coupon code if it's not in stock too. When I first started shopping around this was the best deal I could find on a new one. I've rarely seen a new Wilson gun discounted and 10% off was a pretty big dent that I used towards mags.
  3. I've got one and have been carrying it for the past 5 months. Have about 3200 rounds through it so far with no problems. I didn't do the "2000 round challenge" but I did do minimal care for it in the beginning to see how it would handle being carried dirty. I Iubed it once out of the box and again at the 1000 round mark. Finally cleaned it at 1500 rounds since I didn't feel like pushing it on my carry gun. Carrying it is no problem so far. It was made to be a 1911 style gun in the form factor and weight of a Glock 19. So if you've carried a 19, you can get a feel for what it would be like to carry an EDC x9. I will say the numbers are deceptive though. The EDC x9 should weigh more and be slightly bigger, but in practice I don't notice any difference. When I first picked up the EDC, I really was surprised by how small and light it was. Pros are that it's a Wilson. I can't find any MIM or cast parts if that matters to you. Trigger breaks at about 3.25 to 3.75 lbs and reset is quick and short. If you've got arthritis or issues with hand strength you'll be happy to know this is one of the easier guns I own to rack. Its very similar to racking a HK in my experience. Just a bit of resistance in the beginning to unlock and then it's smooth and light all the way back. Machining is very nice and I have yet to see anything that would cause the long term reliability and longevity to take a hit. Barrel lockup and fit is very good. Slide to frame fit also is just right and I haven't noticed it getting looser. Overall the gun is just right imo in terms of how tightly fit the parts are. There are some very nice reliability and modern enhancements. Getting rid of the upper barrel lugs is probably a good move for less surface area to accumulate fouling. Moving to a flat wire spring also helps lazy people out with their parts maintenance. Biggest upgrades I can think of are the external extractor and the dovetailed plunger tube. So far I have only found two cons, and they are pretty subjective. First is the front sight is proprietary as far as I can tell and attaches to the slide like a Glock. Wilson does make different types of front sights but all are a little wider than I like. It's the same thickness as most tritium front sights (0.120" iirc?), But I prefer 0.100" or 0.090". Second is the grip angle is ever so slightly straighter than a 1911. Not a huge deal but I can notice it and it bugs me for some odd reason. I notice it the most during dry practice when I push out with a 1911 and the front sight is high but don't notice it during matches or shooting. I might try the large backstrap to see if that gives me a steeper grip angle someday. I opted for the rail version since I wanted a gun this expensive to do as much as possible. Most of my carry guns had rails and the bulk on the muzzle end was never an issue. I believe the nonrailed is the most popular one so if you want one second hand you'll probably come across those easier. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. If you have any other questions just let me know.
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