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  1. I'm interested in the .40 brass if you still have it.  I'll be at Spartanburg this coming Saturday and Mid Carolina the following.  Let me know if you still have it please.


    Clark Smith

  2. cs62

    2011 Guns

    Atlas all the way, STI isn't even in the same league.....
  3. +1 on the Dawson mag tuning kit with both STI Gen 1 & 2's as well as SVI mags all with Grams guts and all in .40. The key is tuning them and then keeping them tuned.
  4. I'm loading .40 RNFP Xtreme bullets and I was experiencing occasional double drops. The solution that was recommended to me was to use a rubber band to pull the dropper assembly back down to the die vs. just using the weight of the dropper assembly. I installed the rubber band and have not had a problem since then, this would probably also work for your issue of dropping them all at once. I would also look and make sure there were no burrs on the dropper assembly and die interface as well.
  5. It does the same thing as a rubber band, just costs a whole lot more....
  6. 4.7 N320 180 gr Gallant truncated cone CCI SPP 1.185" OAL Mixed range brass 171pf Atlas Nemesis
  7. I've got the Nitrofin on my 2011 as well and love it. Will have one on all my future builds.
  8. I have a custom sight block from Adam I just received a few months ago, I’ve got a little over 5k rounds on it. I clean the barrel normally as I have for years with all my other 1911/2011’s. Yes I agree, Adam and Cat’s customer service is the best that I have ever dealt with.
  9. Dawson .190 mag release with CR Speed RHT snakeskin mag release button on PT Evo grip, great combination!
  10. I have both Gen 1 and Gen 2 STI mags in .40, both versions lock up and drop free easily right out of the package, so no I haven't seen a difference between the 2 Gen's. Note that this is with a PT Evo grip.
  11. Congratulations, please post some pictures when you get it.
  12. Yes with the silhouette I was getting little yellow specs but nothing with the AutoComp.
  13. Here's a couple loads that I use in my Trojan. 124 gr Xtreme PRN Silhouette 5.5 gr CCI 500 1.150" OAL 133 PF 124 gr Xtreme PRN AutoComp 5.0 gr CCI 500 1.150" OAL 132 PF
  14. Sweet looking Nemesis, please let us know how well it shoots.
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