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  1. In my case yes, triggers are very similar. My carry gun has a slightly heavier pull weight, I use a 13# MS on my carry. My production gun uses an 11# MS. Sights are set up pretty much the same as well (black rear with F/O fronts); only difference being the dovetail cuts for the sights.
  2. I do. When shooting production, I use a 75 Bull Shadow; for carry - a P01.
  3. If you don't need the set screws, the 97 (it's called #5 thick trigger at cgw) trigger is a good option too. Plus it's cheaper. Find me at Richmond this Sunday. You can dry fire mine at the safe table.
  4. There are really no advantages to whatever trigger you decide to install. It's all personal preference. If you like the shape of the stock trigger, keep that. If you like the straighter shape of a 97 or one of the 85c triggers, then install that. Otherwise, any of the trigger offerings should be legal for production division other than making your gun SAO.
  5. jinn707

    Custom 75BD Compact

    Pro-tek's do have a firing pin block. They use a solid pin so it might harder to see in the pictures, but it's there. The only compact I know of that doesn't have a fpb is a shadowline compact.
  6. You can also use this one: http://shop.cz-usa.com/ProductDetail/0420008029_Slide-Stop-Cz-75-9mm That's the one I use for my 75 shadow (short dust cover kind). I just checked and it fits my SP01.
  7. That's definitely the safety model hammer. I would contact the guys as CZC.
  8. What was the problem with the hammer? Did you get the correct one? This is the one you should be getting since you have a decocker model: http://czcustom.com/czcomphammerdecockeronly.aspx
  9. I own 2 P01s and I agree with you! It always looks so easy in pictures or in a video. But reassembly of the sear cage with a decocker spring is definitely a pain in the @$$!
  10. Emjei, I disassembled and reassembled probably close to 10 times. However, I only did file work on the disco. I only had spare discos. I did not have spare trigger bars or lifter arms. I left the sear cage intact in fear I might take off too much metal from the lifter arm. My suggestion - just get a slave pin and leave the sear cage as one whole piece if you don't feel like dealing with it.
  11. Thank you all for this guide. I literally just finished fitting a type 1 disco to my SP-01 with a firing pin block. The trigger now rivals my 75 Shadow short dust cover. I can't wait until my next match!
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