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  1. In my case yes, triggers are very similar. My carry gun has a slightly heavier pull weight, I use a 13# MS on my carry. My production gun uses an 11# MS. Sights are set up pretty much the same as well (black rear with F/O fronts); only difference being the dovetail cuts for the sights.
  2. I do. When shooting production, I use a 75 Bull Shadow; for carry - a P01.
  3. If you don't need the set screws, the 97 (it's called #5 thick trigger at cgw) trigger is a good option too. Plus it's cheaper. Find me at Richmond this Sunday. You can dry fire mine at the safe table.
  4. There are really no advantages to whatever trigger you decide to install. It's all personal preference. If you like the shape of the stock trigger, keep that. If you like the straighter shape of a 97 or one of the 85c triggers, then install that. Otherwise, any of the trigger offerings should be legal for production division other than making your gun SAO.
  5. If you're talking about a 75 shadow short dust cover gun, then yes a CZ 75B SA holster is what you'd want. That's what I ordered for my short dust cover shadow and it fits perfectly fine. You're talking about CZ sku #91715, correct?
  6. I'm curious about this. This may sound like a stupid question - but when you say top of the disco, are you referring to the red area as shown in the picture below? Or are you referring to the nose tip of the wedge?
  7. Sure http://i.imgur.com/bzrZuXU.jpg
  8. I use LOK palm swells, but not in the bogie pattern. I usually order them in the roughneck pattern. The diamond checkering feels better for me than the golf ball pattern.
  9. I'm good with this Slvr. Did Scott mention a minimum number needed? Thanks for doing this!
  10. My first year of shooting USPSA, I used a bladetech/BOSS hangar with the normal 1/2" spacers. Around Dec last year, I switched to a Red Hill Tactical holster instead of a Bladetech.
  11. You must be thinking of a 75B that was converted to SAO. A 75 SA also has rails that extend past the dust cover. It doesn't have a scalloped slide. A real 75 SA also has an identical frame to a short dust cover shadow. See here: And here's a 91715 gun:
  12. Bladetech or Redhill Tactical. It uses the same holster as a 75 SA.
  13. Just tried this now with no-gap Dawson basepads. The no-gap ones don't fit mec-gar 10 round 9mm mags.
  14. None at all. The only difference between the 17 rounders and the 10 rounders are that the mag body has a small dimple on the 10 rounders so you cannot load passed 10. Otherwise, it's the same mag.
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