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  1. scooterj

    Cheely E-2 Stainless Grip

    Matt did a great job with the texture. It’s rough enough to hold on to you but you can still shift your grip to hit the mag release, if need be. The biggest positive for me is the euro shape and the more vertical angle of the backstrap. My guns index much better than with any other grip that I have tried.
  2. scooterj

    Old timers

    Mid to late 90s. I have one just like it.
  3. scooterj

    CK Arms Open Solution

    The Solution is basically the same as a standard CKARMS Open gun, only upgradable. You can go from bare bones up to a loaded blaster.
  4. scooterj

    Solid AR firing pin retaining pin?

  5. scooterj

    Open Gun Pictures

    Billet S/S parts added. New offerings from CKARMS Comp, slide stop, and shielded ambi safety.
  6. scooterj

    Which Ambi Safety for STI 2011???

    Just finished fitting the safety. Took about 5 minutes with a fine file.
  7. scooterj

    Which trigger is best?

    The shoe is made of aluminum and is easy to cut. Yes, dremel with small sanding drum.
  8. scooterj

    Which trigger is best?

    I had the same problem, until I fixed it. See bottom trigger.
  9. scooterj

    Which trigger is best?

    Are you sure that the rear of the bow isn’t contacting the gip safety tab?
  10. scooterj

    Which Ambi Safety for STI 2011???

    I also have large hands and have to remove material from almost all ambis so the knuckle of my strong hand doesn’t engage the safety while firing.
  11. scooterj


  12. scooterj

    Ck pcc

    Started with the 16” and comp and switched to the 5.5” in March. There’s not much flip to speak of with the 5.5” and the lack of forward weight makes for quicker handling. Another bonus with the Taccom barrel that standard pistol ammo works great. I get no less than 10 power factor points higher with the 16”
  13. scooterj

    Which Ambi Safety for STI 2011???

    CKARMS has a new shielded ambi that is machined from 416 SS.