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  1. scooterj

    Thoughts on long flat trigger

    I have fairly large hands and use a Geppert Convex with material removed from the rear of the shoe to make it even shorter. If possible, try different shapes and lengths before buying what not be right for you.
  2. scooterj

    Newest holsters for open.

    Ghost. Nice and simple
  3. scooterj

    Best PCC trigger?

    Remington is the only primer I have had issue with. Winchester, Federal, CCI, Tula, and Wolf have all been perfect. Yes, 3.5 Flat
  4. scooterj

    Best PCC trigger?

    Almost the same experience with POF. Had a few light strikes with Remington primers. Has been flawless since the switch to Winchester
  5. scooterj

    Cheely E-2 Stainless Grip

    Sorry, sold it just a couple weeks ago.
  6. scooterj

    Best bolt for PCC?

    Been using both Faxon and Stoner with weights removed and MBX buffer system. Both have been issue free.
  7. scooterj

    Hammer falling to half cock

    Did the same with my X-Line because I had it screwed all the way in to get it as short as possible.
  8. scooterj

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    Thanks but I can’t take the credit. That is straight from CKArms’ Facebook page.
  9. scooterj

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    Also available for RTS2 and DPP
  10. scooterj

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    This is the “small hands” version. There’s also an adjustable model.
  11. scooterj

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    If you would rather have the rest built into the mount, CKArms has a new offering.
  12. scooterj

    Looking for lightweight grip alternative

    Matt will warranty the aluminum E-2 even with major PF use.
  13. scooterj

    Aftermarket mag release

    The Odin release fits the New Frontier style lowers, according to their site.
  14. scooterj

    what holster for ck arms metal grip

    I’ve been using a Ghost (newer model without the pin) with my CK grips. No complaints.
  15. scooterj

    Zig Racker on Limited Gun