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  1. Blackwater is stepping into the 2011 arena. https://talkingguns.net/2020/01/13/blackwater-2011s-new-releases-just-in-time-for-shot-show/
  2. Use the code CK19 at checkout and get 5% off. https://blackdotammunition-com.3dcartstores.com/40-SW_c_23.html
  3. Weber Tactical from Shooters Connection
  4. Taccom is my first choice with Wilson running a close second.
  5. scooterj

    Scope help

    Aircooledracer has answered your question, above.
  6. scooterj

    Scope help

    If your C-more has the mounting legs molded into the sight, no, just one side will not work.
  7. CK Arms billet shielded ambi https://ckarms.com/shielded-ambi-safety.html
  8. Mine is much brighter than my V-3
  9. The CKARMS Solution starts at $2750 but upgrades are available
  10. scooterj

    Thumb rest

    CKARMS scope mount with integral, adjustable thumb rest.
  11. CKArms billet shielded ambi. Had a cast safety break and take a nice chunk of skin off my thumb. Won’t do cast again! The CKArms part was very easy to fit.
  12. this isn’t the place for that. That’s definitely a violation of forum rules.
  13. The barrel may be more of a limiting factor than the mags. One of the truncated cone bullets that I used had to be loaded really short until I had the barrel reamed. Be sure to check that along with the mags.
  14. A course in any USPSA match cannot require you so start with gun in weak hand. If you choose to do so, that is your option. Not using a HF, but Seekins and the push button safeties have served me well.
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