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  1. Mine will turn but dot doesn’t move unless the lock is disengaged.
  2. Patriot Cases. Give Brack’s work a look. https://patriotcases.net/product/h15-pistolaccessory-case/
  3. CKARMS makes an adjustable, similar to the DAA and they also make one for small hands that id not adjustable.
  4. The first Dawson pads used the “U-pin”. As mentioned before, Bevin put a stop to Dave using his design. The individual pins are “2nd gen”
  5. https://ckarms.com/shielded-ambi-safety.html
  6. I use a thumb rest as an index point. The new CKARMS scope mount with integral, adjustable rest, fills the bill nicely. I have mine pretty far forward and the angle is pretty flat.
  7. http://blackdotammunition.com/index.html If you use the code CK19 you’ll get 5% off your order.
  8. C-more offers a riser for the RTS2. It can be found on their web site.
  9. There was very little fitting required for the CK I recently installed.
  10. The Swenson is a cast part and I’ve had one break and leave a huge gash in my knuckle. The CK safeties are machined billet.
  11. I just installed a set of the billet sheilded ambis on my open gun. It was a really easy fit. The standard ambis should be the same. I’ve had two cast or MIM safeties break, one cutting my knuckle really bad, will stick with billet from now on.
  12. Matt did a great job with the texture. It’s rough enough to hold on to you but you can still shift your grip to hit the mag release, if need be. The biggest positive for me is the euro shape and the more vertical angle of the backstrap. My guns index much better than with any other grip that I have tried.
  13. Mid to late 90s. I have one just like it.
  14. The Solution is basically the same as a standard CKARMS Open gun, only upgradable. You can go from bare bones up to a loaded blaster.
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