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  1. Bobby isn’t “out of the picture”, he is now an employee of Masterpiece Arms and is building all of the pistols.
  2. The Limcat safety is oversized in nearly every dimension you could imagine. This was not an easy fit.
  3. Milspec trigger - most will change the trigger to what they prefer, so this keeps the price down and there are no UTG parts. Thet are MI.
  4. If you know anything about precision rifle, you know MPA. https://masterpiecearms.com/shop/mpa-ar9-pcc-pistol-caliber-carbine/
  5. https://lauraburgess.com/masterpiece-arms-mpa-unveils-world-class-ds9-hybrid-pistols/
  6. https://lauraburgess.com/masterpiece-arms-mpa-unveils-world-class-ds9-hybrid-pistols/
  7. MPA bought the rights to part of the CKArms line. With the exception of fire control parts, all parts are being made in house between MPA & CKArms shops.
  8. Blackwater is stepping into the 2011 arena. https://talkingguns.net/2020/01/13/blackwater-2011s-new-releases-just-in-time-for-shot-show/
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