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  1. A 40 S&W is in the works and there’s rumor that an open gun may be forthcoming.
  2. I’ve been using it with the heavy spring and have my gun short-stroked. Never an issue in well over two years.
  3. Install the rest as far forward as possible. Use it as an index point instead of a “*thumb rest [generic]*”. The further back it is, the easier it is to oversteer the gun.
  4. Limcat shielded safety
  5. No worries. Bobby didn’t go anywhere. He’s there if you were to need him.
  6. JP triggers have given me excellent results in my PCCs and have never had an issue in my rifles.
  7. Bobby isn’t “out of the picture”, he is now an employee of Masterpiece Arms and is building all of the pistols.
  8. The Limcat safety is oversized in nearly every dimension you could imagine. This was not an easy fit.
  9. Milspec trigger - most will change the trigger to what they prefer, so this keeps the price down and there are no UTG parts. Thet are MI.
  10. If you know anything about precision rifle, you know MPA. https://masterpiecearms.com/shop/mpa-ar9-pcc-pistol-caliber-carbine/
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