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  1. CCI #450 Small Rifle Magnum Primers in-stock RIGHT NOW @ https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/cci-primers Limit 1K primers per purchase: free ship-to-store to any Cabelas or Bass Pro Shop. Use code "STOREPICKUP5" for 5% if shipping to store.
  2. Gunbroker has auctions in that range regularly apparently.
  3. I've also recently been turned on to the reloading discord's notification feature and it's solid; snagged up 2K CCI SPP about 20 minutes ago.
  4. That has got to be some scalper-trolling going on, probably just people just bidding it up for s#!ts and giggles without any intention of actually paying if I had to guess. There are plenty of SPP available at the $150-$300 per 1K price range, can't imagine anyone is actually paying $500 per 1K (yet.... LOL!).
  5. Should be able to snag some—CMJ is much easier to get a hold of than JHP due to the demand being significantly less. I've seen CMJ stay in stock for a few hours while JHP never lasted more than 10 minutes when I caught 'em.
  6. Fair enough, if you're only looking to buy lower quantities, then PD is indeed cheaper. I hadn't noticed, as I always buy in whatever increment necessary to achieve the lowest cost-per-round figure, which is 3750 rounds when it comes to MG 124gr 9mm JHP's. MG has a best-achievable-price of $0.096 CPR -vs- PD's best-achievable-price of $0.11175 CPR. I don't blame PD for a instituting a price increase; they've been (and still are) selling out within minutes and cannot even come close to keeping up with demand—businesses exist to make money. As a consumer though, I'm obvio
  7. Whoops I bought 1000, not a case. Wouldn't have wanted more since their price is far inferior to MG now after the recent price hike. Picked some up have for self-defense loads since the MG's are a target specific round and don't have optimal expansion characteristics.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Bought a case.
  9. Damn, sorry to hear that. The two times I've managed to grab a few cases, they've all been within the 2:00pm - 3:00pm window. @SeattleDude did say that one of the restocks he caught was at 1:21pm, so it looks like you'll just have to widen the timeframe you're monitoring the site if you want to be sure to catch it. @ImpactDoc PD 124gr 9mm JHP's just restocked and still currently available:
  10. Thanks much! Didn't get an email notification this time around that 9mm JHP's were restocked, I guess one has to pay attention to the website and catch them quick.
  11. If you don't mind my asking, how much did it come out, cents-per-round?
  12. What caliber/grain did you purchase? Just curious.
  13. Placed an order for 12K+ projectiles from Montana Gold yesterday evening at around 1730 EST, order shipped 15 hours later at 0800 EST. Quick turnaround!
  14. Montana Gold restocked 124gr JHP's, 124gr CMJ's, and 147gr CMJ's at 5:34pm EST this afternoon (10/19). Both CMJ's are still currently in stock as of this post. I managed to grab 3x cases of the 124gr JHP's, looks like they completely sold out within 4 minutes of being listed. I'm debating grabbing a whole lot more next time around just to be set and done for the next few years... also have a feeling that the Precision Delta 124gr JHP's are never coming back down to the 8.6 CPR pricepoint, making them not worth waiting around for as long as MG's are available. Edit: Grabbed an a
  15. That's pretty awesome, I'm sure the $$$ savings certainly are. I'm new to reloading & recreational shooting in general, so it is just a personal preference of mine to go with the cookie-cutter, tried and true combination of JHP + slow powder in order to minimize the amount of grief I give myself while going through the learning curve of reloading and tuning a load to fit my gun.
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