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  1. Black Friday sale was +2 additional barrels for free (so 3 total barrels included without any extra charge from the base pricing).
  2. Avid NLHE player here; can't make it tonight, but down for future tournies!
  3. Welcome. I'm also from NJ and just getting into competition shooting, see you at a match sometime once things return to normal.
  4. @iflyskyhigh I just got a reply from SW. They are sending me replacement jugs of powder and prepaid shipping labels to send back my 314 lots.
  5. Good looks @SeattleDude, thanks for sharing your findings!
  6. Care to share the names of the "2 outfits"?
  7. Checkout the info provided by @SeattleDude in this thread for more info on the 314 lot issues and contact email for SW: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/268366-9mm-major-data-shooters-world-major-pistol-powder/page/9/
  8. @SeattleDude was able to get his 314 lots exchanged for 115 lots. I'm trying to do the same, but I have yet to hear back after a week; sent a followup email 2 days ago so hopefully I get a response tomorrow.
  9. I think its likely that you have a slow lot if its taking you 10.6gr to make PF with a 5" barrel, 2x popple holes, and a 124gr bullet at 1.165" OAL. Especially if it is a KKM barrel, as those are known to be amongst the fastest-shooting, while SV barrels are known to be slower-shooting. The lot number is located to the right of the red "CAUTION": The last 3 digits indicate the lot number. I believe the different lot numbers in circulation as of recent are 314, 514, and 115.
  10. What bullet are you using and which lot of SWMP? 115gr? If you have lot 314 of SWMP, know that it shoots slower-than-normal. I have a bunch of it and am currently waiting on a response from SW to my request to exchange it for a different lot.
  11. Gotcha. Try some M&P specific forums, AR15.com, and Armslist.
  12. This is pretty niche, but if you're selling a 1911 variant, I highly recommend the classifieds section of the forums on www.1911addicts.com I had my Dan Wesson 1911 listed on gun broker, armslist, ar15.com, and here for about 1+ month and didn't really get any traction. It sold within 24 hours when I listed it on 1911addicts. Be aware that there is a 3-week or so probationary period before an account is able to use the classifieds section over there, in addition to a 20 post minimum requirement.
  13. Glad to hear they took care of you and replaced the 314 with 115. Let us know how 115 performs for you. I'm still waiting to hear back after requesting a replacement non-314 lot.
  14. It must be 314, I think everyone else who has reported slow powder on the forums had a 314 lot.
  15. @zzt No worries, thanks for putting me in touch! Very reasonable price for fully processed single-headstamp; just put in an order for 9K from him while I wait my turn on A+ Brass' waitlist for some cheaper mixed-headstamp / cleaned-n-polished-only.
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