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  1. Was in contact with a Mark 7 rep to place an order for an Evo, and asked about the ETA of the new Oscillating Automated Primer Collator. Here's what I heard back: "We are hoping the new priming system will be ready by late June early July, but that can change at any time with the current situation. I was told it was going to be an MSRP of $499.99 but I am not sure."
  2. I reached out to them with a question via the "contact us" form on their website yesterday, and received a reply this morning from someone.
  3. Cheers, I appreciate it. I'm in Cliffside Park up in Bergen County.
  4. So I never ended up getting a call back or voicemail from either Graf's or Midsouth, but did see that Powder Valley restocked SWMP sometime in the past 24 hours. Took the plunge and bought a ton of the 8lb'ers, will update here with a lot number once I receive them. Also sending an email to Shooter's World to ask if the issue of slower-than-usual Major Pistol was resolved, and if so, starting at which lot number.
  5. Looks like they've added even more powder in the past 24 hours. I was trying to pick up some SWMP powder with my bulk order of Federal SPM primers on Friday (April 3rd), and they were completely out of stock on the SWMP. Decided to just buyout all their remaining Federal SPM at the time; low and behold, after checking again today before buying them for a worse price from Graf's, Powder Valley now has SWMP in stock! Bought out all the 8lb'ers just now... still 14x 1lb'ers remaining as of this post.
  6. Cheers, thanks! I definitely plan on making the rounds and checking out as many clubs and matches as I can once things are back to normal. Slowly amassing reloading components for the time being...
  7. Good to know, thanks! Do you know if they have an issue with JHP's being used? I'm from East Brunswick originally and plan on checking things out at Old Bridge once the virus situation settles down.
  8. @jrdoran & @waktasz, do either of you find that there are bullet-type or velocity restrictions with regard to shooting steel in NJ/PA/CT area matches/clubs? I've decided to shoot Open in USPSA and will subsequently be working on load development for 9mm Major. Definitely looking to shoot SC as well, as a way to get more trigger time and just shoot more in general. Although SC doesn't have PF requirements, I'd prefer to just shoot the same 9mm major load in SC for the sake of getting intimately familiar with the one load. Plan on using PD JHP's in either 115gr or 124gr loaded to major PF, was wondering if that would be an issue at certain SC matches?
  9. I have a manual Mark 7 Evo on order. I'd be interested in posting a review on a full set of dies; shot you a PM.
  10. Really digging the undercut on the LSI grip right beneath the trigger guard! Has anyone found themselves opposed to this particular feature ergonomically? I havn't got a chance to hold an LSI yet, but I'm thinking this is what I'd go with for a future custom build.
  11. Damn, I would have jumped on that to skip the wait. Still waiting on the next "+2 free barrels" sale to place an order through the PT Race Shop.
  12. I cannot second this enough. I developed some terrible tendinitis on a deployment 2 years ago in my left elbow and a milder case in my right; the same exercises shown in the video are what our physical therapists recommended in addition to some thera-band work and they've been game changers for me in both fixing my elbow issues and keeping them away ever since.
  13. I'm looking to order from Grafs here shortly, good to know that it's a more recent lot (assuming 102219 = Oct 22 2019, and 112219 = November 22 2019). Hopefully your 8-pounder works out well!
  14. Thanks for the info. It seems at least 1-2 other forums members posted similar experiences with that lot number. @hurley326, I'm wondering if you received a more recently produced lot than the notoriously slow 102219 314 lot? I just contacted Graf's and Midsouth to ask what lot numbers they currently have in stock; both said they would give me a call back later this afternoon with an answer. I'll post an update here once they do.
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