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  1. MIne arrived yesterday. I can not wait to try it.
  2. I was able to contact him and he pointed me in the right direction.
  3. Does any one have one of these they would sell? I just broke the lower lug off my sv barrel.
  4. Is anyone running one of these on an open gun?
  5. I was at Nationals and shot the stage we are now discussing. The left and right targets from the front were set up so one was available longer than the other. Not equal like in the diagram. I was standing there talking with one of the RM's we were talking about the new classifiers in the match. I mentioned how I thought this one would be hard to reproduce because of all the angles and walls. He told me close is good enough. They don't expect them to be perfect. I have set up quite a few classifiers over the years. I use a tape or two and measure stuff out. Once everything is in place I have discovered somehow we managed to miss the mark and the stage is a bit crooked. Not due to lack of effort. They way the measure from edge to edge is bad for us. Our target stands only have on stick in the center.
  6. The motor has zero markings on it.
  7. My pal has stopped working it appears the motor has died. Has anyone sourced out a replacement? Its a sad day on the reloading bench.
  8. My DAA belt has done the exact same thing. I had to use duct tape to keep the ends secured this weekend. I almost lost my rig running through the stage.
  9. I posted the picture above. During the walkthrough I had to tell a guy he could not shoot at those targets from where he was planning on doing it. He was standing down range and shooting back up range. He was not shooting at the back of a target the front was easily seen. People do strange stuff after the timer goes off. I have seen muzzles when folks move right to left. I have seen some crazy stuff on retreat stages. Do we really want to set stuff up to encourage someone to shoot behind the 180?
  10. The targets on the left of the screen could be seen from the right side of the screen. The shooter is blocking a plate from our view. The targets on the right side of the screen are close to the 180. The two targets on the left are easily seen with the plate and the other two targets. I had to tell a couple of guys you could not shoot at the left targets from the right side of the screen. If you stood at the edge of the right wall they looked like one array. The MD was shown prior to the match. This stage had two places where targets beyond the 180 presented themselves to shooters and because of the way the stage was set up they looked like they were available to shoot.
  11. Our difference is I want to set a safe course of fire up that minimizes the chances of a safety violation. I look for trip hazards sure its the shooters responsibility to not trip and fall. I try to help them out by keeping stuff out of the way. I cover up targets that could be seen past the 180. I don't want to have a shooter do something against the rules that could get someone hurt or cause a round to leave the range.
  12. What do you think he said? I am pretty sure he thinks its the shooter's responsibility to not break the safety rules. I think the rules say the stage designers need to design safe stages. I don't want to put a target out that would cause someone to shoot up range in the heat of the moment. I was just at a match where several targets were placed in a position that allowed a shooter to easily see them beyond the 180. They should have been blocked. During the walkthrough, I had to tell someone they could not shoot at them from where they were planning. If I would not have noticed he would have been shooting up range until the ro stopped him. Why set something up to test that.
  13. You could shoot that from the end of the stage.
  14. I didn't miss his point. He said if you do it you get the DQ. So I thought he was alright if someone shot up range because they would get a DQ. I would rather set a stage up so that was less likely to happen.
  15. So you are ok if someone launches a round up range?
  16. Why did you ditch the DAA ? Which one were you using?
  17. How do you sort through all that?
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