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  1. The video does not really show anything.
  2. Are the cups a little deeper than the Sordins?
  3. Have any of you tried the ear pro from Safariland out?
  4. I have the Platinum level. Shooting open I double up. I take the muffs of between stages. If I am just shooting my sig I do not need the extra set of muffs.
  5. I do not understand why sig released the max and the xl. The xl glass is big. I have a max mounted up now I will look at the XL next.
  6. I thought this person was indicating Limcat won last years limited nationals.
  7. JJ shot an Atlas gun in the limited match.
  8. Do you know what the difference is between holding a handgun in a two handed left hand grip or a two handed right hand grip? Not much other then which finger is on the trigger so just move the gun in front of the correct eye.
  9. I am interested to hear why you like it better.
  10. MIne arrived yesterday. I can not wait to try it.
  11. I was able to contact him and he pointed me in the right direction.
  12. Does any one have one of these they would sell? I just broke the lower lug off my sv barrel.
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