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  1. WIll they work for idpa with the stock magwell on the 17 round mag?

    Six x5

    This is my first attempt at IDPA. Surely someone must have set up an X5 with IDPA in mind.

    Six x5

    I just bought the X5 and want to set it up for IDPA CO. What is the most gamer set up allowed on these?
  4. I am sorry to hear this.
  5. I see you just fixed it. I would leave it and count it. Unless you bring a survey crew out to the range to run the tape and check all the angles something is always out of wack. I have set up countless classifies my goal is to be perfect I hardly ever am.
  6. I doubt anyone gets the set up correct. What was wrong with the setup?
  7. I set the unit up with fresh batteries on a no blue sky range. The range has baffle supports running down the center and poured concrete walls. I have 25 yrds. It was super cold. I set up like I normally do aiming the unit, I ended up with some crazy readings 100 fps variations. I am sure its the unit and not the ammo. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Downloading and maintaining rulebooks on all the soring equipment sounds like a pain. Most range debates require more than one rule book. I like working out a paper rulebook when I am looking back and forth between multiple rules. I like the print on demand option someone suggested.
  9. No Open shooters in your state?
  10. The ball acts like a wedge to expand the mount into the base. It is not used in the same way on the racemaster stuff.
  11. Did you have to adjust the swage sense? Mine will not trigger when a primer gets pulled back in.
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