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  1. It says 5' at shoulders, no matter what the picture looks like.
  2. I can assure you that the chrono guys at the LIII and above will ensure it is right at the 10' mark, +/- 1-2'. Out of all the years I've been to matches, I've never seen a chrono over 15' and that was due to the terrain where it was located at.
  3. I do not see it as harsh, it's just the rules. If you are a Production shooter, you have to remember those things. The first thing you should ask is about is the start position if you don't hear it while the WSB is being read. You could always start in Open and never have to worry about it Then again, you can always just start with 10 and again, never have to worry about it. A procedural is given when you don't follow a procedure, something told to do that you follow mostly while shooting the CoF. If you don't meet a division requirement, you are just not in that division anymore and it's not fair to all the others who follow the requirements.
  4. Not to be a smarta$$ but have you read the rule book? It is in the appendix, section Appendix B2 and B3. Basically, the metric is either the entire upper A zone or 25% of the lower A zone. See the diagram for the Classic target measurements but must have 25% of A zone available.
  5. I had a WSM once and felt it was not very secure. I moved to a Guga, then RaceMaster, then to Limcat. These three are awesome and all are very secure once locked in. All have a few small differences but I like the Limcat the best for the draw and security. However, what Eric said above is very true. You don't need a "speed" holster, a DOH type will function just as well, is very secure, and draw speeds should be just about identical.
  6. Correct, just merely stating that it is not mandatory in that situation and I've had to rule on that in matches. And I agree with the kick to the nuts as well
  7. If you start outside, the per-shot procedural does not kick in yet...
  8. Because Open is just too much fun!
  9. The one thing I really don't like about the 1050 is the warranty. I've gotten so used to the lifetime warranty on the other presses that I would be pissed to break parts and have to pay for them
  10. I can't wait for PCC to start officially, it will be great for everyone! Sent from the range
  11. Thanks to Dan for a great match! You did a great job brother! Thanks to JABS Steel and Precision Tactical for sponsoring the match along with all the stage and other sponsors. Finally, the RO crew was great! Looking forward to working with you all next year. Sent from the range
  12. If he was talking about $2400 CANADIAN, then that's about $1770 US. Since they do charge more in Canada than comparable models here, that's probably about right.
  13. Can you give us any examples of clubs that went to the board and requested exceptions and what exceptions they requested? Thanks PS - I'm not disagreeing with you since 3.3 and affiliation rules are pretty clear on this.
  14. I looked all over also and couldn't find one, ordered it from Brownells eventually. Sent from the Range
  15. I guess you think someone already did. Production, CO, SS minor, have you written your AD to get these neutered divisions out of USPSA? Sounds like you are for PCC. I am more accurate with higher PF bullets and more speed than my neutered 9mm. So PCC makes me better and closer to your ideal of DVC. Thanks for the support, that is a great argument for PCC. You forgot 8 shot revolver too [emoji2] The DVC argument doesn't hold water as it is really meant to keep minor with minor and major with major rewarding the major PF more points. PCC would compete at equal PF level so let's move on with more important senseless arguing [emoji12] Go Panthers! Sent from the range