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Forgetting things

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How many here have forgot something vital

ill go first

when j was new i dryfired like now but left my gun in dryfire area

was so excited to go to a new club drove two hours had everything i needed 

went to go get my gun


luckily had a great older buddy let me shoot his open gun

i didnt shoot as well due to it bein so foreign but after driving 2.5hrs i was very greatful to him letting me use his guns and ammo

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I used to endurance race horses, I worked rotating shifts, so basically had everything loaded up , tack, gear, food, hay etc.  truck hooked up to trailer all ready to roll a few days prior., ride was about an 8 hour drive.
Worked my last shift got home at 1 am plan was to catch a nap and roll out pre dawn..
Got up headed out rolling down driveway,, looked over and my horse was standing in pasture looking at me.

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I recently went to a monthly club match about 1.5 hours away from where I live. The day before I did what most all of us do; clean gun, check parts, mags and rig, empty range bag to make sure I have everything, reload range bag accordingly. I had been shooting indoor matches in the weeks prior, so my sunglasses were not in my bag and I didn't think to put them in with my other glasses. We get to the match (hammer down at 9am) and I see that all 8 bays are facing directly into the sun. I think to myself "no worries, I've got my sunglasses" (no I don't). After realizing I left them at home, a friend of mine on my squad offers to let me wear a pair of his Hunters HD Gold glasses, only one catch...they're prescription. I'm not one to turn down a challenge, so I put them on 15 mins prior to start to make sure I can see and move safely. I'm g2g, so I then shot all 8 stages without a hitch. 


(disclosure: This was the day that I learned that I need glasses) 

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