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  1. There is a lot of great info here, but, I must say it sort of makes me glad I’m shooting a Glock. It may be a bit more forgiving. But, I’ll also say that as I get ready to load a new bullet I haven’t used before, I will reread this info and learn from your experience. I only use OEM Glock mags, and I know there is variance there too. But there is a lot of other great info I should have been doing right along. Thanks.
  2. Or, you could just drop by with all of your components and “test drive” one of their machines every now and then…
  3. Yes, I noticed that too. I tried to find a 2” long torch but without any luck. I ended up switching to a Trijicon SRO, so it didn’t matter, but now that I think about it I have another one coming that will get a Holosun, so I need to start looking again.
  4. I totally understand, but I don’t plan to switch sights unless they break. I think the MOS system is great for Glock, and marketing because they can make one product that works across many red dot platforms. But I’ve come to learn (a little too late) that it’s not the best thing for a competitor that knows what sight he wants to install. If I were to do it again, I’d get a regular slide and have it milled for the dot I wanted.
  5. why do you need to keep removing the sight??? I’m getting ready to use red loctite on mine to keep them from loosening up. I wouldn’t plan to remove it unless it breaks.
  6. i don’t recall actually asking for help, I was just curious, as I am about a lot of things. I’ve run 9mm ammo from 1.03x up to 1.160 over the years. I believe that OAL primarily affects reliability, but most very does have some affect on accuracy, velocity, etc. I really wasn’t trying to be a wise ass or anything, I was just curious. Good thing I’m not a cat, huh??? editing: ok, I just went back and re-read my original post, and I guess it does sound like I’m asking for help, so my bad. Sorry about that. I was more curious than I was asking for help, even though it might not read that way.
  7. No, my question was about the OAL that you all are using. Not what I will be using. I have no problem coming up with an OAL. I was just curious what everyone else was doing. I’ve always used Berry’s RN for my 9mm loads for over 10 years and have just recently switched to JHP Bullets. I always wonder, mostly out of curiosity, what others are doing, and sometimes I let it influence what I do based on the data.
  8. Ha, no doubt I will chrono the load in all our pistols before churning out any quantity of ammo. I expect to end up with an OAL between 1.05-1.15 but haven’t given it any serious thought yet. I was just wondering what the rest of you were doing. right now I have the “processing” toolhead on and am working through some brass while I ponder my next steps. I’m also still looking at that bucket of about 150 rounds I loaded without primers and wondering when I should start pulling them now that the collet puller has arrived. Nah, I think I’ll just put those aside for a few months…
  9. Cuz


    In that case, I wouldn’t give him the pleasure of letting him know I cared about his shirt, and if it happened when my kids were just starting to shoot USPSA at age 12 it would become a teaching moment that we would discuss after the match.
  10. Now you’re talking Mark, I like the sound of that, LOL. And here I was just hoping for maybe free shipping and no sales tax added on. :)
  11. Ha, I don’t do steel challenge. For me it’s some USPSA and mostly knockdown steel that isn’t always calibrated, so I like the 129-135 PF loads.
  12. Hey all, I'm just getting started on a couple of cases of 9mm Montana Gold 124gr JHP bullets and was wondering what you are all using for an OAL? I just went through a few thousand of the Precision Delta 124gr JHP bullets loaded to 1.086" and had great results. Without any adjustments to the press, I loaded a handful of the MG bullets and they were about 1.09x". I can certainly load them like that and not have to worry about going back and forth between those two bullet brands as availability permits. I shoot mostly Glocks, with an occasional STI, and Ruger PCC thrown into the mix. The plunk test isn't really a factor as just about any length will plunk. I do want to keep them under 1.125" to prevent any issues with the Taylor Freelance Goliath base pad I use for the PCC. Anyway, I was just wondering what you were all loading to for OAL with this bullet. My only previous experience with Montana Gold was about 12 years ago when I shot .40 cal in Limited. As a point of reference, I'm using 3.9gr of TiteGroup to get me anywhere from 129-135 PF depending on which Glock or the STI that I chrono. Thanks, -Cuz
  13. I don’t know why it never seemed to bother me on my 550, but for some reason, pulling the handle on the 1100 got old after about a month.
  14. Always thinking about everything Mark, mostly I do way too much thinking and end up over-complicating everything. My current plan is not to use anything to monitor the powder drop. However, with that said, I do have an endoscope saved in my Amazon list based on other threads here, so that is subject to change at any moment. I definitely will NOT use a powder check die, so it will be a camera or nothing. And, now that you've got me thinking about it (again), I'm pretty sure I'll order the camera long before I'm able to get my hands on an autodrive since nobody seems to have them and Mark 7 says 4-8 weeks for delivery.
  15. I know just about everyone is in favor of the swage sense on their autodrives. But am I correct in assuming it’s only function is to stop the press if a primer didn’t get ejected? I know it will also detect a small primer hole in 45acp too, but I’m talking about just 9mm pistol brass. My pre-processing head has 3 decapping dies and I’m about to add a 4th in the form of the Lee undersize die when it comes in. My loading toolhead Will also have one, so I just don’t think a primer not getting ejected is going to be an issue. As far as the extra maintenance with two passes, I wonder about that too. I’ve processed a few thousand cases, and the press hardly looks dirty at all, and when I switch to loading ammo, I expect the press to cycle much smoother because the brass will already be sized. I don’t expect any powder spillages. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.
  16. I’m planning to buy an autodrive for my RL 1100 press. I see that Ben Stoeger, Double Alpha, and Mark 7 reloading all sell them. Is there a “preferred” place to buy them? Does anyone have them in stock? Are there any discount codes or sales on the near term horizon that I can take advantage of? Thanks.
  17. I agree, and think 2 pass loading eliminates the need for some of the sensors. If you’re automated, 2 passes is easy. It’s a bit more of a pain if your pulling the handle, as I’ve recently pulled the handle more than 500 times and I don’t have a loaded round to show for it. im planning to add an undersize die at the end of the processing run which will offer yet another chance to decap any primers that make it past the other two decappers. im hoping that will make the losing pass super smooth.
  18. Great timing to revive this thread. I shoot less than 10k rounds a year, and recently upgraded from a 550 to the 1100, mostly for convenience. After only a couple of months with the 1100, and I think I’m ready to automate, mostly to save wear on my aging body.
  19. Wow, I can’t believe I never thought of this. And to think, for the last 8 or 9 years, since I got my digital scale, I’ve been using the little pan, taring that, then dumping in the powder to weigh it, then dumping it back into the case. Who would have thought it could be so much simpler. I love it when I get a great tip that comes out of left field when I’m researching something totally unrelated. Thanks!
  20. Ive only recently acquired one SRO and like it, but I’m also using the Holosun HS507C on multiple other guns and like that as an alternative. I definitely like the SRO better.
  21. Ok, thanks, so I guess the way around it would be to tell the press to stop after 100 rounds, which would be annoying. The low primer sensor is only $30 so that one, and the remote stop button are reasonably priced. with 2 pass processing for pistol ammo, and virtually 100% decapping during the first pass, I think those are the only options I will need to get started.
  22. Sorry, I meant 2 passes, but on the first “processing” pass there would be a total of 3 decapping dies installed in Stations 2, 6, and 7.
  23. Does 2 pass reloading eliminate the need for the swage sensor? on the first pass to process 9mm brass, I will have an FW Arms Popper decapper in station 2, and then a Lee sizing/decapping die in stage 6, and a Dillon size/decapping die in station 7. Thats 3 decapping attempts for each case, not to mention that when I actually load the ammo I’ll have a Dillon size/decap die in station 2. Heck I may even add a Lee undersize die to the last station on the processing run if I think it’s needed. These sensors significantly add to the cost. I think I’ll start slow and watch everything. I’m not really trying to get more speed than I can load by hand cranking, I’m just trying to save my arm from having to do all the cranking. The remote stop button is about the only extra I think may be essential as it’s faster than trying to hit the stop button on the tablet when you don’t have any depth perception…
  24. Ok, after processing about 500 rounds on my 1100, I don’t think I can hold out until winter to order an autodrive pro. Can anyone confirm if it comes with a low primer sensor or is it extra? I know they sell one for $30, but I thought I read somewhere that it already had one included. I figure if I’m going to use 3 passes to load 9mm, I think I can skip any sensors to start with to minimize costs. But I would like it to stop on its own when the primers are low. I do plan to get the $30 remote stop button and plan to stay and monitor the press while it’s running.
  25. BlueTooth??? Sorry, couldn’t resist. :)
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