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  1. Steve Anderson's podcast has some good information on dry fire and shot calling.
  2. Does it effect your reloading? If so you could talk to your optometrist about graduated lenses - the top half or 2/3 for distance and the bottom for up close. It is not perfect for me but it has been a good compromise as my eyes continue to deteriorate. If within the rules you could also try marking the inside of the magwell to draw your eyes to the correct spot.
  3. Were you really calling your shots? If so why did you leave 2 mikes? Sounds like your conscious thoughts were about speed instead of visual patience to see what you need to.
  4. I went to a match which was all mini targets a few years ago, maybe 10 or 12 stages. It was advertised as such and it was great fun but would not want to do it all the time. It is not unusual to have a stage or 2 with mini targets in matches I attend.
  5. Thanks, that is a great resource.
  6. Has anyone had any success making major in 9 mm using 124 gr plated projectiles and Alliant Blue Dot?
  7. In my IPSC section juniors and those 70 and over shoot matches for free. If I remember correctly it was raised as a motion at an AGM.
  8. This was just a small club match, 15 competitors. The guys that set up the stage ran it and the shooter then helped to reset the stage ready for the next person. One of the guys had attended a major match many years ago with a similar stage It was a novelty, we had fun and did it in good faith, I don’t believe anyone gave away any details. There was also some additional plates and poppers in a different colour (no additional points or penalties) and a few people shot them too.
  9. I shot a stage like this on the weekend. The range has a defined path, which I have been on many times, and there is a reasonable distance from start to finish, maybe 35-40 metres or so, but you don’t need to think about how to get to the end of the stage, just run. I don’t think I could actually shoot the stage much faster but I did FTE a target I overlooked which cost a lot of points however that target was the only one I could not shoot on the move and would take some time to post up and shoot. There was a lot more vision barriers than usual and there was an oh crap moment when I went pas
  10. RO: Load and make ready Shooter: *makes ready but forgets to chamber a round* RO: *takes no action* Shooter: Hey, I’m ready RO: *takes no action* Shooter: ...
  11. New pin and/or extractor spring will fix it
  12. The safety should not be easy to engage if you have your strong hand thumb on top of it
  13. See the post by GregT, new torx screws. You might need a new mount if the holes in the mount are flogged out.
  14. Possibly a slam fire due to a high primer
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