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  1. Possibly a slam fire due to a high primer
  2. Metal or plastic? I have heard there can be issues with richochets particularly if the bullet hits the inside of the rim at the top of metal barrels.
  3. Try contacting Robin Sebo at Sebo Weapons, he may be able to help.
  4. YouTube video on how to fit it
  5. The Czechmate is based on the CZ Tactical Sport (TS) frame which is slightly larger than the CZ 75. This is noticeable in the size of the grip when comparing the 2. The trigger on the Czechmate is SA so will not compare to a DA CZ 75 even in SA mode. The trigger is quite light from the factory, with a little bit of pre-travel (pre-travel and over travel are adjustable).
  6. If the RO’s don’t call the first 1-3 shooters forward to the front of the queue just before the the walk through starts then usually I or one of the other competitors will. The rest of the competitors now know who they are and I have yet to see anyone object when the first couple of shooters on a stage finish a walk through and then ask to cut to the front of the queue again and start another walk through. Common courtesy really and as they say, what goes around comes around.
  7. My range is usually pretty dry and dusty with fine gravel. After a stage I do a quick visual check to see if it looks like the inside of the mag has picked up a coating of dust and then a quick shake to see if I can hear if there is any fine gravel inside. I keep one one of these brushes in my range bag so I can them a quick clean if needed.
  8. Thanks for the tip, will do.
  9. Yes pretty regularly actually. Something is wrong if it is bouncing around dude. Your belt, holster and gun should be solid.
  10. I use a cheap shower cap and have it in my range bag all the time. It also has the benefit of keeping the gun dry not just the lense. I cannot see how how the shower cap could have released the lock without some interference being applied to the lock. It would need to have been bumped at some time (maybe when putting the shower cap on) or the elastic of the cap somehow wrapped around the lock and then the cap stretched in the direction of the release. Maybe it got caught on something that was off your body? Anyway it is something to be aware of, glad it did not end up on the ground.
  11. There are at least 3 different barrel types,
  12. Check the crimp and OAL. RN or HP projectile?
  13. I hope that is a dummy round ;) I would shorten the OAL, I prefer less than 1.130. I also run a factory recoil spring.
  14. Was the follower actually jammed (i.e. you had to disassemble the max to fix it) or were the rounds just sticking in the mag (i.e. they feed properly/better if the mag is shaken or if you press down on the rounds in the mag)? These are the things I would try: 1. Ensure your mags are clean - get a mag cleaning brush if you do not have one 2. Check your OAL - I prefer less than 1.130 for feeding reliability 3. Stop using case lube if you are using it 4. Can you replicate the problem by thumbing the rounds from the Mags? Load the mags and leave them for a few hours or overnight and try again. If the rounds are not rising positively, replace the mag springs 5. Number your magazines to see if you can isolate the problem to a particular mag/mags
  15. Do the rounds go off when you try them a second time? If the primers are high the first strike can be sufficient to seat them fully and then they fire the next time. Individually check a batch of test rounds to make sure the primers are fully seated and chamber check them before firing them. Also have someone else try your gun to see if it is your grip.
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