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I am interested in purchasing a range cart mainly for USPSA pistol shooting. It must be collapsable to fit in the trunk of a car. Having the optional ability to carry 2 long guns and a modest amount of gear, along with the range bag would be great also. The carts I have been finding so far have been junk, or too elaborate and expensive for me. I am getting too old to keep carrying a range bag with 300 rds of 230 gr 45's, plus any gear for cold or foul weather.

Any opinions, photo's or vendor links would be appreciated. My targeted maximum price would be around $250.

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been using this one for the past few years, excellent cart. can hold a ton of weight. big wheels are excellent in most range terrain.

Hello: I am using the same cart as well and it is great. Folds up very flat and fit in the trunk of my Jetta Sedan. Very well made in the USA and is holding up well for yard work also. Mine is about 2 years old. Going to make a insert for sporting clays for the long guns. Thanks, Eric

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Jogger stroller and ATV racks is the way to go. find one that the backrest folds back and drop a big tupperwear tub in there and you have space for gear, ammo tools and anything else you might need on the range. All in for $60 bucks with a good find on craigslist.

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