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  1. Radway Green is British Military Arsenal. I have only used their 7.62x51 brass and while a little heavier it is excellent. I would imagine that the 5.56 brass is good too. I suggest weighing LC/WCC?FC against it.
  2. I was running a 16lb'er but the slide started to perculate on ejection and wouldn't close the slidem until I thumbed it. I can't complain though, it has over 50000 rds on it - the original spring from STI. I only had an 18lb Wilson Combat spring so in it went, runs as it should.
  3. As far as the Case Pro is concerned, do not lube the cases because it's friction that allows it to work correctly - the cases rolling. Use lube and the case will skid and not roll. Forgot to add no to roll sizing loaded ammo - an accident waiting to happen.
  4. My STI Trojan (45)and my STI Ranger II (9mm) both have ramped barrels. The 45 never had first round feed issues but the 9mm's feed issued were magazine related.
  5. My wifes 34 had weak ejection and I replace the extractor plunger spring. Cured.
  6. No, the mag release on a MkII is a heal release and the MkIII is a thumb release ala 1911.
  7. I only knew him from here, sad. Condolences to his family. RIP Bubber.
  8. 1050 for 9mm, 38Sp, 40S&W and 45ACP. No priming issues.
  9. Look at page 21 of the owners manual. https://dilloncdn.com/manuals/dillon-rl1050-manual-english.pdf It looks right.
  10. RePete

    PCC in IDPA

    As I've said before, there are too many secret rules that no one knows about. Lack of communication.
  11. I must change what I said in the above post. The Hornady died on the 03 June, I was urinated off. Hornady have 3, 2 of which are too small (smaller than the old unit) and a larger one that will take a 16" AR upper, nice but too large for me. I ended up getting a Lyman TurboSonic 6000. So far it works well.
  12. It doesn't change that it goes against the Founding Concepts. I've been saying that they shouldn't be legal because they are too stiff and that you wouldn't wear them on the street for 10 or so years.
  13. Tried mine today and they worked perfectly. Happy with the purchase.
  14. That goes against the Founding Concepts of IDPA. "Participation in IDPA matches requires the use of handguns, holsters and other equipment suitable for concealed carry self-defense. With that in mind, and keeping the shooters' best interests in mind, IDPA's founders established equipment requirements that are based on commonly available firearms and gear, allowing individuals the opportunity to compete with minimal investment."
  15. You put the vest on to go to the line and when you are finished shooting you take it off.
  16. You could use a Hawaian shirt, some people use 511 vest, I use a Woolrich vest but they are difficult to find as they are no longer made.
  17. Glock frames for as long as I've owned the cleaner and zero issues.
  18. I completely strip the 1911's, Glocks, Rugers, SIG, and revolvers and clean it all in the cleaner using the Lyman Steel Solution. I run the cleaner, generally for 30 mins with the heat on, sometimes longer.
  19. Check out Uniqueteks' US made cleaners. https://www.uniquetek.com/product/T1357-6
  20. US =ultra sonic. My bad.
  21. Most of them appear to be made in China now, including Hornady and Lyman.
  22. I use an older Hornady US clear (metal case) for 10 years and still working fine. Good quality and not breaking the bank don't seem to go together when it comes to US cleaners. From all that I have read, the cheap ones calve in 2-5 years and most of the goods one damn near need a second mortgage.
  23. To be quite honest, I've never seen the need for a mag well on a Glock. The opening is large enough and I have never missed the hole.
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