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  1. Can we see the distribution for each class? @malobukov Median doesn't tell the whole story and is a bit misleading.
  2. A XP spring fixed my identical issue without a reamed chamber. An XP spring with one coil cut did not. I think you are reaching if you think the reamed chamber fixes the extraction issue stated in these six pages.
  3. While it is obviously overshadowed by the higher price, it is nice that the pro has the different drop assembly. The larger brass piece seems to cure the dropper being stuck. Hopefully that will move down to the regular MBF product as well. Anyway, my regular MBF's drop fine with the hair-tie mod.
  4. This video - sorry for the music - I made before I tried to load anything on it just taking a closer look at stuff. There are some other ones on the channel looking at the bulletfeeder and casefeeder. I did the powder measure too but had a rough time with it as I set it up poorly. It runs great now.
  5. Yep. The spring is captured on both ends and does not travel with the shellplate. i like the spring for keeping the cases tight but I did mess one up during set up I feel they are pretty fragile (like the Hornady one). I got a spare which I would recommend because the spring (in good condition) is pretty important. a lot of the Revolution is made for speed that I won’t use. I ordered it before the Evolution which would have been plenty to satisfy me. And economically rational. However, I like it a lot. The primer collator is very sweet. One thing about it, while it will stop extra primers from loading I don’t think it currently can tell that primers are low. I haven’t talked to M7 yet to see if there is something obvious I’m missing, other than keeping primers topped up. i like the larger toolhead, which means you really don’t have to make choices on what dies to load. the rotating primer disk, which I think is replicated on the Evolution, is very smooth but if it encounters something that prevents primer travel the press will stop which is nice.
  6. That video I posted is that (my) machine on that bench here in Raleigh as soon as I finished setting it up. I had posted some other videos early at various points in the set up. I think it is on Mark 7’s YouTube page too as they made a copy of the video from my channel, but that is actually a machine out in the wild just making ammo for the ordinary consumer, i.e., me. Anyway, if you have any questions I can try to answer as a user; I do plan to go over set up and operation as I experienced it after I give it a good run.
  7. I want to do some more reloading on it before really comparing it to the 1050. I've only been exposed to the obvious differences so far. It is a smooth press; the primer system (even without the collator) is sweet; the extra toolhead space is not critical for me but is useful. The bench as it is now: Shellplate comparison: Toolhead look:
  8. It is mine; I ordered it a while back and recently got it and got it set up. I've loaded some 38SC on it, which is what I got it for. Not really the target audience for this press, since I don't do bulk loading, but you only live once! Some features (other than the drive I suppose) are similar/same as the Evolution from what it looks like. I'm not an expert on presses by any means, and only load handgun stuff, but I've had the Hornady LNL Ammo Plant, also 1050 with Ammobot Rev 1 and 2, and the Mark 7 LTE, and currently have 1050's with the Mark 7 Pro and X, and also the newest addition, the Revolution.
  9. User video on the Revolution first run after final set up. Toolhead is big; rotation is very smooth.
  10. Did it work? @Avenida Mine is going strong still.
  11. Mine that wasn't working was at 0.295". I filed it down to 0.290" and that has worked so far. I think if it happens again I will save all the brass and use it to fit the extractor in the future.
  12. I haven’t tried it yet (I will tonight) but this operation sounds ok. I’ll take having to drop the slide over a round than the random extraction bit.
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