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  1. GBertolet

    LRP in pistolas

    Large rifle primers are .005 higher than large pistol primers are. Small pistol and small rifle are identical heights.
  2. GBertolet

    Is it ok to shorten recoil springs

    Don't fire your gun anymore until you get this issue resolved. If your recoil spring is coil bound, you can break your barrel bushing, as it will be stopping the rearward movement of the slide, instead of the slide's dust cover.
  3. GBertolet

    Is it ok to shorten recoil springs

    New springs are usually slightly longer than used are. They take a "set" after being used the first time. They will shorten maybe 1/2 to 3/4 inch. I take it this is a 1911 you have. By not allowing the spring plug to bottom out, do you mean, not coil bound? You can compare the stacked length of the springs, by measuring the wire diameter and multiplying it by the number of coils.
  4. I have a build using their frame, slide, barrel and fire control parts. Their parts are good as anyone's, and the customer support is prompt. They are fairly new and are trying to increase their footprint in the market. They occasionally run specials on certain items, and often have escalating percentages off most everything across the board. I got some great deals. They have barrels and slides listed on Ebay also. Sign up to get on their mailing list. www.fusionfirearms.com
  5. GBertolet

    Getting Grounded...

    I have heard of people washing out their primer tubes with dishwashing detergent. This cleans out any primer dust, and supposedly is an anti static treatment.
  6. GBertolet

    Pro and Cons of shooting minor PF in SS

    I have found that many of the local matches are not 8 round friendly anymore, although they may technically be 8 round neutral. Could be an effort to cater to the production shooters, whom are the majority at the local matches, while SS shooters are just a handfull now. SS major shooters may often find themselves having to do a standing reload to engage a last target, or have to shoot the stage in a convoluded manner to make the round count work out. It did not used to be that way, but times change. Most of the winners at the local matches are now shooting minor for the flexibility of two extra rounds. I have a 9mm build in progress now for next year, and I will see how my performance will be, vs shooting major in the past. At the nationals, the course designers go out of their way to make sure that there is no advantage to shoot minor. That's why major dominates that match, otherwise the top shooters would be shooting minor.
  7. GBertolet

    Loading 2011 mags

    I always load mine at home before the match. It's much easier to load them sitting at a table, rather than at the range. Easier to keep track of the number of rounds in the mag loaded too. I don't hesitate to load SS mags the night before. If shooting limited, I prefer to load the morning of, before leaving for the club, leaving a round down also. I often see competitors with ammo, magazines, chamber checkers, sprawled out on the range getting ready. I have enough trouble getting my head together, without one more distraction.
  8. Another thing to consider. The jet action of the escaping gasses at the muzzle, contribute to a portion of the recoil. Light charge weights of fast burning powders will have a much lower pressure at the muzzle, as combustion is mostly complete, vs charges of slower burning powders that are still burning yet at the muzzle. That's why powders such as Clays, Titegroup, WST, etc, will recoil somewhat less than the slower burning powders, loaded to the same PF. The difference isn't huge, but it is there.
  9. GBertolet

    best lenses to pick up red fo

    I have yellow prescription shooting lenses anyway, so I told my optometrist what I wanted, a focal distance of 30 inches for pistol shooting. He set up an eyechart at that distance, and tried numerous reading lenses on my dominant eye, until one was found that the focus was perfect. He ordered the lense and installed it. Works great, and is good for rifle shooting also. It takes a couple of minutes for your brain to adjust when you put the glasses on, but after that things are good. The front sight is sharp with whatever color of FO I am using at the time, while the other eye is good for distance. I am able to shoot better with both eyes open now. Many people who get corrective surgery on their eyes, get one eye done for close, and the other for distance, so this concept is not new. The cost was not terribly expensive, and it allows me to be somewhat competitive, despite deteriorating eyesight form advancing age.
  10. GBertolet

    Thinner Front Sight (.095) For USPSA....?

    I tend to like the wide front sights. I have been using the EGW F.O front sight at .125 width, with the EGW jumbo headed F.O. insert, which is as wide as the sight blade. I tried both red and green, and feel I can see the green better. For normal IPSC ranges, the majority of shooting, with my aging eyes, I feel the large dot is faster to pick up on. For slower and more deliberate shooting, such as 50 yard standards, the smaller dot and blade might be a little better.
  11. GBertolet

    Repairing Targets Before Shooter Sees Them

    I think I created a monster. I was upset for only two minutes over this, honest. I asked for some input, and I got it. You punished me enough guys. Please end this thread.
  12. GBertolet

    Repairing Targets Before Shooter Sees Them

    Thank you David72 for your kind defense. This incident was over and done with two minutes after it happened. This is a discussion forum, the issue was simply raised for civil discussion by others, who found themselves in a similar situation. No other agenda intended. Put the long knives away.
  13. GBertolet

    Repairing Targets Before Shooter Sees Them

    This was a local monthly match, so those two rules were not followed. The stage was managed by the squad, with some new shooters helping tape and set steel, so mistakes will be made. At a major match, the scoring procedures would be announced at walkthrough, by the dedicated staff. Considering the circumstances, I got over this event in a couple of minutes, and moved on. I guess my real question is, to those that this has happened to at a local match, how was this type of issue resolved in your case?
  14. As a shooter I was involved with a controversy. While shooting a large stage, targets behind me were being scored as I shot. When I got to the end of the COF, and the range was declared safe, I was notified by the person with the nook, I had a miss on the other side of the range. I asked to see the target, but was told it was already taped. I was quite upset. I vented for a bit, but let it go. Ultimately It made no difference in the final standings anyway. I likely did have a miss, but the targets were full of masking tape patches, with ends peeling, which are often semi-self sealing of hits. One could have been there, maybe the scorer did not carefully look. No opportunity for me either. Also no opportunity to request an overlay on the existing hit. Taping before scoring is a reshoot, but although I did not request a reshoot, but by the rules, would I have been entitled to one in this instance?
  15. The last time I used 230 gr RN plated bullets, with Bullseye powder for USPSA, It took 4.3 gr, with Win primers, and loaded at 1.250 oal, to make 165 pf. This was in a 5" gun. Your results may vary. Since then I moved on to cast bullets with other powders.