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  1. I finally got a email response from Heather at the USPSA. No hard copy rule books will be printed for anyone, including RO's. They want to keep an "evergreen" rule book, which means, they can change the rules so often, that everyone is confused. I think for what the dues cost, they could at least provide a hard copy for the RO's, and the option of a subsidized, low cost copy for anyone else. Maybe then, if they have to print them, they won't change the rules so often.
  2. I am one of those old Super Senior people who like to have the rule book in their hands.
  3. I like the hard copy book. I am a RO, and if there is a dispute, it is faster to pull out the book, go to the right section, and look it up quickly. I don't have a smartphone. I don't feel like printing out all 121 pages of the online version either, plus that's quite a wad to stuff in your range bag, rather than a small booklet. I hope the USPSA supplies the books to the RO's , as before. I sent them an email, asking, but they have not responded.
  4. I had a similar problem. I called Dillon, and their rep told me that brass builds up on the expander, and that I should use some steel wool or scotchbrite to polish it off. After doing so, it made things a lot better.
  5. GBertolet

    Preferred Single Stack pouches?

    Ditto, on the eAMP Challenger mag pouches. They were $95 delivered from Ebay, for the 6 magazine setup. They make a 4 mag for $65. I wanted to try bullets out, and did not want to spend a whole lot of money experimenting. I like these. I feel my reloads are better bullets out. Your results may vary. Not all that flashy, but this gets the job done.
  6. GBertolet

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    I was always worried that the poppers would not go down with the 9mm, especially if they were not hit well. Although my worries were unfounded, some were scary slow in falling. The production division shooters seem to get by though.
  7. GBertolet

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    I enjoy shooting SS also. I just like the 1911. There is not a whole lot of participation in SS at the local matches. Mostly new shooters, with certain clubs having their dedicated veterans also. I just shoot for overall in the final results. If I can make the top 25-30%, I am happy. I tried shooting both major and minor this year, and for me, I found I gave up too many points with minor, and did not usually make it up in time savings, to offset. For a younger and better shooter, their results might be different. I just like the .45 better.
  8. GBertolet

    LRP in pistolas

    Large rifle primers are .005 higher than large pistol primers are. Small pistol and small rifle are identical heights.
  9. GBertolet

    Is it ok to shorten recoil springs

    Don't fire your gun anymore until you get this issue resolved. If your recoil spring is coil bound, you can break your barrel bushing, as it will be stopping the rearward movement of the slide, instead of the slide's dust cover.
  10. GBertolet

    Is it ok to shorten recoil springs

    New springs are usually slightly longer than used are. They take a "set" after being used the first time. They will shorten maybe 1/2 to 3/4 inch. I take it this is a 1911 you have. By not allowing the spring plug to bottom out, do you mean, not coil bound? You can compare the stacked length of the springs, by measuring the wire diameter and multiplying it by the number of coils.
  11. I have a build using their frame, slide, barrel and fire control parts. Their parts are good as anyone's, and the customer support is prompt. They are fairly new and are trying to increase their footprint in the market. They occasionally run specials on certain items, and often have escalating percentages off most everything across the board. I got some great deals. They have barrels and slides listed on Ebay also. Sign up to get on their mailing list. www.fusionfirearms.com
  12. GBertolet

    Getting Grounded...

    I have heard of people washing out their primer tubes with dishwashing detergent. This cleans out any primer dust, and supposedly is an anti static treatment.
  13. GBertolet

    Pro and Cons of shooting minor PF in SS

    I have found that many of the local matches are not 8 round friendly anymore, although they may technically be 8 round neutral. Could be an effort to cater to the production shooters, whom are the majority at the local matches, while SS shooters are just a handfull now. SS major shooters may often find themselves having to do a standing reload to engage a last target, or have to shoot the stage in a convoluded manner to make the round count work out. It did not used to be that way, but times change. Most of the winners at the local matches are now shooting minor for the flexibility of two extra rounds. I have a 9mm build in progress now for next year, and I will see how my performance will be, vs shooting major in the past. At the nationals, the course designers go out of their way to make sure that there is no advantage to shoot minor. That's why major dominates that match, otherwise the top shooters would be shooting minor.
  14. GBertolet

    Loading 2011 mags

    I always load mine at home before the match. It's much easier to load them sitting at a table, rather than at the range. Easier to keep track of the number of rounds in the mag loaded too. I don't hesitate to load SS mags the night before. If shooting limited, I prefer to load the morning of, before leaving for the club, leaving a round down also. I often see competitors with ammo, magazines, chamber checkers, sprawled out on the range getting ready. I have enough trouble getting my head together, without one more distraction.
  15. Another thing to consider. The jet action of the escaping gasses at the muzzle, contribute to a portion of the recoil. Light charge weights of fast burning powders will have a much lower pressure at the muzzle, as combustion is mostly complete, vs charges of slower burning powders that are still burning yet at the muzzle. That's why powders such as Clays, Titegroup, WST, etc, will recoil somewhat less than the slower burning powders, loaded to the same PF. The difference isn't huge, but it is there.