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  1. alecmc

    How many moon clips and holders do I need?

    Dude did an excellent job, looks great. Though, it's just design based off http://www.speed-e-rack.com/ Best of luck, all.
  2. alecmc

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    I'll play grumpy pessimist this morning. Why bother investing the time and effort, is that 0.1" really gonna make the difference? #itdoesnt
  3. alecmc

    How many moon clips and holders do I need?

    Well, get what you can afford to start off with, i'd say you should have a minimum of 20 high quality moonclips. TK Custom can hook this up. I used to load enough clips for the whole match, then I realized how much time I wasted after the match at home sitting in boardem loading and unloading 60 moons. Now I just load as I go during the match, it gives me the opportunity to pay attention to each piece of brass and moonclip right before it hits my belt. If a moon is out of whack, grab a new one and go. Once you have a pile of bent clips , repair them and put them back into rotation.
  4. alecmc

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    As far as case length goes. My personal opinion between short, medium and long Colt is - it doesn't matter. I've done back to back testing between short Colt and long Colt in various reload situations and the data was within 0.1 second average. Get the proper reload technique down and practice the hell out of it. That being said, I love my long colts. I've been using the same cases for years and years.
  5. I'm on the titanium cylinder is more gooder band wagon. Less rotational mass to turn Less likely to peen at cylinder stops
  6. alecmc

    2019 IRC

    ontelaunee rod & gun club , new Tripoli PA 9/27/2019 - 9/28/2019 Match director David Olhasso You'll want to fly into Philadelphia PA airport, probably a 2 hour or less drive from airport.
  7. alecmc

    S&W 686 question on possible conversion?

    Frame isn't big enough, cylinder wouldn't fit, barrel wouldn't line up. The cost greatly depends on what gunsmiths charge in your area. Parts would probably be about 150 -180 if you can get a hold of a 6 shot new style cylinder. It might be more economical to sell your 7 shooter and buy one of the 9 billion 6 shot 686s out there in the wild.
  8. alecmc

    S&W 686 question on possible conversion?

    It's possible to convert to a 6 shot with a new cylinder, hand, and proper fitment. It is NOT possible to convert to an 8 shot.
  9. alecmc

    625 PC Help

    Alot of 625s have out of round Chambers in the cylinder. Get yourself the proper finish reamer and make that egg round.
  10. alecmc

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    Meh, what do you know about reloading ? Newb.
  11. alecmc

    Problems with 929s continue ?

  12. alecmc

    Problems with 929s continue ?

  13. alecmc

    Problems with 929s continue ?

    It's not.
  14. alecmc

    Trigger Job Question

    You probably talking about the Extra power Cyl stop springs, you can get them at Wolff Springs here: https://www.gunsprings.com/SMITH & WESSON/K, L, & N FRAME/cID3/mID58/dID264#448 I wouldn't bother unless you are trying to alleviate some form of cylinder skipping.
  15. alecmc

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    I'd run it.