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  1. Thanks, I've been trying my best for the past 2 years to modernize it a little bit and make it as easy as possible to setup.
  2. Your best bet is to talk to http://olhasso.com/ , he's been running the super gp100 since the prototype for the past couple seasons. But from what i've seen, it's going to feel like any other GP100 trigger. Long DA Pull with the hitch before the break. And I seem to recall something about the Bowen extended pin working, but double check with Dave.
  3. It's best just to call / email and directly ask the source.
  4. The 2019 ICORE Postal Match Book is available and ready for download and shooter participation ! This year we have something new and exciting as we are introducing a couple of company sponsors to the match who generously donated some product to be given away as prizes for both division winners and random draw. Please take the time to Thank and Welcome TK CUSTOMS and IBEJIHEADS COATED BULLETS to the match. You can find the matchbook and scoresheet at :http://icore.org/match.html Also - please take the time to take a look and shop around at www.tkcustom.com and www.ibejiheads.com
  5. .7 draw .10 splits That should keep you busy for a while. enjoy
  6. Here's my opinion. The strong hand reload is faster then the weak hand reload. But for 95% of people.... It really doesn't matter. I think the mechanics of the strong hand reload is generally more efficient, you have each hand doing totally different jobs, which in effect trims down the time. That being said, I'm a weak hand reloader. And there are alot of very fast weak hand reloaders out there. There are also plenty of weak hand reloads that have one nationals. Point being, unless you are the top 5% of competitors that are truly at the top of your game, it really doesn't matter - you are far better off spending time working on important things, like transitions, shot calling , and foot movement efficiency. Who cares if you can reload in 1.7 seconds versus 2.0 seconds if it takes you 6 seconds to move to the next shot array anyway.
  7. This is the kind of thing that you'll likely need to put the work in on some trial and error and figure out how many it takes for your specific gun and bullets to work it out.
  8. You got me all wrong man, i'm just trying to help save money for the guys who cant afford pliers.
  9. you can also get them in by bashing the rim against a rock. There are better ways of doing this, just because " jerry did it that way " doesn't mean its the best way. Plenty of great and affordable products out there that make it easy and efficient.
  10. alecmc

    S&W TR8 ?

    That may just be a direct result of the type of powder you use. I think MWP uses Titegroup, which from what I understand is a very " hot " powder. I never noticed to much burning / erosion using WST.
  11. alecmc

    S&W TR8 ?

    i also saw alot of wear on the frame where the hammer strikes.
  12. alecmc

    S&W TR8 ?

    Buy a 929 , they come stock with it. For a 627 though - you're better off winning the lottery. as far as why, I prefer the balance of a lightened cylinder and the general weight of the gun. Also, Ti cylinders are less likely to peen at the cylinder notches are many many rounds. They are custom one offs, carbon fiber wrapped. Email MWP - he is the one who has them built and commissioned.
  13. alecmc

    S&W TR8 ?

    lightened barrels , titanium cylinders.
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