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  1. alecmc

    Best Brand of Moonclip Checker?

    BMT doesn't make a moonclip checker.
  2. alecmc

    New-ish Revolver Shooter Looking for Tips

    Yes they do. Course of Fire.
  3. alecmc

    Reload or not to reload

    Just don't miss. Problem solved. Seriously though, work out your stage plan and reloads before hand so that you have extra picks (ammo) on hard shots like far steel or hard cover or something. Work out multiple scenarios in your head before hand so that if a certain plan goes bad you go to the contingency.
  4. alecmc

    Reload or not to reload

    There is absolutely no way for any of us to tell unless looking at a SPECIFIC stage, seeing what people are running it in, average points, etc etc. You need to determine hit factor - Time and Points , to tell wether or not its worth it or not for that specific scenario. MWP will eventually be here to explain better, he's a nerd like that.
  5. alecmc

    S&W Trigger should this be stoned down or stay

    That "speed bump" is what brings down the cylinder stop so that the cylinder can rotate. It's very important, don't mess with it unless you want to brick yo gun, yo.
  6. alecmc

    S&W 625JM

    The material is irrelevant ( unless you are using magnets to hold them to your belt ) the cheaper blued ones are TYPICALLY stamped out with a die, while more expensive ones , which sometimes are stainless, are cut with an EDM machine to very very specific and tight tolerances.
  7. alecmc

    S&W 625JM

    *good* moonclips are sized to a specific brand of brass. - So, you can get clips designed for starline, federal, winchester, etc
  8. alecmc

    S@W 625 hoque grips

    It's really hard to make recommendations without understand what the actual problem is. WHY does your middle finger hurt ? Are the finger grooves grips ? Is your finger riding in the center of the groove or on top ? Are your hands to big for those grips and your fingers are squished on to tight ? Are the grips to thin causing a strange pinch point or excessive wrap around ? Improperly gripping? Are you not gripping hard enough causing the gun to jump around in your hand and rub in a sore spot ? If you haven't already, Try a NON finger grooved model, that's sized to your hand. You can do this by simply tracing your hand and sending it in to the custom shop, contact some people at hogue and they can walk you through getting a grip sized to your hand. Alternatively, find a dealer that stocks multiple grips and give them a feel before deciding. They are all a little different Another option is to grab a few files and sand paper and go custom yourself, the nice thing about wood grips is that you can remold them and refinish them, do what's comfortable for you
  9. alecmc

    38 special load data and powder

    I've also had the same experience with Australia clays and new Canada clays, I had to bump up my load 0.1 grains to maintain velocity with new Canada clays.
  10. alecmc

    38 special load data and powder

    They are basically the same, I found that I needed a hair more clay dot over clays for the same PF, and clay dot was slightly dirtier.
  11. Unless the gun has sentimental value, sell it and buy a newer one with pinned or DX sights. You'll NEVER get that value back by machining in a new sight base for new style sights.
  12. alecmc

    Outlaw Division at ICORE Matches?

    You must be new here.
  13. alecmc

    Old International Postal Matches

    Your best bet would to email Ron w/stats or the appropriate match director from that specifc year. The match director will be on the results archive, but I doubt many will have COFs from nearly 20 years ago. http://icore.org/archivedResults.html Alec McMahon
  14. alecmc

    Trigger Job Question

    i've always just used empty shell casings, ( or shhhh ! dont tell anybody - a empty chamber ! *GASP* ) and have never had issues with quality firing pins. You can make your own snap caps, if you reload. Just dont deprime the case when sizing, and dont put powder in when loading a batch of dummy rounds. Ive even seem some people go as far as taking the primer out and shoving a bit of pencil eraser in the primer pocket, or filling the primer pocket cavity with hot glue or something to absorb the pin strike.