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  1. TK CUSTOM sells them, or used to. I dont see it on the website right now. Give them a call and ask for Eli or Tom and they can likely set you straight. -Alec
  2. It's the hammer lock , part of the " hillary hole " , You use the little key that came with the gun in the hole in the side of the frame to raise that piece ( the flag ) so that it blocks the hammer from moving. Most competition guys choose to remove them as they are un-nessasary to the function of the gun, some have even reported the hammer lock engaging on its own during normal firing.
  3. Does it stop rubbing on the frame with them ? Yes ? Then yup! They're good No? Then nope, buy some more.
  4. Depends really, all my guns are 627s as I was heavily invest in the 38 caliber before the 929s even existed. So alot of the modifications I've made to my stock 4"/5" 627s were to basically make what equates to a stock 929 ( titanium cylinder and longer sight radius ) As far as costs, you can probably count on spending $2000-$2800 from the ground up with a new build, depending on how much of the work you can handle yourself.
  5. Just a disclaimer, tossing on a fancy barrel won't fix bad techniques or poor habits. There is no substitute for practice and training. Having good grip technique will keep the gun flat at (most) power factors, having custom equipment helps a bit to change the feel of a gun to whatever personal preference you like, heavier front end, lighter frame, heavier barrel, longer barrel, etc - they'll all have their place for specfic needs. That being said, I get my ass kicked with factory-ish guns on the regular.
  6. Alchin mount , solid and very low profile.
  7. Yes, Carbon wrapped barrel. The actual barrel below the wrap it is pretty thin. @MWP probably has some build pics of the barrel pre-wrap. The mid-ports I use for ICORE with 130 PF ammo or so, It works pretty decent. I think the weight of the barrel helps keeping the recoil down too. I think if I used a "gassier" powder the ports would work even better, but I have no issue with it as is. The carbon wrapped barrel gun is very light weight and is used specifically for steel challenge with very light 90PF loads. I wouldnt use it for minor/icore/uspsa.
  8. https://am-revolver.com/equipment
  9. I'd say 90% of my dry fire consists of exactly this type of routine. IMO, you really just want to build good habits, muscle memory , and most of all really tone in the visuals you need with yours eyes on the front sight. Practice your Draws, (dummy round ) reloads, transitions from spot to spot. Dry fire with revolver is probably the most effective out of all the divisions because it's the same process between live and dry fire with you actually cycling the gun in double action every-time you pull the trigger. A few years ago I picked up some of those small scale cardboard targets that I taped to the walls around my reloading room, If you want to get really fancy about it you can pick up some of those. https://benstoegerproshop.com/accessories/targets/dry-fire-targets/
  10. Yes, using 9mm data is a great starting point for 38 short colt. But, plenty of people have already put in the work developing 38 short colt loads, you can probably just list your powder and bullet weights and get plenty of great recommendations.
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