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  1. You know what's better than 7 shots for steel challenge? ... ... ...8 shots for steel challenge I'd recommend skipping over the 7 shot variants entirely and pickup an 8 shooter. A 627/929 can be found between the 700-900 mark easy.
  2. We are aware and are working on it. Thanks! AM
  3. looks good, the " plug" looks excellent. What'd you use?
  4. Getting the same, I sent out a few messages - I'll post back when I have more info. Alec ICORE BOD
  5. I've seen worse. Clean it up yourself and move on with life.
  6. Photos dont work, asking for a log in. Personally, as long as there is not any major pitting - I'd just clean it up with some sand paper during the action job and call it a day. I'd use some 400/600/800 grit to clean up along with a cleaning solution, and oil it well afterwards.
  7. alecmc

    Smith TRR8

    Correct, Do not send a gun into smith with any aftermarket parts in it. Convert everything back to " stock " before sending it in.
  8. To do it proper, you'll need two different sizes - One for the bigger yoke screw , and another for the two smaller side plate screws. Brownells makes a screw driver just for the S&W revolver, I bought a few a couple years ago and they live on my bench and and my range bag. https://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/general-gunsmith-tools/screwdrivers-sets/magna-tip-bit-sets/s-w-screwdriver-prod413.aspx
  9. alecmc

    Smith TRR8

    Thats odd, I suspect there is something else at play here. I had two TRR8s i probably put 75,000 rounds through each and never once did the barrel nut loosen up. Talk to S&W about alternate options ( replacement maybe? )
  10. Here I am making all my barrels longer, and people be chopping off inches!
  11. Unlikely to happen, we've already gone through and and picked a variety of readily available ammunition that would exceed or be close, and tested it in a few different guns / barrel lengths. The criteria for testing had to have some promising data on paper, The Remington ammo like you said only meets 104 PF per published specs, we wouldn't bother testing it. Going out and purchasing every single type of ammo, brand, weight difference, and testing it in a variety of guns, etc is costly and time consuming for our volunteer staff. - Alec ICORE BOD
  12. alecmc

    Smith TRR8

    All they are likely to do at the factory is tighten up with that wrench and send it back to you anyhow. Spend the money and have the wrench on hand incase it becomes a problem again in the future. Try blue loctite first , if that doesnt work move on to RED loctite
  13. alecmc

    Smith TRR8

    I had two TRR8s that had many thousands of rounds through them, never loosened up. You may want to buy the trr8 spanner wrench and put some red lock tight on the threads to keep it from backing out. https://www.ewkarms.com/zen8/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=221
  14. Mike, We actually just changed the rules to include a variety of factory ammo that is chrono exempt. This hopefully will help non-reloaders and international shooters. The new rule book just came out for this year ( 2020 ) 5.3.1. A competitor using a revolver chambered in .38 Special or .357 Magnum may use the factory ammunition listed here and will be exempt from chronograph. The competitor is still subject to calibration challenges. (a) Blazer 38 Special +P 158 FMJ (Part #3519, blazer-ammo.com) (b) American Eagle 38 Special 158 LRN (Part #AE38B, federalpremium.com) (c) Fiocchi Pistol & Revolver Line 38 Special 158 LRN (Stock #38C, fiocchiusa.com) (d) Geco 38 Special 158 LRN (Item #271840050, geco-munition.de) (e) Speer Lawman 38 Special +P 158 TMJ (Part #53750, speer-ammo.com) 5.3.2. A competitor using a revolver chambered in 9mm may use the factory ammunition listed here and will be exempt from chronograph. The competitor is still subject to calibration challenges. (a) Blazer 9mm Luger 147 FMJ (Part #3582, blazer-ammo.com) (b) Federal Syntech Action Pistol 9mm Luger 150 TSJ (Part #AE9SJAP1, federalpremium.com) (c) Federal Syntech PCC 9mm Luger 130 FN (Part #AE9SJPC1, federalpremium.com) (d) American Eagle Handgun 9mm Luger 147 FMJ (Part #AE9FP, federalpremium.com) (e) Speer Lawman Clean-Fire 9mm Luger 147 TMJ (Part #53826, speer-ammo.com) http://icore.org/pdf/ICORE_Rule_Book_01_Jan_2020.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3d9h6Ugo_gfnAk-azyT_zQNfUfve-_yiYlNi3RJqmVZR3sAGJI-5tU6Sc
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