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  1. Let's just cut to the chase here. This is an old video too - Josh can load that thing faster than most people can reload with moonclips.
  2. TK Custom , Dave Olhasso , Mojo Customs , Pinnacle Easy job for anybody with the proper tools.
  3. Side note : I'm of the opinion the extractor rod / rod lock in the barrel lug is a huge flaw in design, especially when it comes to competition. If you're hard on your guns , and do alot of reloading you're bound to start to bend the extractor rod. Even the slightest bend in a rod with a factory barrel lug lock up with screw with your trigger pull and it will bind up. So i'm a fan of getting rid of the half lug, or at the very least getting rid of the rod lockup in the barrel. I'd put money on nearly all my extractor rods being out of concentric and tweake
  4. Most my competition guns have modified barrels that are "penciled". So they have the barrel under lug completely removed, and my extractor rod is just floating out in free space.
  5. I've done this mod on nearly all my guns, I like the ball detent to for holding the yoke closed, and also holding the yoke open during reloads. It's easiest to do on a mill since the hole in the yoke needs to be drilled fairly accurate ( .250 IIRC ) - But you can do it on a drill press with a cheap vice and a pair of dial indicators. The hardest part of the whole operation though is figuring out the location on the frame where to dremel out a recess for the ball detent to sit. Some blue dykem is helpful in this operation. I've found starting a hair further away then yo
  6. Sounds like a 327 JM Model. Did it look like this? They're cool guns, not a ton of them around. Scandium Frame.
  7. Did you check for end shake like I explained?
  8. I remember this being discussed when it was first being released. Means something along the lines of extended releases are now legal if you choose to play in production division, or whatever IDPA division that requires factory parts.
  9. What you are describing is excessive end shake. The face of the cylinder is rubbing up on the face of the forcing cone as the metals heat up and expand. Try this, hold your revolver up to a light, look for the light thru the barrel / cylinder gap. Now, pull the cylinder to the rear - Does the gap of light get bigger? Now - Push the cylinder toward the front, does the gap close completely and make contact with the barrel? If so, You'll need to install a few shims inside the cylinder. Purchase here: http://powercustom.com/store/index.php?main_p
  10. A piece of brass? too easy. Try this:
  11. I dont know, Can you? The point I was trying to make with my post is that the Performance center stamp doesn't matter, and I dont think that someone should buy a S&W based on that merit. If the gun happens to have the barrel and cylinder configurations they like and it just happens to be a PC gun... sure , buy it. But dont buy it just because it says PC on it. Side note: I think 80% of my competition guns are pro series, probably cause they are the cheapest. As most as my guns are custom the first thing I'd do would be to rip it apar
  12. Absolutely wrong. This is not true at all. Everything in this post is incorrect. MIM parts ( Metal Injection Molding ) slick up just fine with no issues.
  13. So.. This my thoughts on it. I've never bought a revolver based on if it was a Performance center version, or pro version or other wise because well... it doesn't really matter. All my purchases have been based on price, shape, and configuration ( cylinder type / barrel length ). It's just not worth spending the extra coin to have the PC stamp on it, cause at the end of the day you're most likely going to slick it up yourself or have it sent out to a gunsmith for work. PC , PRO , JM , LH .. don't care cause its all the same crap at the end of the day.
  14. Color grips make the splits shoot .27 sec faster.
  15. In my opinion the two guys doing the best work currently are : Eli @ www.tkcustom.com Dave Olhasso @ www.olhasso.com
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