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  1. Sounds like he bought a gun somebody did the ol' switch-a-roo on.
  2. I use the biggest punch that will fit in the window of the hand where the spring goes to compress it. - Short side in first, long side "up" , short leg of the spring fits in the groove inside the center of the hand - compress the spring with a punch, once its compressed far enough push the hand in ( the hand pins should already be in and semi started during this process , so you can just send it home once compressed enough ) - buy extra, you're going to lose a few here and there. Always good to have spares.
  3. Dont bother with those replacement blades. You cant go wrong with a full replacement assembly. Check out Bowen Classic arms, I think they are the best ones out there. https://parts.bowenclassicarms.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=3 As an alternative - LPA also makes replacements.
  4. You can purchase an assortment of shim stock off amazon, or just use an old set of feeler gauges. Cut them to size where needed with a pair of scissors.
  5. If you are truly out of adjustment, you'll need to shim the dot where needed so you can gain the needed space. Get some shim stock thats a few thou thick and go from there.
  6. I picked this one up years ago for removing the extractor rod. Way better than those little nubby ones you need an allen key for. https://gunsmithertools.com/shop/ols/products/xn-visesmith-a-unique-extractor-rod-tool-for-sw-revolvers-uhc74210c
  7. the most insane part about that post is that people are paying $1600 for a stock model 29
  8. Eli @ TK CUSTOM Dave Olhasso Mojo Customs Mark @ Pinnacle Revolver Those are some of the main players in the revolver gunsmithing these days.
  9. Here is a quick video of Olhasso going thru some of his Super GP100 mods, including the extended cyl release.
  10. Yup. This. You dont have a problem with it loosening.....until you do. I prefer to take the proper precautions to give myself the best chance of success.
  11. Yes, nearly every screw on a revolver should receive a bit of blue or purple lock tite.
  12. alecmc

    R8 Open

    The biggest wear section on my old TRR8s was on the frame firing pin channel. ( where the hammer strikes ), amoung the other normal spots.
  13. alecmc

    R8 Open

    Saying it wouldn't work probably isn't the best way to say it. Saying it doesnt really do enough to make a enough of a difference to really matter is probably more appropriate. With the type of powder we typically use there really isnt enough pressures , like in our semi auto open shooter counter parts, to have enough gas to drive it down. I think the most effective type of porting, if any, with revolvers and the common types of powders we use are mid-ports. The powders pressure spike happens about half way down the barrel, so having the ports there make the most sen
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