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  1. I've flown to alot of matches over the past 8 years or so, I've never had an issue using the regular Dillon / MTM hardshell cases. (With no labels )
  2. Have your gun smith fit the extractor on the new cylinder to the gun. It's actually a good thing if they are all tight they wont rotate all the way, that means there is room to work with when filing them down. DO NOT MODIFY the hand. If you change the hand to work on the new cylinder, your old cylinder wont work any more ( slow )
  3. only 300? Fly with it. Most airline restrictions with ammo are based on WEIGHT, not qty. Must be packed in factory, or hardshell cases ( like the dillon 100 round ammo cases )
  4. To my knowledge, There has only been 4 IRC match winners in it's history. Plaxico Mickulek Wolfe Poggie.
  5. Well, yah. Assuming they know how. I explained everything in detail in my other post in this thread.
  6. Better odds than i've ever had. Any time i've ever put in a new cylinder ( typically replacing a stainless with a titanium ) it was always so long I couldn't even close the cylinder.
  7. You can buy one directly from Smith. But there are some other intricacies that goes in to what you want to do. For the most part cylinders are not typically just " interchangeable " - You mainly need to be concerned with your B/C gap ( the spacing between the face of your cylinder and your barrel forcing cone ) Typically cylinders vary a little bit here and there in over all length, and when it comes to installing a cylinder you need to account for this by setting the B/C gap. This involves either trimming down the forcing cone with some special tooling if the gap is too tight, or if the gap is too big - taking the barrel off and trimming the shoulder back on a lathe. Additionally , you'll need to have both cylinder extractors fit to the gun so that they both time up correctly. Now, you might get lucky and find a cylinder that is *close enough* to fit, and have a gunsmith tune up the extractors to work together. Try reaching out to Eli @ TK customs to talk about having the work done. They can do both conversions and gunsmith work. -am
  8. How do they case gauge individually ? Causes: You are not sizing them all the way down while reloading. You are not crimping them enough and the case mouth is still slightly belled Your cylinder is so filthy inside it's preventing it to go from the cylinder chamber into the throat. Bent Moonclip Less likely causes. You're throats are out of round. The bullets you are using are too large for the cylinder
  9. @Alaskan454 can probably help you with this one. He knows his way around a ruger.
  10. Our gov. opened up ranges this week. But from what I hear the line is down the road to get into shoot, and i'm busy with work. So... Yah.
  11. I'm still planning on putting it on for this year, but it will definitely be delayed. Ranges in my state have been completely closed off, so I can't even get onto the range to design stages for the match this year. -Alec ICORE Postal match director.
  12. I disagree. I think the "butt" sort of acts like a mag well on a semi, When the space is properly fit to your hand it helps as a locator for your hand to fall into the right spot on the draw/grip. and it looks cool.
  13. This was discussed in ( recent ) history already among the ICORE BOD and was voted down, too many cons versus pros. But, if you still feel strongly about it - Don't hesitate to submit a rule change form with a compelling argument for us to discuss. Thanks, Alec ICORE BOD.
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