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  1. The outdoor section of the range is pretty big. There might be some smaller speed shoots side by side, but I'd count on alot of walking from pit to pit.
  2. Alot of states, Including mine, Have adopted 10 round mag limits. So, It's put revolver on a much more level playing field as far as reloads during the course of fire go. Obviously this isnt a *good* thing, but an interesting point none the less.
  3. Which area is this? I was the only one at area 3 last year. area 8
  4. via the Membership page on http://icore.org/ICOREMembership.html In big bold letters it says: "To rapidly join or renew by online credit card, request a membership invoice from ICORE's Treasurer." Shortly after you'll get a request to pay via credit card / paypal. If you have the paypal app installed on your phone or an account online you'll immediately get in notice / email to pay directly. Takes no more than 30 seconds or so. Thanks, AM
  5. The only thing that should effect moonclip fit is the groove around the rim of the case where the moonclip fits. What your problem actually sounds like is tight / short chambers in your cylinder that are not allowing the clip to drop in fully. The "ledge" could be a bit short, or the chambers a touch tight. A finish reamer sounds like it's in order.
  6. alecmc

    929 Info

    Rts2 with an alchin mount
  7. Email the match director directly at IRC-2019-MatchDirector@icore.org to see if you can squeeze in. -Alec
  8. IRC AMMO SHIPPING The main match will consist of 375 rounds Shooters may ship their ammo to the following address. Tom Olewine 6149 Memorial Rd. Germansville, PA 18053 *Please email Tom @ tolewine@hotmail.com when shipping *
  9. I used to do this, but realized the time I invested in loading and unloading moonclips before a match was unnecessary. I'm now a fan of " loading as I go " during the match utilizing the dillon border shift bag , which is great - has two large pockets , one for load and one for unloaded brass. Just something to consider if you dont have the funds for 40-50 moonclips. https://www.dillonprecision.com/dillon-border-shift-ammo-bag_8_26_23843.html
  10. I use a bang inc spring, and an 11 or 12 lb rebound
  11. The matchbook should be released by the end of this month, but in the mean time you can email MD Ken @ IRC-2019-MatchDirector@icore.org to see if he can share a round count with you. -Alec
  12. Factory triggers on both Rugers & Smiths are going to be poo, at least in my opinion. Though, I think a factory smith trigger is slightly more tolerable. I'm sure lawyers play a big part in that. With a good gunsmith behind the trigger job it feels pretty good, but yes still a long pull.
  13. 45 acp and its moonclips is a whole different beast than proper fitting 38 / 9mm moonclips.
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