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  1. Every gun is different, POI can also change based on bullet weight, that being said - from experience, you'll likely be fine with a .250 tall front sight. Best bet, install rear sight of your choice and compare POI with your current front sight height and how much play you have in your elevation adjustment.
  2. Contact Apex , see if they'll replace it. Haven't seen that before , on an aftermarket hammer.
  3. alecmc

    Is the 625 Dead

    Good , an L6 title could be in your future. Keep at it, son.
  4. Registration in Open for the 2019 IRC https://practiscore.com/icore-2019-international-revolver-championship-irc/register
  5. Yes, it's two full sight pictures, but given proper technique the gun should return to the same exact spot after breaking the first shot.
  6. Yup, pretty sure - all 627/327 cylinders are cut for moons. You'll probably only see non moon cylinders when you move to the actual 27 series guns. But, I'm no historian
  7. Get the regular 5 inch gun then. You won't be able to utilize the compensator in icore limited or ipsc or uspsa anyway.
  8. Split time isn't as important as transitional speed. That being said, proper grip will be the biggest player here when it comes to quick follow up shots.
  9. 10mm is fashionable again, can't keep 10mm 1911s on the shelf at work. The same demographic that thought 40 was too much loves the 10mm. But why
  10. Clays meters like poo. I've been using it for a long time. The Xtra small powder charge bar helps, as well as attaching some sort of vibrating device on your powder drop. I use a cheap fish tank air pump electrical taped to my tube and it's helped out immensely getting consistent results dropping Clay's on my Dillon.
  11. Start with a 38 special case, 160 grain bullet, 3.8 grains of Clay's
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