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  1. Sounds like you might have removed too much pretravel. Screw the pre travel screw in a little then re test.
  2. It’s not bulky at all but it’s pretty long. I drive an bmw m5 which has a larger than average trunk and it just barely fits diagonally. It’s also not really heavy. Maybe 12lbs? But yeah it’s probaly 6ft long in the carry case. Oh, it comes in a handy carry case. In a truck or suv it ‘should’ fit ok.
  3. It’s pretty big. I’d say probably 6ftx6ft on the ground. The side closest to you is about 3ft high and rear edge 6ft high. It’s very easy/fast to pack and unpack.
  4. Trust me. Just pony up for the daa/ced one. I bought one when it came out. A friend had built his own out of a golf net. One session using mine and he immediately ordered the daa one too. Its awesome. its super easy to setup. Takes like 1 minute. The net is nice and thick and the rear edge is about 6ft high so it’ll catch even high ejected brass. We use different tubs under it and just swap out the tub for each shooter. Its easy to move too. Its useless for shooting on the move but most of our training is done standing... it gets like 99% of my brass. I love it. Yes its pricey but all the homemade ones I’ve seen sucked in comparison and those seem to catch only 60% or so. You wont regret it.
  5. Ps. The most baller option is the geco 124gn hexagon. It’s loaded with vithavouri powder and fancy hexagon jhp’s. It’s super accurate but a bit pricey. It was one of the official match ammo options at the last Ipsc world shoot. https://geco-munition.de/en/ammunition/ammo-for-pistols-and-revolver/Product/show/geco-hexagon-pistol-cartridge/9-mm-luger.html
  6. Probably the best all round choice for 9mm production ammo is fed American eagle 124gn fmj. Its about 138pf our of most prod guns so it’s a little warm but it’s super reliable. Will always make pf. Very clean. Brass is good too so you can recoup some $ selling it. It also has federal primers so it’ll always go bang even in tunes cz’s and tanfoglios. The new federal syntech action pistol 150gn is also a good option. It was also about 138 pf out of my shadow 2 but it ‘feels’ softer due to the heavier pill. I can tell you some of the top prod shooters in the world use fed American eagle as match ammo. Nothing beats quality, factory ammo reliability. And the fed American eagle is pretty affordable too.
  7. Rts2 is the way to go. It has the most dot size options (3, 6, 8 or 10 moa). Easy dot adjustment. Holds zero. Easy battery change. Small and light and with the tallest window of the micro dots (width is not that important. Height is). Very nice, bright, clear dot. I have had isssues running them on slides after 25,000 rounds but no issues on 2 open guns. When frame mounted they should be trouble free.
  8. BeerBaron

    Shadow 2 Optic?

    I would get the Henning mount. I’ve used it and the czc mount. The only benefit the czc mount has is the ability to change to a different brand optic. Other than that the Henning is better in a number of ways. https://www.henningshop.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1416514&CAT=10066
  9. Ive seen a stock 1 version posted somewhere and a stock 1 with frame cuts to make it light enough for IPSC production optic ‘light’ division.
  10. Who’s excited? In the wake of the shadow 2 OR tanfoglio have realsed a stock II OR to go head to head in the optic divisions. Looks like it will use plates like the shad2 OR.
  11. Isn’t the frame the cheaper part? Grips are $600+ frames? <$300?
  12. B_rad. Love the setup of the dustcover/slide. Really neat way to do with mid/length full dustcover setup. Dons work is really tidy.
  13. I run the Oakley prizm golf lenses. They give great comtrast between browns and greens. i recommended them to a few friends who now all run them.
  14. I think if you use it the right way there is a benefit. I used to run them. Now I don’t. But I also shoot prod and singlestack so keeping my grip the same helps. The thumb rest test is an advantage if you’re doing the ‘opposable grip’. So bacially your weak hand is squeezing between the underside of the trigger guard and the thumb rest to get a tight grip. if you use a ‘thumbs forward’ grip the pressure is more side to side going into the grip. In that case thumb is doing nothing. In the opposable grip grip your weak hand is more upright. Some like that. I don’t. In thumbs forward your weak hand is canted more like 45 degrees to the grip. I like that. It feels higher and I feel like I have more weakhand on the grip. Chriss tilley kind of explains the opposable grip in a vid on YouTube about go gun thumbrests.
  15. That would do me nicely too.
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