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  1. I agree. I have 7 rts2’s now. I still have one dpp but I’ll likely sell it at some point.
  2. BeerBaron

    Phoenix Trinity Honcho

    Very interesting idea. Hopefully I get to play with one one day.
  3. BeerBaron

    Backup Gun

    For the four divisions that I care to shoot (open, singlestack/classic, prod and carry/prod optics) I have 2 identical guns for each: 2 identical open guns (plus a third extra backup?!) 2 identical bull barrel Trojans (actuallly 3 atm but I’ll sell one) 2 shadow 2’s and 2 shadow 2’s with optics. The only downside side is double everything. Example of match gun say gets a new mag button then backup gets it too. Match gun got new front sight? Yep, change the backup too. For me they are less useful if they aren’t very close to identical. Plus it means one gun can do all the heavy lifting in practice and keep the ‘match gun’ in better condition.
  4. BeerBaron

    Venom Customs!?

    Nice gun, nice shooting.
  5. BeerBaron

    CZ Open Build Theory

    Btw your cz shorty open looks awesome.
  6. BeerBaron

    CZ Open Build Theory

    If you used a shadow slide you could avoid that as there’s no fpb or cross pin. Not sure it’s worth it though. Exposing the fpb hole doesn’t matter.
  7. I load sitting. The correct height is important. You want it so that your shoulder is about level with the top of the handle.
  8. Why don’t you just get the full dustcover in small frame? The dustcover length has nothing to do with sf/lf.
  9. BeerBaron

    I Cajunized my Shadow 2

    You can’t adjust the sa pre travel with a screw. It’s set by the disconnector.
  10. BeerBaron

    CZ FO Sights

    Dawson front sights have the fiber closer to the top of the post. They are the best choice for a cz by far. Also, the cgw front sights are Dawson front sights.
  11. For completion or actually for carry? for competition I prefer the cmore rts2. And yes I have a DPP too but I prefer the cmore. For carry I would not choose the cmore.
  12. BeerBaron

    Does the Edge still hold up?

    Agree. Nothing wrong with a tuned up edge.
  13. BeerBaron

    Shadow 2 Optic?

    Yeah particularly the dovetail. They just left it the full width of the mount even though the actual dovetail on the slide is half that. With the Henning mount cut to the same width as the dovetail its easier to center up the mount too. It’s really nice.
  14. BeerBaron

    Shadow 2 Optic?

    The shadow 2 dovetail is same as shadow 1. The czc multi optix plate offers any optic you would want. However if you’re not planning on changing around optics the Henning mount is far nicer. Its: thinner lighter (drilled out for lightness) dovetail cut to correct width (czc one is just the width of the plate) plate is short enough to allow access to extractor pin (czc is a bees dick too long) comes with 3 set screws plus 3 spares (2 in the czc) all corners rounded off. The czc plate is a great design in that it fits so many optics but the Henning plates are next level nice.
  15. BeerBaron

    RF 100 vs. Mr. Bullet Feeder?

    Yep. I agree. The fa primer tool fills a tube in about 20 seconds for me. Never had an issue in 50,000+ primers through it.