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New 627-8 shot being made


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I just heard a rumor that a new Sc frame, Ti cylinder, 8 shot, 38 super, are going to be assembled at the Performance Center real soon. How would you like to own one of these high priced, light weight gun? I'd love to get my hand on one of these. The light weight doesn't matter since I run 130 PF, in either USPSA or ICORE.

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They are having this gun debut nextmonth at the 2005 Shot Show. It is a 2-1/2" bbl and designed as a carry gun. I am doubtful this will have any match advantages as the sight system and sight radius at best will be "weak". Coupled with 8 rounds of anyones .357 factory ammo should cure anybody of thinking about shooting this gun fast :-)

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If you can get your hands on one of the steel barrels from the "old" 625 .38 super and put that on the light frame, you'd have a cool gun for steel. How does the scandium/ti stuff wear? Can it stand the endless dryfire of competition shooters? I've heard some nasty stuff about Ti Glock strikers going full auto, because the would break instead of wear like regular steel.

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Yeek.. What is it with S&W sawing off N-frame barrels and calling them 'carry guns' these days? If they really wanted a good carry gun, they should shorten up the Airweight J-frame by taking an inch off the cylinder and cylinder window and chamber it for 9mm / 38 Super. That would rock for carry.

Of course that might require actual engineering work.

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Shred you have a point, my gripe with them FOREVER has been how lazy they've become. The slide mounted decocker has been dead since Walther brought the thing out in 1929.

Stop the insanity!!! American companies: QUIT making slide mounted decocker guns. Get off you duffs and make a frame mounted safety / decocker, polymer pistol.

When HK spent R&D money working up the SOCOM they turned it into the USP, not a bad gun. What did Colt do? Hang a 12 round mag out of a crap-tastic double eagle and ask us how we like the Emporer's new cloths!!!

AAAAGHGHGH!!!!! :angry:

:unsure: sorry, I"m better now.

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The 327 Scandium 8 shot .357 have been around long enough that a few have even got as far as Australia. They have 2" barrels but the good news for us here is that they are a Dan Wesson type barrel system, so easily changed for something longer.

The bad news (for us) is that they were originally pictured with adjustable sights but came with fixed sights.

They are great fun to shoot in issue configuration but we are not allowed that here and so they will end up as as longer barreled guns for steel

Peter Dawson

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  • 3 months later...

It is ugly, and that front site ????

AND.....it's still a 357 Mag/38 spcl., no super.

The barrel on the one I saw at the SHOT show had Glock type rifling,

polygonagal ?? don't know if lead bullets will work in it.

I dunno, maybe Jerry has thousands and thousands of 38 spcl brass stock piled

and thats why it's a 357/38.

Why can't they make both ?!

Oh well, below is the specs

Caliber: .357 Magnum/.38 S&W Special

Capacity: 8 Rounds

Barrel Length: 5"

Front Sight: Interchangeable Black w/.250 Gold Bead and Fiber Optic

Rear Sight: Adjustable Black Blade

Firing System: N/A

Grip: Miculek Walnut Grip and Hogue Rubber

Trigger: Color Case w/Overtravel Stop

Hammer: Color Case Tear Drop

External Safety: N/A

Frame: Large

Finish: Glassbead, Black Anodized Frame

Overall length: 10.5"

Material: Scandium Frame, Stainless Steel Barrel, Titanium Cylinder

Weight Empty: 29 ounces

327 5" Revolver

Features and Benefits

Easy Hit Orange Second Front Sight

3 Full Moon Clips Gee !! thanks.

Internal Hammer Lock

Ball Detent Lock Up --- which is too damn snug for quick reloads

Gun Rug

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That's what they should have setup for moonclip 9mm.

And Spook...you're not supposed to reload on steel challenge stages? You clearly didn't see me shoot the Texas star at Akidales shoot this weekend!


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I'm in line for this gun when it comes out in 9mm with a steel cylinder

D-R-E-A-M-I-N-G :D

Smith and Wesson keeps pumping out stuff for the guy that buys pretty stuff with stupid sights, ports, and colorful grips...not competitive shooters. They could care less. Just visit the guys at the IDPA booth...they were very nice gentlemen but didn't know a tinkers damn about revolvers or anything planned for the future...nor did they want to hear any comments about 9mm's in a cylinder...

I've seen where someone talked to JM and he said he was going to speak to SW about a 9mm. I just can't see them listening to him either.

SW is really missing the boat. How many woman or men with small hands would scoop up a 9mm revolver in a four inch barrel (with evil moon clips)? The real problem is that this would cut into the .38spl market and I just can't see them making one...too many people actually want it. <_<

...and IF they ever do... it WILL be a moon clip gun that no one can use in IDPA for ESR... :lol:

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Yes smith is great at giving us gun answers to questions no one asked. I agree with many things on this post.

1 Why can't you make a super also for 357mag guns

2 Why can't smith make a 9mm moon clip gun (I would buy a smith again)

3 Why will smith not make a 3" 627 again (another buy) they get request almost every day 3 reps told me for the "Bloodwork" gun

4 Make the 940 again, perfect back up for many people

5 Make the 3" 610 again, another gun they get request for and ignore

6 Hey how about that 646 a good idea I wanted one, how about making more then 900, how about a 3" round butt carry that would rock

I could go on but every one here knows, I wonder if anyone from smith ever reads these post?

How about they listen to people who buy thier guns or did. And make guns they did once and everyone still wants. Does anyone have smiths ear to bend to these threads they are on many forums?

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I have a friend over here in Oz that got a 327, cut back a Ti Cylinder and set back a new barrell in it. He used it for an ICORE match but we all agreed it was TOO light for ICORE, but perfect for steel.

Trying to double tap the same target with something so light at speed made it harder to group .... so to speak.

But a single shot and transition to a new target wasn't an issue. So with consistant use it would be very competitive in a steel challenge match. (Assuming the nut behind the butt is competitive in the first place of course). :lol:

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Tacblack - Re-introducing the Model 12 (alloy K frame) as a 9x19 moonclip gun would be cool, especially with a three inch barrel.

Just saw this thread and saw this post that I had to give a big thumbs up to. I was actually on the S&W website the other day looking for the 9x19 moonclip 3" for my wife's purse and was disappointed when I saw that it wasn't there anymore.

And... in the same trip I saw the 327. Looked cool, but then figured that I like the stability and balance of my 686, so I'd stick with the regular 627 if I went that route. Just my $.02.

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