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  1. I think the less division thing should be a question in a different post IPSCLUVRRR, though thanks for including your opinion on revo rimfire.
  2. Thanks for the replies folks, don't forget to tell your friends to come by and leave a comment.
  3. For now anyway, I'm changing squads around and changing guns I think, can't believe it's here already !!
  4. Agreed GOF, and what may be lost in my orig post is a lot of folks already compete/shoot the rimfire revo's in Steel Challenge, now this way they would be recognized and classified against other rimfire revo shooters.
  5. I plan on adding it there tonight, rains coming (AGAIN !!!) and I have to get my lawn mowed
  6. Please go over and leave a post if you agree. Thanks.
  7. The subject has been brought up to the PtB (Powers that Be) to add Rimfire Revolver Optic and Rimfire Revolver Iron to the divisions/categories in Steel Challenge, and with the ultimate hope to get Revolver Steel Master recognized also. The PtB has said come back with some numbers and a written proposal so here I am asking the BE Universe what they think. If you would, please add a reply below if you like the idea (I would do a poll but have no idea how to and we're in a time cruch) Including your USPSA or SC number would be nice too I think but not required. Thanks, Dave Parker TY53502 Annnd I'm an idiot, just figured out how to do a poll on here, I'll leave it like this for now unless folks think I should change it.
  8. Yup, shooting and selling for at least 3 days
  9. Only way to tell is try BadShot, anything can work or not work. I just had a customer send back his 627 comp because he was getting 18 inch groups at 25 yrds !! Without the comp he was getting 3-4 inch groups. I get the comp back, inspect it (no issues), put it on my 627 and off to the range. Everything I run through it (lite ICORE or knockdown loads) print fine with or without the comp ? Go back home and load some heavier loads, back to the range, still no issues. Guess my comp doesn't like his load of N350 and 158 grn Xtreme bullets ! Now AutoComp should be a good powder but it depends on the charge weight and bullet weight. Actually, I believe one of the local shooters here uses Autocomp, I should see them tomorrow.
  10. Ah yes, we discussed those in another thread I believe, nice bling I guess but what were the folks at S&W thinking
  11. Love the Power Pistol for comp action, though the "bang" or report always seems much louder for the same power factor ?? 3/8 and 1/2 inch groups !! You Bianchi guys kill me, I never come close to 2-3 inches when I try hard, props to you.
  12. Did I sell you one of my comps yssracer ?? I so your entitled to a refund if you're not happy.
  13. FULL DISCLOSURE !! I am not shooting a 929 at this time, I developed the 929 Comp using my brothers 929's That said I did test a variety of loads thru the design and found that no matter what you ran thru it, it reduced muzzle rise or "flip" My brother was not a reloader and he shot a ton of Blaser 115 & 124 grn loads thru his guns and with those loads this comp reduces both "recoil" and Muzzle rise" dramatically, but when you start using tailored re-loads in the 120-125 power factor range the the reduction is not so dramatic. BUT there is a difference. We started reloading for his 929 using a 147 grn Berrys round nose over 3.7 grns of 231 giving a PF of approx 128, easy peazy as the bullets and powder were available around our area at the time and available by bulk over the inter-web and bro needed a static steel load as well as knockdown power. First outing with the new loading and we didn't see a huge diff with or without the comp, but after a couple hundred rounds using the comp and not using the comp we both saw the the gun shot "flatter" AND he was hitting all the plates on the plate rack consistently where without the comp he would miss a plate or two more times than not. So, to sum up this long reply, only you and your gun can tell you what to use with this comp, I explain that in the directions that come with the comp. If your current load is a 170 grn bullet doing 121 PF then you ain't going to see much difference, but you WILL see a difference !! If your shooting a light bullet at 1100 fps like the poster above shares, then you will see a more dramatic difference. And, as with all my products, I offer a money back guarantee, I want happy Revo shooters, load knows I ain't in this business to get rich !!
  14. I use a "Speed Sec" trigger guard capturing type holster, unfortunately not longer imported into the USA. A lot of my fellow revo shooters use the DAA holster made just for S&W Revolvers, you can add the muzzle platform from DAA also if you don't like all that barrel hanging out there but you will need my new extended S rod or my elongated muzzle platform for the 929 with my comp. There is also the Guga Ribus Revlver Holster, pricey and I'm not finding it in stock anywhere. There are some detractors on here about these trigger guard holsters, I've used my Speed Sec for over 20 years and never had an issue with it, it's all in how you train. Now those 2 above holsters are the most expensive way to go, a modified Speed Beez or Comp Tac clam shell type still does a great job and I've seen folks do lightning draws out of them. Heck even the old Safariland Cup Challenge will work if you don't mind a 1/2 inch of barrel and and 1 3/4 inches of comp sticking out the end !
  15. I've seen one person use a clam-shell type holster with this comp, he had to open up the end of the holster to allow the comp to pass thru it, he did mention the mod was not too difficult. I have been informed that the optional extra length DAA extension rod is not long enough for those that want to use a muzzle platform on a 929 and my comp, I'm currently coming up with an "S" bent rod that will be long enough and use the stock DAA muzzle platform without having to use the DAA adapter black that forever seems to be out of stock.
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