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  1. I don't have the "cut & paste" skills to answer/reply to all of ThomsH and the others comments so here goes the best I can do..... As far as the request to come up with some info ? That did indeed come from HQ and my AD As far as USPSA not supporting Revolvers, we're all in this together, if I shoot a match with a revo I expect to see my name in Front Site (USPSA mag ??), even if I am the only Revo shooter I pay my dues just like everyone else. Practiscore letting you add a division that SC does not recognize is useless for comparing times to other shooters around the country, only works for that shoot. As folks have mentioned in this thread, they are already shooting a rimfire revo in SC and their times are being compared to semi-auto times. Will more people shoot Rimfire Revo ??? I don't know !! I've already seen a number of new revo shooters this past season and when asked why the answer usually is that they wanted to give it a try or that they had a lot of revo ammo in storage and wanted to use it up instead of their auto ammo. Talking about ICORE here has nothing to do with the thread. Numbers, it's been a tough couple of years/seasons for attending matches, plus the cost of attending matches is out of control, annnnd there is a primer shortage out there and the worse to find are the Federals that all us revo folks need, I'm down to 1k and have no plans to spend $90/1k for new primers so I'll be shooting A LOT of rimfire in the future I think. And somewhere in the past posts it was mentioned that we could submit articles to support/promote Revolver shooting, that sounds like a great idea, something I will have to look into. I believe there are other threads to discuss the problems (real or imagined) with Steel challenge and I would like that discussion to stay over there, as the first post asked, if Steel Challenge recognized Rimfire Revo Iron and Open, would you shoot it ? (Maybe you already do ?? Let us know)
  2. As ysrracer stated, lite weight bullets going fast work the best for reduced muzzle flip, different powders can add to that.
  3. Well with the amount of posters saying they already shoot SC with their Rimfire revo's the numbers in the first year will be explosive
  4. Back again to thank all for the spirited discussion. Some thoughts on participation, yes I do see the loss of OSR & ISR numbers, but I see this as a direct result of SC NOT supporting Revolver shooters.....I see a fair number of Revo’s in my area at the monthly SC matches, not so for USPSA since the change to 8 shots which is a whooole ‘nother discussion. Granted, Darqusoull13 tried to entice Revolver shooters to come to A4, did anybody know that !?! And the fact that Revolver shooters are not going to major matches says more about the treatment they receive from USPSA/SC, read your last Front Sight magazine, no posting of the revolver scores for the World Shoot, or the fact that Michael Poogie came within 2 seconds of Jerry M’s record breaking time back in 2010, 88.06 seconds with a wheel gun!!! Look at the other articles, any Revo scores posted for them ?? The explosion of children shooting 22 rifles, and PCC’s that are dominating local USPSA matches these days have all contributed to the loss. There are only so many divisions to shoot and I’m sure some of those Revo shooters have gone “to the dark side” of rifles, would more and constant coverage of Revo’s get more people to shoot one?? And another thing, why do I need to go to “big” matches, this is supposed to be an amateur nationwide sport, with “classifiers” to show how we stack up against the rest of the country. If Rimfire Revo is lumped in with the auto’s we’ll never see the real numbers. I can attend a 6 to 8 stage match every weekend and sometimes twice in a weekend, I have more shooting opportunities locally than ever before, why should I spend $1500 to $2500 to attend a match that will cater to teens & preteens. Alright, enough complaining, getting RFOR RFIR recognized is a first step, I can’t believe It costs that much to get the software folks to add two more categories. If you don’t have the numbers at your major match, then no cost to you. If you post that there will be special prizes or recognition for Revolver shooters then great, but if they don’t want to attend your $200-$400 match plus $500-$1000 in additional expenses don’t let that bother you, maybe next year. Talk to your Area representatives, let them know you wishes, just posting here won’t be enough I’m afraid.
  5. I think the less division thing should be a question in a different post IPSCLUVRRR, though thanks for including your opinion on revo rimfire.
  6. Thanks for the replies folks, don't forget to tell your friends to come by and leave a comment.
  7. For now anyway, I'm changing squads around and changing guns I think, can't believe it's here already !!
  8. Agreed GOF, and what may be lost in my orig post is a lot of folks already compete/shoot the rimfire revo's in Steel Challenge, now this way they would be recognized and classified against other rimfire revo shooters.
  9. I plan on adding it there tonight, rains coming (AGAIN !!!) and I have to get my lawn mowed
  10. Please go over and leave a post if you agree. Thanks.
  11. The subject has been brought up to the PtB (Powers that Be) to add Rimfire Revolver Optic and Rimfire Revolver Iron to the divisions/categories in Steel Challenge, and with the ultimate hope to get Revolver Steel Master recognized also. The PtB has said come back with some numbers and a written proposal so here I am asking the BE Universe what they think. If you would, please add a reply below if you like the idea (I would do a poll but have no idea how to and we're in a time cruch) Including your USPSA or SC number would be nice too I think but not required. Thanks, Dave Parker TY53502 Annnd I'm an idiot, just figured out how to do a poll on here, I'll leave it like this for now unless folks think I should change it.
  12. Yup, shooting and selling for at least 3 days
  13. Only way to tell is try BadShot, anything can work or not work. I just had a customer send back his 627 comp because he was getting 18 inch groups at 25 yrds !! Without the comp he was getting 3-4 inch groups. I get the comp back, inspect it (no issues), put it on my 627 and off to the range. Everything I run through it (lite ICORE or knockdown loads) print fine with or without the comp ? Go back home and load some heavier loads, back to the range, still no issues. Guess my comp doesn't like his load of N350 and 158 grn Xtreme bullets ! Now AutoComp should be a good powder but it depends on the charge weight and bullet weight. Actually, I believe one of the local shooters here uses Autocomp, I should see them tomorrow.
  14. Ah yes, we discussed those in another thread I believe, nice bling I guess but what were the folks at S&W thinking
  15. Love the Power Pistol for comp action, though the "bang" or report always seems much louder for the same power factor ?? 3/8 and 1/2 inch groups !! You Bianchi guys kill me, I never come close to 2-3 inches when I try hard, props to you.
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