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  1. Scott Vickery at Top Gun Engineering in Australia makes a Shroud with a fixed bushing which is the tried and tested Pulver design. (same Pulver that took over Lissner Barrels)
  2. I'm just going through this at the moment, I just broke my 7th index ring, it's got me baffled. Dan at Mark 7 is supposed to be showing me the issues but unfortunately being in a waaaay different time zone, trying to be in front of the press at the same time customer support can call is proving difficult.
  3. Try the Handgunner in Topton PA, it’s where Mark did his apprenticeship after all, they have worked on and built a few revolvers for me and I can’t fault the work.
  4. Safariland own the Bianchi name, let them give the match to GV and the NRA can eat a bag of dicks.
  5. Bugger, I knew you had to be close though.
  6. Did Greg Davis shoot a perfect score one year?
  7. I know Doug's first 1920 was with a Revo, and pretty certain Zeljko from here in Aus has also done it. Ive searched everywhere for an archive over the years and could only ever go back a couple years. Would be great if the NRA could do a archive listing of all the years results.
  8. When I first started Shooting the Cup prize money was printed in the match booklet, but to be honest I haven't read one in a decade
  9. Here Here.... 2 of the most generous people in the shooting sports today. Helped me out last year when my base pad broke on my open gun and it wasn't one of their base pads that he helped fix either... I do however have one of theirs on the gun now with no issues.
  10. My 627 worked fine with TK moonclips straight out of the box.... I've had 4 ... 627's in my year. 2 being the 357 V Comp, one standard 627 357 and my current 627 in 38 Super which I will probably never part with. I have never had to modify one to fit moonclips although my sister V Comps did have slightly different head spacing from the factory but both still worked. I've never shot anything but starling brass through any of them. One thing I found on all of them is I had to polish the gears on the star as all of them were pretty rough from the factory which made the trigger pull "grindy" Happy shooting.
  11. I'm a bit out of date, and yes from Down Under Great to see them accommodating the 8 shots though.
  12. What do you want to use the Revolver for??? Shooting Icore Open or Metallic I would lean towards an 8 shot of some description they have .357 which also take 38 special, I have a 38 Super model and I believe they have a 9mm model as well now but I haven't seen one. If wanting to shooting USPSA revo division I would stick with a 625 or 610 NRA Action I would go a 686 or 686+ For plinking at range or carry all comes back to person preference. Revolvers that are already machined for moonclips generally cannot be used without moonclips and vice versa.
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