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  1. Check the trigger pin in the frame and make sure it is not loose. That is a back to the factory fix
  2. My story and I am sticking to it is that I once got a beautiful trigger job from Randy Lee. 5 and one half pounds/Federal primers carefully loaded. The problem for me was the weak return. I was informed that that is the price of a super light trigger. That the faster shooters released the trigger rather than riding the return. I could never get the hang of that so the trigger job was lost on me. My problem. The balance between a light pull and the return is a matter for experiment and will be slightly different for every gun. Have fun
  3. Why would you do something like that to a poor, innocent underlug?
  4. There only real use is for going prone. With the demise of the Far and Near Standards in ICORE that isn't going to happen much
  5. I see nothing in the ICORE or USPSA rules that requires pants
  6. I think I saw Wile E. Coyote try that in a Road Runner cartoon It did not end well
  7. I think I am glad I missed the unedited version
  8. Unfortunately, everybody's hand and pain tolerance is different. Resign yourself to trying and owning ($) a lot of different grips. I used Hogue fingergrooveless big butts but changed every so often. Recently I returned to Pachmayr (sp?) grippers. Go figure
  9. The greatest of all time. Always good to do in whole or in part
  10. It won't add many shooters. It is the same fallacious reasoning that brought about allowing 8 shots. Not that many are going to go out and spend the money to buy the equipment to shoot the division. If they already have the gun, they probably will shoot the division/but they are probably already shooting revolver Better to divide revolver into 8 and six. You may get some people back (625s who didn't/couldn't sell them) and pick up some casual revolver shooters
  11. JJ Jacksons "But its allright" closely followed by "I shot the Sheriff" (gun related)
  12. It wasn't. Fail to read the whole thread? I can't believe I am doing this. First this: I doubt it will come down much. I bought a ppq m2 and a navy when they first came out and they look like they are about the same price today. Walthers have always been a bit pricey.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk To which I said this: To which he said this: Wow really? In the mid 4's?I got rid of my ppq's over a year ago and kind of regreted selling them. Might be a good time to grab one! The market is over saturated with guns... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk To w
  13. wrong gun What's the "wrong gun"? I was responding to the comment about seeing PPQ's for mid to high $400s. I wasn't talking about the Q5 if that's what you're saying. It was. Fail to see the topic?
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