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  1. Unfortunately, everybody's hand and pain tolerance is different. Resign yourself to trying and owning ($) a lot of different grips. I used Hogue fingergrooveless big butts but changed every so often. Recently I returned to Pachmayr (sp?) grippers. Go figure
  2. The greatest of all time. Always good to do in whole or in part
  3. Everything is a compromise. If your gun groups short colt and you are good with the pressure of your load, go for it and reap the slight benefit over long colt. If you are not so fortunate with your gun, or, would like a little cushion on the pressure, do what many did in the early years of ICORE 8 shot and go with long colt. My hand/reloading speed did not notice the difference between long and short colt. I just pocketed the easier ejection with long colt and called it good
  4. It won't add many shooters. It is the same fallacious reasoning that brought about allowing 8 shots. Not that many are going to go out and spend the money to buy the equipment to shoot the division. If they already have the gun, they probably will shoot the division/but they are probably already shooting revolver Better to divide revolver into 8 and six. You may get some people back (625s who didn't/couldn't sell them) and pick up some casual revolver shooters
  5. A lot of folks have been using .38 long colts cheerfully for a couple of decades. Gives you a little on .38 special on ejection and a little room in the case re margin of error on reloading/pressure
  6. Seattle area is down to 2 regular shooters, but, they are damn good shooters. My friends and I let it go
  7. They have the Model 64, .38 special, fixed sight revolver (for less money), also
  8. Then I guess we won't talk about it
  9. Find grips you like and forgeddaboutit
  10. Pick up a five inch 625 in .45 (acp or colt) That is what they were built for
  11. Perfectly legal. You will need to block out the hue and cry and gnashing of teeth from those watching you for still having a hammer spur on your revolver.
  12. JJ Jacksons "But its allright" closely followed by "I shot the Sheriff" (gun related)
  13. Your opinion. It was a part of the division that caused greater complexity and risk vs reward math. Just because you didn't like it...doesn't mean it needed fixing. With standing reloads and Revolver shooters that didn't whine we once had a 90% revo squad that flew through stages so quickly compared to open and limited squads. Going to eight rounds made it into a more single stackesque game. So how many folks went over to single stack as opposed to going out an buying an eight shot? No consideration was given to the nature of the game changing because the folks that wanted the change so badly already had eight shots(Carmoney and friends) or were already eight shot programmed(Leatham and friends). We can't blame Jerry because he knew his days were over and just walked away. The rest of us didn't have 8 shots. I had .38's, .357's, .40's, 10mm's, and .45's ALL IN SIX SHOT. I am not whining about buying new equipment as I enjoy my 929's, but I think it was IGNORANT and FOOLISH to have made it a NECESSARY EVIL which killed the six shot minor. No MD ever has cared to do a six shot neutral COF so congratulations on writing the six shot revolver into the USPSA history books. I know a guy who made GM with six shot minor. There's no way to do that now. The only real challenge remaining is the trigger pull as opposed to a semi. Your revolver will not show you the love like an M&P9 if you pull it out and just go to a match without any practice after a few months. I am never going to let people forget who ruined Revolver. Same lines as when you pushed for the change. Those who oppose it are whiners they don't understand how this is a good thing...there will be a great surge in participation... There sure wasn't any surge in participation where I shoot. The Great Leap Forward! +1 I lost friends in the division who had their equipment obsoleted so stopped shooting. I stopped with them even though I owned 4 8 shots (so it was not an equipment issue with me. personally). But telling people to go and spend a grand to keep shooting the division was no way to grow it. Trying to tell people that their equipment was still competitive (especially at the local level) or to "take the challenge" was intellectually pathetic. Changing "the Nationals" to a minor. one day event appended to the Single Stack with limited courses stuck in PASA to benefit a certain select few made traveling to it unappetizing to me. People seem to be figuring that one out now. Just when you think you might want to come back, the Memphis Charity Classic, which as originally run would have been a great "Nationals", has become a series of one day same courses which now includes "single stack" There still has not been a true test of Revolver division. A stand alone, multi day, major match. Open it up with 2 classes: *8 shot minor and, if there are any of them left, 6 shot major/minor. Hell, add in an open class. If you want to expand participation, that is all that can be done.
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