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  1. My VR80 20 rd drum mag is giving me fits with FTF issues. When I first got it, it ran fine. The gun went through it's terrible 2s where nothing ran reliably. I took off the big comp (and gave it away), cleaned the shotgun, and now 5, 10, and 19 rd run reliably with bird buck and slug. The drum will nose up FTF every 1-3 rounds. When I insert the drum, it has vertical play at the mag catch. It's likely not more than 1/16". I removed the TACCOM buffer and went back to factory, the tube is screwed out to a point that all the stick mags work. Other than the Tooth&N
  2. Anyone have a drop in trigger available yet? Dave
  3. I had similar problems at BGSL today. Some were self inflicted-don't try to shoot slugs off hand with the 20 round drum in (too heavy). My bolt wouldn't go back as far with the Taccom buffer as the factory. I had several instances of partial feed yesterday. I re-installed the factory buffer today and it is back to running smoothly. Mod was perfect for everything at this match. I'd like to keep the fluted cover when I get a muzzle brake. I wonder if I could cut it back and use it as the lock nut? Dave
  4. My LGS has one . If interested call Uncle Dan's (270) 737-1316 ask for Trey Dave
  5. Lol I have one. That's enough for me.
  6. My local gun shop got a VR 80 today. I don't know where he found it. Dave
  7. Comp-large or small? Which works better?
  8. The VR 80 is home and runs like a top. I've fed it a variety of birdshot and it has been flawless. The 5 and 9 (now10) round mags all work as does the 20 round drum I put a Trijicon reflex sight I've had for years on it and zeroed it with slugs at 50 yds. I'll put another 100 rounds through it and then install the Taccom buffer. Dave
  9. I tend to throw the shells on the ground when quad loading
  10. My VR80 arrives today. I changed a 9rd to a 10 last night. Pretty simple operation-cut about 1" off the follower and rounded the edges. Drum is due to arrive Saturday and 19 rounder whenever they ship it. This should sure be better than quad loading. Dave
  11. This is why I shoot 3 Gun and very rarely shoot USPSA anymore. Folks hoping to DQ someone not on what was observed but what is speculated. It sucks the life out of this sport.
  12. Nice job Bryan! I haven't seen it rain this hard in a long time! Radar looks like the Rock is getting the same storm. ROs should have fun tomorrow!
  13. Post 64 in this thread states shooting will start at 7:45 daily If it's like previous BRM3G, we'll shoot 3 stages per day. No lunch break and , historically, finish mid/late afternoon. Later we will gather in front of the lodge and lie about how we burned down stage #X.
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