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  1. Check for safety bar placement, then broken hammer or trigger pivot pin, and broken firing pin or firing pin spring... My 627 was purchased in 1997 and has never failed me yet..... Let us know!
  2. Good advice here, I use a narrow jewelers punch to slightly compress the spring while re-installing. The video is really helpful!
  3. Use to shoot PPC in the late 1970s with Bill Davis Model 10s with 6" bull bbls then broke down and bought a Powers Grandmaster from my shooting partner and loved the feel of the Model 65 SS frame with the Bomar Front & Rear adjustable sights. I shot several 600/600 scores when 24 rnds were shot at 50 Yds...(Shot PPC as a Distinguished Master with a 590 avg over 12 years 1976-1988 with the Spokane Police Dept)
  4. For 38 Special cartridges I use a 148 gr DEWC or HBWC I have shot 2.8 gr of Bullseye ~or~ Winchester 231 with a tight crimp for my best shooting PPC loads since 1975
  5. I have shot revolver in competition since 1976. Loved Steel Challenge with 5 targets and 6 shots. Now with my 8 shot, I love USPSA & SC both. Shot some ICORe had fun lots of good guys but the 10 hour round trip wasn't fun. At 66, I am just happy to still be shooting!
  6. It feels the same as the 6 shot & 8 shot....
  7. Factory S&W is .0006, any closer and bullet fowling will build up and stall your cylinder rotation. We always used Federal Small Primers... if this doesn't help work on your firing pin, dont shim the cylinder. In the 80s we use to trim the cylinder short 1/2"+ and re-thread the barrel to .0004 to shoot more accurate PPC loads with 148 gr HBWC under 2.8 gr of Bullseye. While we thought this was better, our scores never improved....
  8. I shoot my 625s locally with other revo shooters for good practice but at Matches where there are other 8 shot revo shooters, I bring out my 627 to be competitive. I started USPSA in 1988 with a S&W model 14 38 Special 6 shot that I shot PPC with. I was almost always the only revo unless we were shooting Steel Challenge type matches. At 66 I shoot for fun. If it is not fun anymore I have other hobbies that are fun!
  9. I can shoot an entire 15 stage match without having to swab out my cylinder even once. The use of good burning powder & clean jacketed bullets is the key. Since 1996 I have used 38 Colt Short Starline brass, 4.6 gr Universal Clay's, 130 gr Montana Gold RN .356 bullets, Federal small primers, at 1.100" OAL for 1045 fps in my 5" 627 bbl or 136 PF Accuracy is excellent, knocking down steel great, and a clean gun is awesome. Try it and you will see.
  10. Have to swab the cylindee....9mm data & Colt Short are the same data. Been loading 38 Colt Short since 1996 USPSA Nationals. PM me for load data. I can run 1000 rounds & not have to swab out the cylinder..
  11. Right handers pull low & to the left shooting double action. Try shootong higher & to the right fast double action to compensate....
  12. Use a long 1/4" drill bit centered to drill all the way. This will relieve the bullet from the barrel when struck. Never use wood....only a brass rod for a squib or you will a mess like this again...
  13. Ranch Products in Colorado!
  14. Are you using pliers to clip them into brand new full moon clips? My new brass is much more difficult to fill moonclips with than my older brass....
  15. I could run 1000 rnds through my gun before even scrubbing the cyl with a cotton brush! 130 gr Montana Gold .356 RN with 4.6 gr of Universal Clay's at 1.100" oal and a Federal Small Primer. This is my exact same load since 1997 with my 627s that both shoot well with a ton of miles on them.
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