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  1. I sent him a PM some time ago about revolver shooting and it says it hasn't even been opened. Maybe he's in his basement dry firing a SW627 and becoming a creature of the wheel. Perhaps he found love and moved to Georgia, no wait, that was someone else....or maybe...
  2. Are they still reporting match results and classifier scores to USPSA? I didn't see any match results from 2014 on the USPSA site. Maybe they've just held them so far, I dunno. Been a few years since I've been out there, may just have to make a run out to knock the cob webs off! They still let fat, gimp-legged, revo shooters in don't they?
  3. USPS complaint number 1-800-275-8677 I've had plenty of delivery issues wth these clowns. So much so, I had the multi-state district manager on the line with the local post master and his supervisor for a conference call. I told them about all the issues, how many times we've delivered each other's mail here in my neighborhood, the drunken mail lady, the mailboxes she destroyed with the mail truck mirrors, etc. After the conversation was over, they thought I dropped off the call by hanging up...then they proceeded to talk about me and claim that I just wanted attention from my neighbors (b
  4. Anyone else experiencing squib loads, gas blow by, or bullet push back issues with cases that don't have a lower anneal lines? I cut down some REM-UMC brass and cut off the lines at the original case mouth. Most had more lines midway on the case, which became the new case mouth, but I found a number with no line or faint lines and experienced predictable squibs once I sorted the loaded rounds to account for this difference in brass.
  5. Now that's disgusting....and is why this crap continues. $500 for 8lbs?!!!...everyone in that sale should be ashamed.
  6. Lol, but he won't tell you where he's at!
  7. I was there when that happened! I think I might even have video some place of Jerry doing his "murse" dance...I remember he was trying one on and hopping all over the place to see if the pouch fell off or the ammo fell out. Wow, I'd forgotten all about the magic JM "Murse dance." I gotta dig out my old 8mm tapes...
  8. Minor and two extra rounds? Sounds like a rule created by a weak-wristed, slab-sider to me...have fun with that. Let the equipment race begin (again)...
  9. I'm betting Hugh Hefner will have more fun today than we will but...Happy Birthday, Brian!
  10. Rumor has it...this will begin again in spring of 2013. I might have to give it a try to get me back into the groove...since I'll already be on campus.
  11. Happy Birthday Hop! Better late than never? I'm almost finished with school....at some point, I will be back to the range!
  12. Almost done with school!

  13. HOLY SMOKES!!!! You take a little time off and the website gets a makeover and all your buddies become GM's and Master Class Shooters. Geesh! Congratulations guys. I'm knocking off the dust and may drop by Rayner's or PC a time or two this year. Try not to laugh!
  14. Great Job, Sam. Sorry it took me so long to find out! Knew you'd make it when you made up your mind to do it.
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