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  1. http://www.uspsa.org/forms/Production_Gun_Approval_Form.pdf
  2. I am lost on this one. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=168894&hl=
  3. What's required are four things, 2 of which are objective criteria, 1 of which is a statement that those objective criteria have been met, and the last some undefined compliance inspection: -Manufacturer's declaration that -2000 have been manufactured and -made available to the general public -NROI inspection for compliance Unfortunately, the declaration alone is being taken as the be-all-end-all with no oversight as to whether the two objective criteria are met. I can understand taking the manufacturer's word on whether 2000 have been produced (although I would like to see some suggesti
  4. Sounds like a real piece of work. I'll happily repeat ULASC until I'm actually shown clear.
  5. The Division equipment requirements are listed in App. D, so it most assuredly is applicable, but there is no restriction in Item 12 for revolvers in either Production (at least for speedloaders and moonclips) or Revolver Divisions.
  6. How 'bout a scale, a tape measure, and a BMI calculator at chrono? "A BMI of ≥ 35 and experiencing obesity- related health conditions or ≥40 is morbid obesity"
  7. Right. That takes off $75-150 of the labor a GS would have to do. Here's a price list and some build lists of one gunsmith: http://www.gansguns.com/PriceList.html http://www.gansguns.com/tobuild.html http://www.gansguns.com/tobuildlimited.html
  8. So you have a slide-to-frame kit? http://www.stiguns.com/slide-to-frame-kits/ I'd say $1500-2000 depending on how much machine work you have done on the slide.
  9. Don't worry, guys, if weights on the FNS-9 and FNS-40 4" models are accurate, then it's unlikely that the FNS-9 Competition weighs 2.2-4.5 ounces less. If it doesn't weigh less, it weighs more. If it weighs more than 2 ounces more, then under App. D4, Item 18, it would be overweight and, thus, per, the shooter would be moved to Open Division, if available. Open Division, where prototypes belong. http://www.fnhusa.co...ases/pr-120607/ Of course, FNH could always get in touch with USPSA to correct the weight. But if they're doing that they might as well correct the... miscommunication.
  10. Further, morbid obesity is considered a protected disability: http://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/morbid-obesity-as-a-covered-disability-u-55856/
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