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  1. Tell her congrats for me. I know what a tough battle that is.
  2. Is it reload ammo? I/ve seen thousands of reload 9mm that would jam feed because the taper wasn't in spec.
  3. Been many times I was on the floor combing the shag carpet with a flashlight.
  4. Check the firing pin safety plunger. Does it slide smoothly over the bump on the trigger bar? "When it fails I can move it forward with my hand but I have to hit it pretty hard." Is the barrel/slide fit OK?
  5. Using a red dot is also what made me start "looking through" the iron sights with eye muscle focus on target. But since I am nearighted, I can use a lense that puts the sights in clear visual focus while the eye is focused )at distance) so I can see a clear sight image OR a clear target depending on which eye my brain pays attention to.
  6. That would be a pretty neat trick. However, humans do not have the ability to use each eye independently of each other. Neither do we have the ability (pretty sure no ones ever done it) to focus each eye independently of each other. So, using "an eye to look through the sights and the other eye looks at the target" is a bit misleading. I feel like folks are going to be on the range giving themselves headaches trying to accomplish this. Been doing it for about 25 years. It's called indirect sighting. The eyes do not have to have visual focus on the sights to "look through" them with attention focus on the sights. They may appear slightly fuzzy, but you certainly can see them, align them, and be aware of them while "mechanical focus" of the eyes is on the target. It sounds more complicated than it is, I started doing it and found it wasy but then I was unaware how difficult it was supposed to be to do it.
  7. My dad grew up in Phoenix. I grew up in Sacramento. At least when it gets up to 110 there, people complain about the heat.
  8. Michael Plaxco covers compensators in his book Shooting From Within (been many years since I read it). The recoil offset effect of a compensator is due to the fact that the forward moving gas expands in the comp chamber and slams into the front face providing a forward directed force opposite to the recoil force. He did an experiment where he gradually opened up the hole at the front of the compensator where the round goes through and the effect of the comp went away as the hole size increased since the gas was no longer as constricted to hit the wall face. My point was that the force of the gas alone is miniscule unless it is constricted in some way. When it is trapped behind a projectile and forcing it forward, you certainly get an effect. But when the bullet leaves the barrel (as when the comp's front hole is too big) the effect is drastically reduced because all you have is gas and that gas is no longer restricted by the presence of the bullet blocking the exit forward. That is why semi autos have to have some kind of BFA (blank firing adapter) installed to generate enough recoil to cycle the slide with blank ammo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blank-firing_adaptor
  9. But if you fire blanks, the recoil is anemic. In fact, semi autos which are firing blanks can only operate (cycle the action) if some kind of gas restrictor is placed in the barrel to give push back. On the old .50 cal maching guns on TV, you could see the restrictors on the end of the barrel. It had a hole in it about 0.1" diameter. I think most of the recoil action applied to the slide (breech face) is push back result from equal/opposite forces as mass of bullet is launched. Don't think the gas alone does much, the gas behind the bullet does propel it.
  10. First time I tried it my 15 yard groups got smaller too. At 25 yards, not much difference.
  11. I have done it for about 25 years. Some people can see this way, looking "through" the sights to the target, some people can't. It's called "indirect sighting" and it has it's uses. You don't focus on the front sight.
  12. That's what One of the factory SW guys told me when I called and asked him. The center of the charge holes for the 8-shot cylinder would not line up with the FP hole in the breech face.
  13. It's a bad fit on the barrel. They should definitely fix it.
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