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Help me decide: 12ga Browning Citori XT Trap or Citori 725 Sporting?

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Im calling on the power of the Enos forum gods to help me make a decision on a new multi-use (trap primarily, but maybe skeet and sporting clays at some point) O/U.

Went to GanderMountain to shoulder a bunch of shotguns last night and here's what I determined:

  • I love the rib on the XT trap as it feels good looking down it, but it's a beast at almost 9lbs
  • I love the small receiver, loaded ejectors, gel butt pad and mechanical trigger of the 725 Sporting

Here are my main questions:

  • Does anyone out there have any experience with either of these shotguns?
  • Which one holds their value more and why?
  • Is there a huge difference between the XT Trap and 725 XT Trap other than mechanical triggers?
  • Would a 30in model for either gun work well as an all-around (using the extended DS chokes of course) shotgun for busting clays?

Thanks in advance guys!


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No, if you are serious there is not a gun that fits all those needs. The guns are expensive and the best ones are specialized to a specific sport. Buy a gun for sporting clays and make it work for everything else.

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The trap model is setup around 75/25 to shoot rising targets. The 725 Sporting is more in the 50/50 range for sporting clays or skeet. If you put an adjustable comb on the gun and raise it you can get the gun to shoot high when you shoot trap. For an all around shotgun for all games the 725 Sporting would be the best choice. As to barrel length it is a matter of personal preferrence.

My guns are setup as folows:

Seitz Single Barrel Trap 35" barrel

Kolar Trap Doubles Gun 32" barrels

Kolar Sporting Clays Gun 32" barrels

Kolar Skeet Gun 30" barrels with Kolar subguage tubes

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Get the XT with an adjustable comb for trap. Try it to see if you can use it for other sports. If you can't just get another gun for sporting.

You do not want a sporting gun for trap if you want to win.

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A big thank you to everyone for your input!

It's looking like a 30in 725 Sporting is the way to go for what I'll be doing. I was lucky enough to shoot a 30in Citori XS Ultra last night, and while I broke far more birds than I ever had before, I wasn't able to get my mid and front beads in figure eight style due to the high cheek comb on the stock. That was the only part of the gun that didn't feel natural to me, and my instinct has always been to get that figure eight in sight. I have the opportunity to buy the XS Ultra if I want it, for $950, but I'm just not sure if I should get something that feels just right, or try to save some $$$ and get something that I'd need to adjust myself to. For what it's worth, I'm shooting every 4-5 rounds of 25 every Wednesday at our trap/skeet club.

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Ive shot 2 of the "XS Sporting" model guns and loved 'em. I ended up with a Cynergy Trap gun with 32" tubes and have learned to use it for everything. The deal for $950 is pretty decent, and you could probably get that out of it again if you decided after a while that it doesnt work for you. Dont sweat the beads. If you are breaking birds, its fitting (ulimately pointing) better than you may realize. Different isn't always bad.

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For clay games it's all about the fit.

What he said.

I struggled for years with guns that did not fit.

Now I know what I need and own Trap guns only ( I don't shoot trap) with one execption and it proved my point again to me, slow learner.

Years ago when the Citori Plus Trap came out I shot one and thought I died and went to heaven.

Within days I owned one and went out and shot 490 out of 500 in our winter skeet league.

I since talked myself into an nice 20ga. Sporting Browning XS (the exception) thinking "I can shoot this".

Nope, struggled ended up putting on a taller rib because to hit with it there was way too much space between the beads and was looking way over the gun and also getting an adjustable comb.

Now I shoot it as well as my other guns, all trap models with high to way high ribs that all shoot 50/50 for me.

I shoot a Citori Trap XT with subgage tubes that weighs in almost 10lbs. at skeet and sporting.

Gotta go with what won't beat you up and shoots where you look no matter what it says on the box.

After a box car full of shells, a few years and few guns you will know exactly what works for YOU.

Good Luck and hope you find your combo quick.

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Several years ago I started shooting registered trap with a BT99 for 16yd / HDCP and a Perazzi MX5 for doubles. I have also tried a Beretta 686 but did not liek the feel.

After a year, I picked up a Citori XT 32 and have since sold the BT99 and the P gun sits in the safe.

I love mine but have not shot anything except trap with it. It fits me perfectly due to an adjustable comb & butt pad.

I'm not sure how I'd like it for skeet but I think it would be good for sporting clays.

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Trap guns are great for trap. Not so good for skeet or sporting clays.

A sporting clays gun is more like an all purpose shotgun.

I go back a ways and have a 325. I have shot skeet and trap with it, as well as a LOT of sporting clays.

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If you look the top skeet shooters in the country are shooting 30 to 32in. long barrel O/U guns.

Many are out of the box "Trap" guns and a few are switcing to very high rib guns so they can shoot with their heads in a more up right position.

Sporting is heading the same direction with alot of high and adjustable ribs. Some up to 34in. barrels.

Ceasar Guereni, Krieghoff and Blaser all come to mind with high ribs for skeet and sporting.

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  • 3 months later...

One more vote for the 725 (or any of the citori line for that matter) in a 30". I have shot that gun a few times and really like it.

However, I liked the Cynergy better than any others that I've shot. I know I'm in the minority on this, and that most everyone hates their looks and their feel, but it's what lined up when shouldered, and what I shot well with. If you can get out to the range/field/course, most people are more than willing to show off their investments and let you see if you like them!

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Remington 3200 - for the price, ~$1,200, you get a gun that can handle 100,000+ rounds. I have 3 of them.

+1 on the 3200. also own three my self. One is a four barrel set and for skeet. One is a two barrel gun for trap, 30" 34". And the last one is just for hunting.

I would never buy a Japan made Gun.... I do not care who name they put on it. They will not last heavy shooting that comes with Trap and Skeet.


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  • 8 months later...

I shoot an xt trap for trap. I have used it once for sporting clays as I had never shot sporting before. It was ok for sporting, but it would be terrible for skeet. Mine has 32" barrels. For trap I love it, I can shoot really well with it

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I have a Beretta Sporting 682. I was not so hot with it until I had an adjustable comb put on it. Now I shoot 5 stand, Sporting Clays, Skeet and Trap with it.

The adjustable comb allows me to shoot 65-70/35-30%. I like a gun that shoots a little higher than a 50/50.

The key was a sporting setup with an adjustable comb.

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