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  1. Nope. And I stopped shooting for almost 15 years and had left WW231 in the hopper for that entire time.
  2. When I have had this on my 650, I found the spring arm was not touching the case and pushing into the shell plate. So the case was not centered over the primer.
  3. BTW, for tumbling loaded rounds you can use the large grain size corn cob sold as pet bedding. No hole to get stuck in. And CHEAP. A few bucks for a bag that will last YEARS.
  4. The absolute FASTEST way........ Don't get them wet in the first place.
  5. I have a couple of powder measures for the calibers I load a lot. For others, I bought additional powder bars. I paint the end white (model paint) and write the caliber on it with a Sharpie. I pretty much load the same load in each caliber every time. As long as I am staying from small to small or larger to large, not long to swap bars.
  6. That fact that the WSB caused this thread shows it was not that clear.
  7. If freestyle will work on the setup, yes. In this case, a couple of onlys would have made it clearer. "Engage ONLY Array 1 or Array 2, then perform mandatory reload then engage ONLY the remaining array." It depends on what the stage designer wants, or whether they want it let it flow. I agree that designing the stage to be done pretty much one way it better, but not always possible, especially at smaller local matches.
  8. This is why it seemed that when I wrote WSBs, every other word was ONLY.
  9. Same here, much faster switching between primer sizes.
  10. This is what I was going to tell you. I have one Colt AR that has a TIGHT chamber. My normal 5.56 ammo would be hard to eject and might not fully chamber when dropping the bolt from the catch. The rounds would seat in the case gauge, but be flush with the upper level. Factory ammo was even with the lower step. I had to really crank the die down on my 650 to get the ammo to the same specs, but after talking to Dillon, did so, and it is fine. For the already loaded ammo, I can only say Redding Body die.
  11. I have Whidden dies for .308 and they work great. I am happy. Ammo good enough for hits at 1200 yards with a .308.
  12. I load 5.56 on my 650. For first pass mil brass (got a BUNCH of it), I have two tools heads set up. First tool head has a Lee Universal Decapping die in position 1, and a sizing die in position 2. I lube the cases and pull the handle. I normally process about 1000 cases at a time. I tumble them to remove the lube. At some point, I swage them with Dillon swager, normally while watching TV. To load, I have a second tool head with nothing in Position 1, and the rest setup normally. I run the processed brass for priming, powder, and bullet seating.
  13. Somehow I ended up using 25.5 grains for many years. I sue CCI450 Magnum primers. They are very similar to the military primer and a less susceptible to a slam fire.
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