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  1. I broke the original off. I was leaning hard into a barricade and when it cycled it sheared the handle clean off. 30+ round all shotgun stage off a Duck tower. Gun jammed up and left 14 targets standing. It was sweet. Started carrying a pocket knife after that one
  2. Federal flight control is by far the best patterning I’ve ever used
  3. JP SCS is Worth every penny
  4. Invictus practical is a great choice
  5. I have TMMS and ELS. I prefer the smaller size of the ELS. The tab in the TMMS can jab into your leg/waist/junk depending on if the tab is up/ down when in goofy shooting positions. But if you already have tek locks, it would be cheaper to buy TMMS. That’s what I did until I switched everything over to ELS.
  6. You can do it without sanding, but have the potential for issues. If you sand it, that potential goes away.
  7. Of the two mentioned, RHT
  8. Ethanolguy

    DK Triggers?

    DK is great. You can get the whole kit, or just the adjustable bar and put in your own connector, etc. I would recommend his product
  9. Installed the ratchet on my ELS and my DAA belt. Easy install and would never consider not having a ratchet now. SOOO much better!
  10. I Have both with no preference between the two
  11. Check out Venom custom. No comparison in my opinion
  12. DK and Zev connector
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