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  1. Ok how did you mod the 9rd. mags and did you do a side x side test with and without the comp? Thanks.
  2. So if I have this right, 9,40 and 45 tubes are the same size for bases? So if I got say a +4 for a 40 I might get +2 or +3 in the 45? I have all Para brand mags and 1 Mecgar that turned out to only hold 13, -1 from the Paras. Thanks
  3. I also looked for Arrendondo on their site, found followers only, some other sites had the kits listed but out of stock, Taylor Freelance or Mr. Beven might be the only hope. Thanks
  4. I went to his site before and after this post and it shows nothing for Para. Even when you click on his Para followers nothing found Thanks
  5. Been away from pistol for a while and getting back to it I want to rebuild my Para P14 mags and add an extension. Where can the kits be purchased, seems like all are out of stock or not listed any more, all seemed to have moved to 9 and 40 platform leaving the 45 out in the cold. Not sure are the P16 tubes narrower than the P14 are base pads the same? Can the same follower can be used in both tubes? Thanks
  6. Knock on wood, this fix worked for me. Thanks Chris +1 and had to add a Wolff Xtra power mag tube spring so far so good, knock knock!
  7. Up to 300+rds no issues no cleaning, knock on wood. Probably shoot 100 more tomorrow then break down and clean. Shot 75 more rounds today had 1 failure to feed on a second shot. Shell half in the tube and on the carrier. Brought it home broke it down and found carbon crud buildup on the outside of the mag tube where the piston and sleeve travel. Piston and rings dirty but still free on piston and free in barrel. Usual amount of junk in the bolt and trigger assembly. Cleaned her all up and gong to call it 300 rds. max between cleanings. I figured that it would stop feeding before I got a light strike and it did.
  8. Up to 300+rds no issues no cleaning, knock on wood. Probably shoot 100 more tomorrow then break down and clean.
  9. Another thumbs up for the 10/22 spring so far, got out yesterday for the first time with it put 125 rds thru the Mossberg no issue hope to do the same tomorrow.
  10. Shows up on his website http://www.c-rums.com/Carriers.html
  11. Thanks for the link, I was looking at it from a different angle since the play seems to be more side to side on mine and no safety issue. Looks like he got 2 birds with one stone with his safety issue and housing play.
  12. Mine started also after 2k thru it, piston cleaning is a must, cleaning the mag tube and follower also for fail to feed and jam. All have been polished with no mercy. Anyone else have their trigger assembly fit loose in the receiver ? Mine seems to be more side to side than for and aft but still sloppy. I would think this would also absorb some of the hammer strike, not delivering it to the primer when the assembly moves rearward. Anyone look into a fix for this, all my other autos are a tight fit and take pretty good force to remove and install for maintaining them.
  13. Did you reinstall the cocking indicator with the new spring?
  14. Got my 10/22 Xtra power spring. The coils are smaller than the original, .039 for the Wolff vs. .042 for the Mossy. It is longer as reported and I am going to shoot for a while and measure it to see if it takes a set or gets shorter. Put it in without the cocking indicator and the 1 washer I used to shim the original spring, feels harder to compress with the SWAG thumb test. The hammer bottoms out in the trigger assembly before the coils bind both with the new spring and the old spring with washer and cocking indicator. I can not detect an increase in hammer speed old vs. new, was hoping to speed it up. Hopefully the new spring with the added coils along with the different pitch on the coils will give the hammer a better follow through to the primer. I am going to have to load up some shells with the hardest shotgun primer I know of (Wolf) and shoot to see if the impact prints the same or better on the primer than it did stock. In the past the Mossy shot them with very little deformation of the primer just a small peck mark vs. the normal crater in a fired primer, so little in fact I was surprised the shells fired but they all did, where as all the rest of my shotguns made a normal looking fired primer with the Wolf brand. Will try to get out and do some testing next week and see what happens.
  15. Run a couple drops of oil down the charging handle to the detent ball holding it in, might help.
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