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  1. I was told that LAR's design was taken over by Crosshill, and it is essentially the same product now being produced under a different name.
  2. No, because it would have to clear the piston system, as well as fit the proprietary rail. You could probably drill something to work and match up, but for as much work as it is, I'd sell and build! They're a great gun, you just have to like the rail or are pretty much out of luck!
  3. I never did. I contacted Ruger and they said they couldn't sell just a handguard.
  4. I tried searching, but possibly wasn't looking for the correct terms! Is there any way to stiffen up the safety on an SP-01? I love mine, and would like to shoot it for 3 gun, but am worried about the safety slipping off while dumping it, and would hate to go home for that. Is there any way to stiffen up or make it a more positive lock when it is on safe vs fire??
  5. Sexy if nothing else! Looks like a good 3 gun pistol!
  6. zachvu

    Fobus holster

    Tac-Tech-Cal is also a good one! He's the guy that helped me really get into CZ's, and he's got just about every one there is to have!! His holsters are top notch.
  7. I assume you're measuring center from the edge of the slide to the edge of the sight. Could the notch not be centered since it's just a molded piece of plastic? Not sure that that's your solution, but it may be worth measuring to check!
  8. zachvu

    3 gun Glocks

    Absolutely!! That's what I run in mine and I love it. I have a 35 with a Bar-Sto barrel and it shoots real nice!! Lockup is a lot tighter than stock as well. I love my 35 with a conversion so much, I rarely switch to 40!!
  9. zachvu

    3 gun Glocks

    This is exactly what I was going to say!! Many stages I have shot at local and national level matches have 22 rounds from a position, where a reload will cost you time. Your choices come down to a static reload, single shot on some paper, or shooting it perfectly!
  10. zachvu

    Connector Comparison

    It's been a while since I've seen this thread... apparently it's become popular again!! Update on my Zev connectors, I've had some that work, and some that will not work at all in both a gen 3 and 4. I don't know if they had a bad batch or what, but some just didn't work! I've gone to all TTI connectors, and all has been well with those! When I didn't overpolish and left things stock, they were a lot more crisp and the break was clean. Slight change from the original post, but still similar!
  11. I was really surprised and impressed at how well the Invictus held shells going through the tunnels and all that!!
  12. Welcome! Big match in LV next week at Pro Gun Club. Surefire World Multigun will be going on Tuesday-Sunday!!
  13. I need to get a set of QD's for matches like Hard as Hell. I already have the bases on my rifle and shotgun, but need to order the actual stud portion to attach to the sling. I see them ranging from 99 cents to $20. Do some hold better than others? Any companies I should avoid?? I really don't want to be DQ'd from a match by spending $2 less on a QD, but also don't believe that the most expensive one is necessarily the best.
  14. Another thing I noticed, skateboard tape would tear me up bad, and my hands would be raw. Even though this is more grippy, and has a more aggressive texture, it didn't wear down my hands like sandpaper did!
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