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  1. What are going to be the courses of fire at regionals?
  2. Five more bays/stages would help keep the squad sizes down!? You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.
  3. I shot the qualifier with a $200 10/22 and a c-more serendipity I got off Amazon on clearance for $60. My time was 16.14. Hopefully that is good enough to make it to regionals. Trying to be the low buck champ.
  4. There are a few guys locally that use a nail pouch from Lowe's or home depot.
  5. I get it, just yanking your chain. I think it would be tough to come up with something that compliments the rear serrations.
  6. Pinch the front and rack it the same way I did with a Glock. I even saw one savage put a piece of skate tape on the front. He assured me he takes it off and cleans up the residue before he posts pics on the internet.
  7. Hey Alma, are those SIG dots available yet?
  8. I have the Hornady one. It works better than the vibraprime I had.
  9. I use the regular one with coated bullets. They won't drop down completely flush when you drop them in. They will sit up almost the thickness of the rim. They will go flush if you push on them. A bulged case will stick up a quarter inch. If you have any suspect cases you can cull them and drop them rim first to see if it is a bad rim or a fat bullet.
  10. 3.9 gr N320 200 gr SNS coated RN 1.130 OAL 169pf from CZ TS
  11. Primers are down to when the sensor goes off on my 1050 and until they run out on my LNL. I don't pour out powder unless I switch. I have left powder in the hopper for months. My powder tubes are discolored and nasty looking. I chrono my match ammo. All is well.
  12. It is probably a short chambered 40 s&w barrel. It keeps the cost down and let's the end user determine the chambering.
  13. The typical Colt buyer isn't worried about that. The only reason they would want ammo would be to add as a prop when they are setting up the photo shoot.
  14. Maybe your gun just shoots lighter weight bullets better. Buy some 115s and load them up and see.
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