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  1. Very interesting! What kind of dot movement do you see with that load?
  2. 4.4-4.5 of N320 @1.130 OAL should be close
  3. New barrels will need fit regardless of caliber. A used barrel may fit, or it may be too tight or fit really loose. Tolerances can vary enough that questions about barrel swapping don't have yes or no answers. That's the problem with used barrels, you won't know what you have until you buy it.
  4. They leave new ones oversize so you can fit them to your gun.
  5. I have no problem with the flip catch. I love it for what it is and regularly do it myself. Flip catchers deserve equal rights to non flip catchers. When I am on the timer I do want to see clear though. Other guys have their own reasons for what they do.
  6. Gary was still handing out those cards when I took his class. I have no problem asking a guy to ULSC again if I don't actually see clear.
  7. I'm watching that movie right now too. I love bluegrass music.
  8. They have their routines as competitors for getting ready and finishing stages. I have my routine for making sure the rules are followed and guns are handled safely.
  9. Looked good from my angle. I showed this to a non shooting brother in law after describing the stage and he said "I thought you said there was suppose to be a reload." He had to watch it again and look for it. Nice work Chris. BTW the RO on that stage sure looked like a handsome devil.
  10. Jerry seems like such a cool guy. Its like he knows he is living the dream and is totally cool with just going along for the ride.
  11. If you can wedge a long prybar under it to get a corner up you are golden. Get it up high enough to get golf balls under it and it will roll and spin like it is on ball bearings. Just feed them in from the direction your are rolling it as they come out the opposite side. The hardwood dowel rod technique works good too. It just doesn't turn as easy. For the step I would build a wooden frame from 2x4's that had angle iron on the sides with bracing to support 4 bottle jacks on the corners. Then I would use it as a makeshift elevator. Car spare tire scissor jacks would work too. If I was going down the step I would send the wife out for groceries and get a good run with the golf balls and hope nothing got tore up to bad on the landing. But, I'm a bit of a Hillbilly and don't like paying people to do things.
  12. I am with MarkCO on the starting them in Steel Challenge. The young kids I see that start on steel with and open gun (.22 or minor) are the ones that have fun and want to come back. It is an easier enviroment for them to get started in. They also seem to like to go out and paint steel. I have also watched kids get punished by shooting full power 45 or 40 out of a compact/light gun because that is what their dad thought they could handle. Those kids are also excited, but after the second run of their first stage you can see they they just want it to be over. The next time they show up dad got them a .22. But it is too little, too late. The damage is done.
  13. I am in the "start them with a dot" boat. They are young kids in a sport that is dominated by grown men. From what I have seen they are nervous and timid for first few matches. Make it easy for them to get their hits and have fun. They want to see who they can beat. They don't care about divisions/classes or ranks. Make it fun for them first, get them hooked, then develop them into a shooter.
  14. Are you looking for Lanolin oil or Anhydrous Lanolin? Or is there a difference? I am no expert. If you want some Lanolin to make your own case lube or bullet lube I know Anhydrous will work. I get mine from a vendor dealer on the castboolits forum named randyrat. He sells beeswax, lanolin, carnuba wax, and his own bullet lube. Lanolin is $12 a pound. Mix Anhydrous and rubbing alcohol to make a copy of Dillon case lube.
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