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  1. I have a Gen 3, Glock 17 and I just found the upper small locking block pin has a slight bend in it. Is this a red flag or sign of anything? I bought the gun used but it was never hardly shot, like brand new.
  2. My home club canceled all matches until May 1st.
  3. Stainless Springfield Range officer. Or if not a similar Les Baer.
  4. I just bought 2 used Leupolds online; the discountinued Vari-X II 1-4X and the 1.5-5X. I don't know if they woul suit you or not but they are great hunting scopes found for under $250
  5. Brian just posted good article on his blog about the neutral grip.
  6. Principles of Personal Defense, By Jeff Cooper. Amazon even had it to download. I think that every adult should study this book, even it you only own a sling-shot for protection. Sixguns by Keith. The perfect reference work for a gun owners library.
  7. I second that. Les Baer all the way. I don't know of a better pistol for the money.
  8. a few years ago this would have been a popcorn thread that went on forever! I took time off from competition and I still stink but I love this question lol
  9. Thanks for the tips. I wish I could find an old 1-4X Leupold. those were tough scopes.
  10. I'm kinda new to all things in AR rifles. But not hunting rifles or scopes. I've always used quality Leupold scopes on all of my rifles. However, I notice from reading here, that high end $1,000-2,000 dollar scopes are talked about constantly. This is my question: If I wanna put an old Leupold Vari-XII 2-7X on a AR-15 or AR-10, is there anything wrong with that? It's not gonna be for Camp Perry, just local stuff and for fun and maybe some hunting. Would it work for 3-gun?
  11. JD45

    adj comb or not

    You have an excellent point. Hard to beat this man's work: https://tronspace.com/
  12. Years ago Todd Jarrett was practicing at our club and we brought up this subject. He said that he and a few other guys tried it all when shooting irons. He said a white target , colored front and black rear always seemed too "busy". Most of them settled on all black irons and shot best that way.
  13. JD45

    adj comb or not

    If you might shoot Trap with it, get the adj comb
  14. I think it'll come back. I shot a .45 in IDPA and USPSA for 12 years. I switched to a Glock for Production and enjoy it. However, I remember how the sport began, with the 1911. That was all I knew when I was a beginner. A 1911 has 17 rds. available with one reload. As soon as the high rd. count bulls#!t stops it will come back.
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