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  1. I need some advice on shorter 1911 frame springs. I know the Colt commander is probably the longest. I just bought a 4.25" Springfield. And I know some 4" guns are made. First, I'd like to know factory weights and length. Are they cut shorter than the 5"? What do you order? And how low in pounds can you go with carry loads and light competition loads ( 170PF)?
  2. I don't care what gun it is, if you have a supply of Side Glide, FP-10, and Mobil One , you've got all you need.
  3. If it was a bullet hole I don't care where the barrel or grease ring was or wasn't. If pushed I'd tell the MD to read the rule book.
  4. I wish I knew. I need a few. There are stock connectors and the + online for like $5.25, but the - 3.5 is $25 or more. Why?? Its the same thing!
  5. I just installed the SSR-3.5 and did the test for returning to battery. Pointing the gun up, pull trigger and hold slide to rear. Let it go slowly and lower the gun to 9 O'clock. The slide should close. It doesn't. You can point it straight down and shake it and it stays 1/4" open. Only when you release the trigger will it close. I thought only recoil and striker springs caused this problem. So, is the connector not usable?
  6. I just bought one. Shot about 100 rds, 4 kinds of ammo. No failures at all. I was surprised that it shot 2 mags of CCI Standard Velocity just fine. I do understand that you can't mess with striker springs because it's a .22, but how about recoil springs? I know you can only go so light because its a blowback, but wouldn't a lighter spring just help it function with lower velocity ammo? Does anyone make aftermarket recoil springs for this model yet?
  7. I also stuck with Chips. I broke the silly tabs on Wilsons in no time
  8. I think that is a near perfect observation. and should be in a book. The nice thing is, every group could be just as fun as the others. And everyone is still shooting.
  9. Maybe, whether people are aware or not, it boils down to "pay value". Lanny Bassham explains it in his book. Basically, if you have a goal, it must have a pay value. That may mean being the top guy in the US, or the guy at your local match that always wins. It also could be hitting a level that you can win B class in your sleep anywhere , anytime. If no pay value is really achieved, then the goal doesn't matter. But you can still shoot, and maybe just forget goals if you want.
  10. Thanks for sharing that. If I'm gonna fit it, I can go way cheaper. For that kind of money it should install itself.
  11. Wow, that thing looks preblended! I'll pay that in a minute if its as good as it looks. Anyone on here have one? Feedback would be great.
  12. My old competition 1911 has a S&A magwell with the mainspring housing attached. I'm getting a Springfield range officer and would like to know if anyone these days is making one better or close to the S&A? I don't want a huge funnel, just one that you could street carry too (IDPA legal). Plus, one that works well without blending would be great. My S&A does ok, but it really should be blended a lot. Also, when you swap out a springfield mainspring housing, is the stupid safety lock completely gone?
  13. An hour of stage planning? Whoever thinks that's cool should never be allowed near stage design. I know what you mean, I hate memory stages too. They have no place in the sport in my opinion. I come to shoot, not test math and memory skills.
  14. When I first started loading it was all .38 Spl. on a single stage, thousands of round a year. I soon learned the the culprit in neck tension was case brand. Military and most Federal was the thickest and tightest. Remingtons at the time were so thin that a bullet would almost fall in after sizing. Crimp plays a small role in my opinion.
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