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  1. I just now see that this factory trigger has no overtravel screw.
  2. That's the first thing Springfield said to check, the over travel.
  3. It's going into battery properly. Primer dent is dead center. I found some cases fired with the stock 23lb. mainspring. While it was a more full FP dent, it was still weaker and more shallow than any I've seen.
  4. Thanks. I also wondered if the spring weight was mislabeled.
  5. Maybe I should try the pin from my other SA 1911, It's a full size range officer with the same mainspring.
  6. Really? In a factory gun? It just looks like stainless steel. But if it is, I still don't see how there's almost no dent in the primer. It looks like i"m using an 8 pound mainspring.
  7. I had one .45 round with a Winchester primer snap on me twice in a new Springfield 1911. Almost no dent. I got to looking at the rounds that fired and the dent was so pitiful it was hard to see( don't know how they fired. All I changed in this stock 1911 was I out in an ISMI 19lb. mainspring. I used that weight in my Kimber for 40,000rds. I've never seen a 1911 need a 23pounder. What else could be wrong? The pin moves freely and protrudes like other guns.
  8. JD45


    I would love to see where the trucks loaded with primers go to unload daily for 30 days. They claim to run 24/7. I wanna see where they go.
  9. Sure it works fine. I just hate the feel of heavy springs. I've shot a 12.5lb in .45 SS for years.
  10. A Springfield Ronin, commander length in .45 ACP, shooting mostly my competition load of a cast 230gr.RN @ 740fps.
  11. I'm wanting to cut a 5" gun spring, 12lb, to Commander length to try. Could it damage anything?
  12. I need some advice on shorter 1911 frame springs. I know the Colt commander is probably the longest. I just bought a 4.25" Springfield. And I know some 4" guns are made. First, I'd like to know factory weights and length. Are they cut shorter than the 5"? What do you order? And how low in pounds can you go with carry loads and light competition loads ( 170PF)?
  13. I don't care what gun it is, if you have a supply of Side Glide, FP-10, and Mobil One , you've got all you need.
  14. If it was a bullet hole I don't care where the barrel or grease ring was or wasn't. If pushed I'd tell the MD to read the rule book.
  15. I wish I knew. I need a few. There are stock connectors and the + online for like $5.25, but the - 3.5 is $25 or more. Why?? Its the same thing!
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