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  1. JD45

    adj comb or not

    You have an excellent point. Hard to beat this man's work: https://tronspace.com/
  2. Years ago Todd Jarrett was practicing at our club and we brought up this subject. He said that he and a few other guys tried it all when shooting irons. He said a white target , colored front and black rear always seemed too "busy". Most of them settled on all black irons and shot best that way.
  3. JD45

    adj comb or not

    If you might shoot Trap with it, get the adj comb
  4. I think it'll come back. I shot a .45 in IDPA and USPSA for 12 years. I switched to a Glock for Production and enjoy it. However, I remember how the sport began, with the 1911. That was all I knew when I was a beginner. A 1911 has 17 rds. available with one reload. As soon as the high rd. count bulls#!t stops it will come back.
  5. I wonder what is the reason Glock has never offered stainless or hard chromed slides on their guns? Also, why not a .22 rimfire? It would sell like crazy if priced reasonable.
  6. I was taught from the trapshooting crowd that polarized is a no no for seeing targets properly. I stick with that advice for all shooting.
  7. Lol do they think Les Baer quit the. business??
  8. I actually thought someone hacked my account! I totally forgot I asked this question so long ago. Now I'm just another pissed off old man.
  9. That sounds like a good deal and a good business! I wonder what other grips they make.
  10. JD45

    Getting fit?

    The walking tip is so important. Just walk fast til you're tired, then slow down. Work up to 30 minutes, 5 days a week. Push-ups, pull-ups, body weight squats and calf raises are plenty to start. You don't need to buy anything. However, the COC grippers from Ironmind are awesome. You can start with the trainer and work up. Also, a good 15min. of dryfire is quite a workout! Grab that pistol and get started! All for free.
  11. JD45

    Glock 48

    Where's the .22 rimfire??
  12. I find this interesting that everyone isn't pissed off as hell about this pin design. Maybe I got an odd one and hardly no one else has this issue at all.
  13. JD45


    A Glock .22?! Oh please be true and I hope they make it very accurate. I'll buy one immediately!
  14. Does anyone make a solid retaining pin for an AR fp? The split one in mine is a pain in the ass to reinstall.
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