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  1. That sounds like a good deal and a good business! I wonder what other grips they make.
  2. JD45

    Getting fit?

    The walking tip is so important. Just walk fast til you're tired, then slow down. Work up to 30 minutes, 5 days a week. Push-ups, pull-ups, body weight squats and calf raises are plenty to start. You don't need to buy anything. However, the COC grippers from Ironmind are awesome. You can start with the trainer and work up. Also, a good 15min. of dryfire is quite a workout! Grab that pistol and get started! All for free.
  3. JD45

    Glock 48

    Where's the .22 rimfire??
  4. I find this interesting that everyone isn't pissed off as hell about this pin design. Maybe I got an odd one and hardly no one else has this issue at all.
  5. JD45


    A Glock .22?! Oh please be true and I hope they make it very accurate. I'll buy one immediately!
  6. Does anyone make a solid retaining pin for an AR fp? The split one in mine is a pain in the ass to reinstall.
  7. I like Nu Finish and mineral spirits too
  8. JD45

    Easy AR trigger job

    Thank you all!
  9. I've never owned an Ar until I got this M&P Sport II. I want to lighten the heavy stock trigger. Anything under 4.5lbs would be fine. The two stage feel is ok too. But I want a decent break. Can i do it myself with stock parts? I did my own 1911 and other trigger jobs , so I figure it may be easier.
  10. How much will ammo cost to get good enough to win the Nationals? Have you heard how many rounds the Army team shoots per day? The cost of a gun is nothing in comparision.
  11. JD45

    Shock buff or ney

    When I shot a .45, CP buffs would last thousands of rds. and never caused a problem.
  12. I totally agree. The SDB is perfect for you. But what is your time worth? Factory ammo is a smart choice if you don't need a ton of it.
  13. JD45

    How can I post more pictures?

    You need a simple tool on your computer or phone to cut down the pixel count. Years ago about 100dpi was all you needed for a computer monitor. Most pics should look great on here even under 200MB. This pic is 133kb
  14. JD45

    How Many Points Down?

    Stupid rule in my opinion. Defensive shooting sport?? Currently, if you drop a point on anything but a swinger I think its a losing plan.
  15. JD45

    Low vs high velocity shot patterns

    Yep that's usually the way it works. Read Bob Bristers book, Shotgunning, the Art and the Science. It's all there.