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  1. I totally agree. The SDB is perfect for you. But what is your time worth? Factory ammo is a smart choice if you don't need a ton of it.
  2. JD45

    How can I post more pictures?

    You need a simple tool on your computer or phone to cut down the pixel count. Years ago about 100dpi was all you needed for a computer monitor. Most pics should look great on here even under 200MB. This pic is 133kb
  3. JD45

    How Many Points Down?

    Stupid rule in my opinion. Defensive shooting sport?? Currently, if you drop a point on anything but a swinger I think its a losing plan.
  4. JD45

    Low vs high velocity shot patterns

    Yep that's usually the way it works. Read Bob Bristers book, Shotgunning, the Art and the Science. It's all there.
  5. Buy ammo right now and go shoot. Talk to people and enjoy yourself, Your G19 is fine for now. You may choose a different road after meeting people and seeing all the cool guns at matches.
  6. JD45

    Pen foster smithing coarse

    If you have a good local library, look for books. My small town has lots of gunsmithing books. A video or two about trigger jobs and fitting a safety is a good start. If it's not for a business you can learn on your own. Lots on the internet. But if you have the cash, a fast course on building a gun would be great too.
  7. JD45

    Looking to get into shotshell reloading

    It depends on how many shells you need, and what your time is worth. I started reloaded them in 1984, for fun. But when I needed 300 shells for a monthly trap shoot I bought them. If you get serious, buy Remington STS, or Federal papers, or reload the equivalent. A MEC 9000g or H is great for speed. And a Spolar is the best. You just gotta figure the economics of it. Reloading a few for hunting or a round or two is cheap. But the time you spend doing it for competition is a different ballgame.
  8. JD45

    Reloading Bench Table Top

    This is 5/8". I wish it were thicker.
  9. JD45

    Reloading Bench Table Top

    Not my reloading bench, but it's stronger. Double 7/16" plywood.
  10. JD45

    Reloading Bench Table Top

    Spar Urethane is great for bare wood( 3 coats). Double up or get any solid scrap wood or door over 1 inch thick. One of my benches is thinner, and too springy.
  11. JD45

    Hey from SC

    The scoring in IDPA is so ridiculous now I don't think it'll be easy to shoot both as it used to be. You can't afford to drop a single point. That plan in USPSA would not be wise.
  12. JD45

    Hindsight is 20/20

    I would shoot Limited if I could. Free yourself up and to hell with counting. And definitely watch Ben's podcasts and use his training tools. Too much good info!
  13. JD45

    AR-15- just to have one

    The DPMS Oracle was on sale before I posted this with a mail in rebate that cut the total price to $324 I saw. i wish it was still going.
  14. JD45

    AR-15- just to have one

    I've gotta look at that DPMS. I'm gonna wait a bit to see if prices fall even more, Then I'll buy a cheap one and one more suited to competiion later. It can't hurt to have two lol.
  15. JD45

    AR-15- just to have one

    Oops. You're right. It needs to be moved.