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  1. Thanks for that I dont mind the sharpness as I have pretty tough hands, but I could always take something to them if need be to break the edges a bit.
  2. I picked up my all black/blue-grip S2 on gunbroker for $915
  3. Narrowed it down to Primary Machine! Thank you everyone who commented
  4. from a few pics Ive notice there’s what seems to be cylinders visible from the side of the slide. I assume those are some sort of proprietary mounting solution to allow the rmr screws to grab more threads in the slide cut?
  5. Thanks for this! Unfortunately the extra space in front of the optic is what lead me to not want a multi optic mount.
  6. Are yours not running a plate, simply mounted directly to the slide?
  7. Looking to have my shadow 2 machined for an optic (either a dpp or rmr) and see there quite a few “methods” of getting the dot to mount to the slide. I’ve narrowed it down to: Primary Machine Cajun Gunworks Fire for Effect Ive seen a few methods in which there are clearly exposed threads from the mounting screws. Does anyone have experience with any of the above shops?
  8. Highly recommend Gary at Gans Guns. Great work, quick turnaround, and good pricing. I’ve had three guns by him now. 1 open and two limited 2011s
  9. Correction...Titan SE order Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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