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  1. stages are up, will I need a cart or is parking close
  2. So I shot my first 3 gun match using this new tunable brake on Saturday. wow no recoil double taps on paper targets holes were 1inch apart Steel needing 2 hits at 50yds just pull the trigger twice.when I first got the brake I called APA to see the best way to tune it, they said just tune the regular way you shoot it,well after going thru a lot of ammo I found out the best way to tune it was 100yds bipod and sock scope power all the way up. Its expensive but really works
  3. Mikeone thanks for all the info. I went to Techwells website and they show only a mag well for CMMG 9mm, is that the one that works on yours?
  4. So I just got one.Looking to upgrade trigger and buffer. Anyone have one in 45 that has actually done upgrades or any advice. Thanks
  5. Tell me more about your 45 PPC, how is the recoil compared to 9mm
  6. so has anyone shot both and is there much difference between the two
  7. I just inherited a dillion 1050 in 45acp. 45 brass is just as cheap as 9mm and bullets not that much more.So the big question is mag capacity , any idea
  8. trojan only sells complete rifles,nortic is working on lower
  9. last year they had senior and super senior category's on registration but not this year, why not
  10. Flats you can PM me now Blaster [got rid of 10 years of messages]
  11. flats what barrels did you try and which was best and what bullet and powder works best thanks
  12. At ohio 3g and PCC championship today PCC shooters had to hit 5 8" steels at 100 yds So a buddy of mine [a good shot] with aJP-15 could not hit them so what kind of accuracy groups with what load are PCCs capable of?
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