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  1. What's your reasoning for not allowing CO guns in Limited Optics?
  2. Hey guys, I've been working on a proposed 2-gun ruleset that I'd hope to see club matches run on a national level. Here's a google doc I've been working on, compiling ideas from myself and a lot of others. It would be cool if you read it, and left some feedback by commenting here. The way the document works, is the most current updates will be at the start. Every new update I do to it, I will put in a different text color. As of right now (June 25th 2020), there's the initial proposal I wrote in black, and today's update in dark blue. Some quick notes: This is designed to be implemented at a club level nationwide Any USPSA club that allows rifle calibers to be shot on their bays can easily participate Is not designed to replace 3-gun or USPSA, but fit a segment somewhere in the middle, including elements of USPSA handgun and IPSC rifle. Division count is kept at 3, and designed to align as closely as possible with current USPSA Handgun and traditional 3-gun rifle division rules There is already a surprisingly large amount of interest, even from within the USPSA org, to run something like this, and I think now is the perfect time to talk about it and see if it's something we can start around the country! https://docs.google.com/document/d/133BVenBo0a3NGWCTOJr5m1_5qGbkEd9Jt2xUNjigK-Q/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Awesome! Glad you like the setup. It ran 100% for me too. I even used the cheap FM9 lower and Davidson defense uppers on the match gun, which both Lynda and I ran the whole match with 0 malfuctions, over 1100 rounds the whole time.
  4. No, Berry's was totally out and working on catching up on 115s first before even making more. So I ran 115s.
  5. Nationals prep took priority! Will catch up on a few things now, then back to content. I'll finish the 60 days of videos eventually just not all in a row.
  6. Do you have any match videos with it? Would be cool to see
  7. I forgot to post my last IG post in this thread. I postponed the series due to lack of ammo and contractors in the house. Shot local match today in Mesquite at Smoking Gun Club. Gun control not great and hits suffered, but I was happy with the match as a whole and I think I executed my plans pretty well. Lots of room for tuning up and improving before nats.
  8. I hold a little high. My close holds are pretty much subconscious at this point, although I do program during the stage walkthrough where exactly I want to see my dot on each target. You can never get around your offset holds at close distances. The further in you bring your zero, the more blown out the rest of your holds are. Just spend a bit of time getting used to holding a bit high up close. It's a lot easier to hold 2 inches off at 10 yards than it is at 75 haha.
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