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  1. I believe shipments are on track to go to dealers by the end of the week. I have two on order through a smaller dealer.
  2. Yes, seems like they're using the same trigger spring, and the toggles actually make the reset force less than if they werent there (although that reset force reduction is so marginally small because the toggle springs barely contract a half coil during reset). The reset on the PDI feels nice and positive. I think it's going to be a great trigger.
  3. I don't understand the "meets same light primer strike criteria" thing either, since even if these do have a powerful hammer strike, there's no way they come close to the 24 series with the toggles. Handling the triggers at SHOT, I felt like they were a 24C/243G copy with a little more travel in either direction. To be honest, if these are reliable in PCCs and other guns, I don't see there being a need to buy a 24C or ECL anymore. Maybe if you pay close attention in dry fire, you'll notice that technically the ECL feels better with less travel. But shooting the triggers, you most likely won't notice. I think this is a good thing though, especially at the price point of $180. And there's a lot that can go wrong when installing a hiperfire 24 series for someone without much experience, so this should make the whole thing a lot easier on people.
  4. I have always just installed them with the heaviest toggle springs and shot them. Usually they pull at around 2.25-2.5 when new, and break in at around 2lbs even. The thing with the AR gold/diamond is the reset force is almost non-existent. The hiperfire allows me to reset the trigger with still a bit of pressure on the trigger bow, since the return spring combined with impulse from the bolt bottoming out almost forces my finger forward. So it's essentially like for a pair of shots, I have to put 2.5lbs of pressure, release to a positive pressure of 0.25 - 0.5lbs to reset, then go to 2.5lbs again. With the AR Gold, it's going from 2 lbs of pressure to 0lbs with some forward muscular movement (physically moving my finger forward the 1-2mm to reset the trigger) then back to 2lbs. I find that I get accustomed to not physically letting the pressure go to 0 lbs with the hiperfire, and that becomes a habit. When I move to a new trigger that requires it, it's physically impossible for me to shoot 2 in a row without trigger freeze until I overcome that mental barrier and re-learn a different trigger technique again. It usually takes me about a mag or two, and is extremely frustrating. But that's my working theory of why it happens. Not extremely sure it's exactly like that.
  5. Is there a staff/pre match? Or are ROs just not shooting?
  6. I have two of these coming as well, I'm really excited for it, because I think it will eliminate some issues that the ECL/24Cs have with slight changes in lower specs. Out of my 3 ECLs, I have one that gives me trouble (and it's not the one with the most use). I get occasional FTRs and haven't been able to diagnose the problem. And in a brand new Gibbz lower that I am testing, I was getting burst fire with the ECL while the PCC Gold worked fine.
  7. The AR Gold PCC trigger is good to go. I've tried it in a lot of different configurations that are not exactly trigger friendly, and it's been pretty reliable. The hiperfire has such a different feel though when you shoot it. The best way I can describe it is, hiperfires seem to shoot pairs/doubles without any mechanical effort from the shooter. You just think pair, and it goes off twice. AR Gold makes it very easy to shoot fast, but you have to do the work yourself. One thing I've found is that after shooting hiperfire for a while, and then trying nearly ANY other trigger, is that it takes me a significant amount of time to remove trigger freeze. Going back to hiperfire, trigger freeze is almost immediately gone.
  8. A friend of mine switched ammo/barrel/buffer recently with an AR diamond set super light as well. It went from reliable to burst firing. So that tells me the AR diamond is right on the edge of reliability.
  9. We'll hiperfire is finally making a drop in. About time since installing triggers the old way is so outdated and lower specs are all over the place.
  10. Being prepped for nitride. The one Alvin is running is an early model. Design has been cleaned up a bit. Stay tuned, we're trying to get lots of exciting things done to announce around nationals. My eclipse is bone stock. I don't know how it's possible to split as slow as .18 with any hiperfire tbh Oh also, did you guys see that SupersetCA is back?
  11. Yes. It's a copy paste with rear glass.
  12. Our thinking is smaller holes further back smooth out the pressure curve as powder burns. It should result in a smoother impulse. Not sure how big of an effect it has, but this gun is really soft shooting compared to other 9maj guns I've shot. I have no spillage at 10.8 on my press. But I did put little cushions on the keeper pins that keep the brass from snapping into place when the shellplate indexes.
  13. We're running a 20lb hammer spring, it actually makes a huge difference in how the gun feels to shoot. At 17lbs I still had 0 light strikes, but the gun is way softer shooting at 20lbs.
  14. If you add them closer to the comp, you won't lose as much velocity as adding them further back from the comp. My 6 holes now are pretty far back from the comp. The 3/16ths would be much much closer. Also it was a little weird, but with no adjustments from the press, I loaded more supposedly at the 10.75gr with 115, same OAL, and I was getting 174pf for 6 groups of 5 in a row. That was with CCI 500 and CCI 450 (which had 0 difference in consistency or velocity).
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