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  1. Our thinking is smaller holes further back smooth out the pressure curve as powder burns. It should result in a smoother impulse. Not sure how big of an effect it has, but this gun is really soft shooting compared to other 9maj guns I've shot. I have no spillage at 10.8 on my press. But I did put little cushions on the keeper pins that keep the brass from snapping into place when the shellplate indexes.
  2. We're running a 20lb hammer spring, it actually makes a huge difference in how the gun feels to shoot. At 17lbs I still had 0 light strikes, but the gun is way softer shooting at 20lbs.
  3. If you add them closer to the comp, you won't lose as much velocity as adding them further back from the comp. My 6 holes now are pretty far back from the comp. The 3/16ths would be much much closer. Also it was a little weird, but with no adjustments from the press, I loaded more supposedly at the 10.75gr with 115, same OAL, and I was getting 174pf for 6 groups of 5 in a row. That was with CCI 500 and CCI 450 (which had 0 difference in consistency or velocity).
  4. I need to correct myself, my six 45 degree popples are actually 1/8th. 3/16th is what we might add on top. I got it confused.
  5. Here are some pictures of the fired casings. I was surprised at how terribly the WSPs did with the pressures. WSRs were ok, but not as good as CCIs, which are basically perfect at loads that pancaked the s#!t out of WSPs. I'm going to test CCI Small Rifle and Small Rifle Magnum against each other to see if there are any differences in velocity and consistency, but I think I'm totally done with Winchesters in 9 major for now.
  6. That's exactly what I felt today. Did a 5/5/5/5 test alternating back and forth maintaining grip pressure, just watching the dot. 124s moved more, gave a stronger impulse to my hands, and settled slower than the 115s.
  7. I'll look closer today. I'm trying out a 10.75gr load for the 115 Montana Golds. I was going to stick to WSR from now on but I can do a tube of 100 WSP to compare for you
  8. Here's a video from TNS with a mix of the 115gr Zero FMJ loads.
  9. Shot groups of minimum 5 and maximum 8 shots. ___________________________________________________________ Load 1 (115gr FMJ with WSP Primers) 10.6gr MP 115gr Zero FMJ 1.175" WSP Results: Group 1: 1429 avg, 62 ES, 164.3pf Group 2: 1441 avg, 41 ES, 165.7pf ___________________________________________________________ Load 2 (Same with WSR Primers) 10.6gr MP 115gr Zero FMJ 1.175" WSR Results: Group 1: 1455 avg, 55 ES, 167.3pf Group 2: 1452 avg, 30 ES, 167.0pf ___________________________________________________________ Looks like there might be a reason to use WSR over WSP. They might possibly cause more consistent burn and very slightly higher velocity? But need to do a lot more testing to draw a real conclusion. Absolutely no difference in how the rounds felt. ___________________________________________________________ Load 3 (115gr Montana Gold JHP with WSR Primers) 10.6gr MP 115gr Montana Gold JHP 1.165" WSR Results (only one group): 1444 avg, 44 ES, 166.1pf ___________________________________________________________ Load 4 (124gr Montana Gold JHP with WSR Primers) 10.0gr MP 124gr Montana Gold JHP 1.165" WSR Results (only one group): 1392 avg, 48 ES, 172.6pf ___________________________________________________________ Notes: In this gun, set up with 21lb hammer and 8lb recoil spring, the 115gr loads tracked noticeably better for me. I could use medium front to back grip pressure and eliminate any dip, and the cycle time was very fast. With the 124s and the same grip pressure, I could minimize the dip, but it never went away no matter what grip pressure I tried. Also, the 124s seemed to make the dot move a little more violently and less predictably (115s were pretty straight up and down, 124s seemed to have a rightward hook at the top of the dot pattern). Now I need to test a similar 170-172pf load with the 115s to see if I get a similar dot track.
  10. Well my DAA rig and the Montana Golds just arrived. Guess I'll put these Zeros back. Here's what I'll try today: 10.6gr MP 115gr Zero FMJ 1.175" WSP 10.6gr MP 115gr Zero FMJ 1.175" WSR 10.6gr MP 115gr Montana Gold JHP 1.165" WSR 10.0gr 124gr Montana Gold JHP 1.165" WSR
  11. Hi guys, even though this is an old thread I'm going to post here because when I google for Major Pistol load data this comes up. I'll be testing in a custom built 5.4" KKM with CFD comp and 6 3/16" popple holes (kinda like a V6 pattern). Powder arrived today. I got 4lbs to play around with. Montana Gold 115, 124 JHP and 147 CMJ are almost here. Just so I can test a little today, I'm starting with a box of Zero 115gr FMJs that I found in the stash. I'd like to try Montana Gold 121s too but I'll have to order them separately. Major Pistol looks like a lighter gray version of Accurate #7. And looking through other people's data, it uses an identical charge weight. I'm loading up a bunch right now. My starting load: 10.6gr MP 115gr Zero FMJ 1.175" WSP And I'm also testing if there's any difference in primers. Second load: 10.6gr MP 115gr Zero FMJ 1.175" WSR Tuesday night steel is tonight, so I'm going to go chrono before the match. Also, my rig from double alpha should be here today any minute
  12. You don't need to take it apart. This happened to me literally exactly the same thing, 6 times in a row, with 6 TTI Ultralight glock basepads and 6 new OEM 33rd mags. Get your lula on round 35, and jam that sucker down. Do this til it's loaded to 41. After a few loads to 41, it'll be slick enough to do by hand. Never had any issue with the mags after. I don't even take them apart to clean unless they get dropped on the ground and actually get dirt inside.
  13. I think yours looks even cooler than mine What do you think of the CMC 9mm PCC trigger so far?
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