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  1. I've been running the CMC 9mm trigger in my fx9 and have 4K on it with no issues.
  2. I agree they are both fun. I shoot a weekly IDPA league for fun, but it's slow and accurate pace does nothing to help me be a better USPSA shooter. If you want to get better at USPSA than practice USPSA! You can get more trigger time in a one hour practice session than you will attending a season worth of weekly matches.
  3. Are any of you using the flat trigger? If so is there any takeup in it?
  4. Is anyone using an AR Gold trigger in their PCC?
  5. +1 for the Tarin Tactical +10 extension. Very easy on off and not finicky.
  6. Hmm, good point and thanks for the info.
  7. I used the Vortex Viper last year. I like it over the Venom because of the bigger window.
  8. I wonder if it works with the fx9?
  9. Is anyone making an extended mag well for the fx9 yet?
  10. Xfive


    Another vote here for the Vtac sling. Super fast adjustments.
  11. I disagree with that opinion. Bill drills are the best way to get to know your gun. The trigger, the way it recoils and sight tracking.
  12. A few strokes with a file to the tip of the decaping pin will solve that issue. Put a slight angle on it.
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